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The Street Warrior and The Streets of Life



There was a tragic attack on a deputy here in California, as she responded to a Hobby Lobby call for aid.

Sergeant Kimberly Watkins responded to the call of a man with a knife...made by the man himself, who was "incoherent" even during the phone call that he made which resulted in the dispatch of a Deputy to his location at or near the Hobby Lobby in Rancho Cucamonga here in my home state of California. An altercation ensued, and Sgt. Watkins was stabbed multiple times. Read here for the full story: SGT KIMBERLY WATKINS HEROICALLY RESPONDS TO MAN ARMED WITH A KNIFE

I am very happy to note that nobody lost their lives in this confrontation, despite Sgt. Kimberly having discharged her weapon three times [ only marginally grazing her male knife armed aggressor ], and despite the fact that she received several slashes and/or lacerations upon her shoulder and/or head. Sgt. Kimberly Watkins is listed in stable condition.

Let us note the fact that...were her aggressor an UNARMED A…