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Traduzco este blog para Português após esta seção do idioma Inglês está terminado.

This video shows how to execute the Bear Hug Escape technique utilizing the Water Principle of Osun and [ if you pay attention to the hands after I do the "H-Frame", you see me perform ] the Crane Hand [ combining aspects of the Grey Crowned Crane, the Crested Crane the South African Crowned Crane and the Black Crowned Crane ] from NJIA UHURU: "The Way of Freedom". NJIA UHURU is my family's modernized, highly effective branch of Montu [ "Montu" is the most ancient name...not the modern name... for all arts of self defense of Africa ].

 NJIA UHURU is the only discipline in the world that actually does what Cardio Capoeira claims it does [ the authentic combat acrobatics instead of the useless floreios , the authentic music of Africans worldwide including hip hop for , the worldwide African culture, the social interaction, etc ] in addi…