Before you read any further, let me tell you a few important things:

First and foremost, Afrikans created the system Smai Tawi that later became known as Yoga...and Yoga is part of every African martial system, including Kipura/Capoeira.

recognize that there is no Afrikan martial art that is not deeply wedded with spiritual and mental cultivation, as well as rigorous physical skill. This spiritual and mental cultivation is inseparable and totally essential not only the effective practical deadly use of Afrikan martial arts, but is also an essential inseparable part of spiritually embracing The Creator and all of the natural and universal forces, animals, energies etc of the universe that we inhabit.

1. This first blog entry will be lengthy, but all the rest of the blog entries in this series will be less than a third the size of this opening blog.

2. The reason that that this blog has to be comparatively long is because I have to provide the evidence that destroys the lies that you have been taught are the actual foundation of Capoeira.

3. Please learn what I teach you here very well, then share this blog with all your friends. Subscribe to this blog.

4. If you disagree with me? Comment on the section below. Cuss me out if you want to. If you agree with me or learn new things...and YOU WILL LEARN NEW THINGS...comment at the bottom of this blog and share what you learned. It's 100% for sure that others just learned the same new cool things just like you did...and they would like to talk about it. They're just waiting for someone else to bring the topic up. You should do yourself and others a favor and be that person who brings the topics up.

5. Teach your friends and classmates [ whether they are online or not ] the real truth that is being hidden from them.

6.  I'm sharing the information that I have because I WANT EVERYONE TO TRAIN REALISTICALLY WITH MBUNDU KIPURA. Can you imagine how skilled and amazing we would be? A bunch of real life ASSASSIN'S CREED level warriors who know the real story stretching from Africa to wherever we live now. The whole world...humanity, animals, the planet as a whole, not just the martial arts world...would be a better place if we embraced each other and sought mutual betterment with the kind of vehicle that Mbundu Kipura is. We owe ourselves, our future generations, the planet, and the universe that the Creator made AT LEAST that much, don't you think?

Unfortunately, the especially vicious enemies of spreading the full, undiluted truth of human history divide us by race national origin martial practice and social class. They are experts at spreading the destructive lies originating just prior to and during Dictator Vargas' reign as the supreme leader of Brazil for the purpose of doing everything possible to distance themselves from the fact that they have exploited every race, country and class in their amoral pursuit of power and self aggrandizement. The response from the masses of every color, stripe, and class was and is nothing less than the greatest flight of the human spirit and mind in the history of humanity. The oppressive power classes have done everything they can to obliterate evidence of whatever they can. Whenever they can't? They try to distort, twist and corrupt the evidence of the magnificent response of the masses and our refusal to be subjugated in such a way that what little evidence escapes their lies and traps can be twisted to make it look like we're supporting them or have been defeated by them, when nothing like that is close to the truth.

 This series will deal with the heretofore unknown heroic responses of Africans, the African martial arts and martial artists to this attack by slavers and the amoral groups and classes upon our freedom. This blog will also include the heroic acts of Native Americans Orientals Muslims and even various Europeans who objected to the barbarity of their European slaving counterparts...all from the perspective of the most sought after group for exploitation and destruction: the African and the African descendants.

The entry that you are reading right now will address the foundational lies that you have been taught that must be rectified in order for a truthful, honest, accurate, factual discussion of all central and relevant issues to even be possible to be had.

First, we must take a very quick overview of crucial facts overlooked by and hidden from most of the world.
These points are essential in grasping the role of Africa, Africans and the African martial arts in literally every facet of the development of humanity as a whole.

The African martial art miscalled Capoeira by the slavers is African in origin. Furthermore, Africans carried the African martial arts up and down the Americas and everywhere else that we travelled.

Cardio Capoeiristas...the people who never practice self defense or real culture or know real African or African martial history but instead focus on acrobatics music socialization making money and exercise.. are destroying real "Capoeira" and spreading both ignorance and racism at the same time. Even if they don't know they are doing so. How are they doing that?

1. They don't practice self defense but lie and say that they do. They teach nonsense which is not the original African martial art or self defense in any way. This is not self defense: matter what the title of their video says...WHAT THEY DO IS NOT REAL "CAPOEIRA" BECAUSE "CAPOEIRA" IS NOT THE NAME OR THE PRACTICE OF THE REAL AFRICAN FIGHTING MARTIAL ART.

This IS real self defense and real African rooted martial arts, ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR CAPOEIRA style:

2. They don't know the true history of the African martial art miscalled "Capoeira" but they...the Cardio Capoeira Mestres is who I am referring to...either lie and say they do, and/or they believe the lies that their previous Mestres and Dictator Vargas' government forced them to learn...and teach those lies as truth.

Who is Dictator Vargas? He is the man that is the first leader of Brazil to allow a form of "Capoeira" to be practiced when he let Mestre Bimba have legal permission to open the first "Capoeira" Academy in Bahia. But Dictator Vargas NEVER gave Mestres Bahia or Pastinha permission to teach THE FIGHTING ART of Capoeira, Mestre Bimba was the first to be allowed to teach "Capoeira" AS A SPORT AND AS A FUN, ATHLETIC CULTURAL DANCE.

There is no way that the government just before Dictator Vargas nor Dictator Vargas himself would sanction any African identity to anything they did, nor would they allow a African face to be presented as the head or leader of anything if they could stop it.

Why? Because Brazil was engaged in the national political program they called


This policy also was aggressively pursued any and every avenue designed to ensure that Black people were forced into distinct numeric minorities and as much as possible force them into being nonexistent as anything other than a source rich for continued economic exploitation, a practice very aggressively pursued even after the supposed abolition of slavery via the "Golden Law" circa 1888. Of course, there were two reasons that were the REAL reason that slavery came to an end in Brazil...and those reasons are NOT what we are told in history class.

