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This is a very effective basic expression of the Front Escape, that actually works in a real fight vs punches, kicks, knees, and weapons like knives. The most prominent form of "esquiva" is really useless in an actual fight, and is taught the way that it is because that particularly useless expression is very beautiful and aesthetically preferable in the roda.

They would rather teach you something that's pretty, but completely useless in a actual fight. Knowingly. They teach you something that is. USELESS. In a fight. Yet they have the gall to call to say they are teaching you self defense.

No, they're not. They're teaching you some pretty dance moves that will get you beat up. Or worse.

CAPOEIRA is an EXCELLENT martial art. Most of the "Mestres" teaching it? Completely suck and are wholly useless in self defense. Politics and money and getting as many women as possible have pretty much dominated the nonfighting non-self defense noncontact or very very…