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Many people are fully unaware of the fact that Georges Herbert...the French Naval Officer who observed the skills, physiques, feats and abilities of Africans in Martinique [ especially during the Mount Peel explosion that killed many French citizens living in the island-colony of Martinique in the early 20th century ] and again he was afforded the opportunity to study us on the continent of Africa, too.

He was a sincere man, although he was deeply infected with the White superiority ideology that was en vogue for most people Europeans considered to be forward thinking, intelligent, well educated persons of his era. His racial and cultural bigotry made him miss many of the specific methods via which Africans taught each other the various skills that he sought to emulate and inculcate among French fighting forces. Thus, Georges...after being inspired by the real life African examples of physical vigor virility manliness etc that he and his physical culture oriented European academic co…