The most popular story--which actually is accurate yet reflects only half of the truth--is that slavery ended because England was looking to find a major largely undeveloped overseas marketplace to sell its wares and settled on Brazil. However, the English government knew that it couldn't produce wares cheaper than or consistently superior to the products produced by slave labor in Brazil. So England used its great political and economic power to bring about the end of slavery. Like all imperialists and colonists, they cared nothing whatsoever for the morality or immorality of slavery, contrary to the story of latter day apologists.

What is entirely overlooked is the fact that the primary reason that Brazil even considered and eventually kowtowed to the pressure of England is because the Blacks themselves...lead by Capoeira in every iteration from the Yoruba, the Somalian Dervishes to the Maltas terrifying the racists in the every day citizenry, the armed forces, police, and racist amoral local state and national politicians...resisted slavery at every turn, and it is their efforts which made it clear that the exertions made necessary by their resistance to delay their freedom and escape via force of arms, civil disobedience, and other factors combined simply cost too much and wasn't worth the effort when the Brazilian government factored in how much it could save financially by the slow abolition of slavery.


"...An unprecedented level of police persecution under Don João in the early 1800s elicited a new response from the black slave community and a very specific one by the black slaves' capoeira groups in Rio de Janeiro (the capital of Brazil at that time). Little by little the capoeiristas started to organize themselves in ground (groups, gangs). Initially the groups were composed only of black slaves but later on, circa 1850, free blacks and mulattos were participating. And very soon these maltas had absorbed not only poor whites and the scum of the streets, but also soldiers and all ranks of the military, police officers, politicians, and some of the richer and wilder playboys"  of the 1870s.

The ground terrorized the city, confronting police and intimidating "honest" citizens. Each malta controlled a certain neighborhood and was sponsored and protected by powerful businessmen and politicians who used them as their private street army.When the Brazilian Republic was proclaimed in 1890 and capoeira was officially outlawed, an even more violent and deadly police persecution started, destroying capoeira in River, but not destroying capoeira inSavior.A bit later, in the early 1900s in the city of Salvador, capoeira had been absorbing elements of dance, ritual, religion, philosophy, playfulness, and music (including the berimbau) from the different African cultures in the state of Bahia. With this broader and deeper dimension, capoeira became a sort of "cultural weapon" used by the African slaves and their descendants to reinforce their identity and resist white society's domination..."--Nestor Capoeira

Please read the above information over again. It makes points of the most significant order and of the greatest importance to the practice of Capoeira.

"...A bit later, in the early 1900's in the city of Salvador, Capoeira had beein absorbing elements of dance, ritual, religion, philosophy, playfulness and music ( including the berimbau ) from the diffrent African cultures in the state of Bahia..."

This happened in THE 1900's. We have DEFINITE PROOF now using the sources that Nestor used for the scholarly work in his book as first line witness and recorders of history that Capoeira BEGAN to acquire its dance, ritual, religion, philosophy, playfulness and music including the the 1900's.


Because even in Mestre Bimba's the 1930's...the roda was still a place to practice fighting skills, and a place that you threw kicks punches and takedowns etc to really hit the other person. Not to miss him/her/them. There was no film of the practice in Brazil that I could find, but as the subsequent evidence drawn from Brazil's own practice of the "blanqueamiento" will show, the Brazilians oftentimes deported the most dangerous and lethal capoeiristas when they couldn't or didn't kill them outright. Further, many capoeiristas escaped Brazil and fled to other countries or the Brazilian Native hinterlands, and there their martial art oftentimes took root and flowered amongst a Black population which already had the Montu [ African martial arts ] and very similar expressions to what the Brazilians miscalled Capoeira.

The Montu exist to this very day. This is Damye [ which is pre-1900's Capoeira ] done playfully in the roda in the island of Martinique. Please note that this exact same practice is followed in Jamaica, as well:

Here is a video of a roda taken circa 1936, in Martinique during fieldwork or after fieldwork. It's important to note that the Montu which became known as Capoeira in Brazil is NOT a different art than the Montu we are seeing video evidence of right now:

Note the grappling, note the takedowns, note the malicia, note the throw, note how the man on the bottom immediately executes a guillotine choke after he is thrown, causing the man on the top to tap him and be released. Note also that this particular game does not forbid chokes but sometimes forbids locks and groundfighting [ in order to keep a particular kind of energy going at that particular time ] but at any time the rules could change [ depending on the energy of the music, the crowd, the players ]. The MAJORITY OF RODAS WERE "ANYTHING GOES AFFAIRS" AT ANY TIME...ESPECIALLY BEFORE THE 1900's.

 This resistance to subjugation continued in various forms and methods all the way up to this current day...and beyond.


Literally every European slaving power in the world had a parallel to this policy of "blanqueamiento". "Blanqueamiento" means the literal Whitening of everyone of standing, power, worth, desire etc and every thing good, beautiful, divine, etc in every aspect and facet of every European influenced society...along with the hysterical hyperfavor to anything White. Simultaneously with the deification of Whiteness in every possible way, the Brazilian [ and every other European or European influenced ] government fervently, violently, obsessively pursued the complete denigration, destruction, ignoring and wiping out of anything not White. I am to make these comments because it seems like I'm attacking a whole race of White people when I am not. Please understand that there is a HUGE difference between making negative generalizations about a RACE, and decrying a completely repugnant POLITICAL PROGRAM. For instance, Nazi Germany killed many White Jews...but they absolutely believed in the innate superiority of White people over all non-Whites. Another absolutely horrific and unacceptable example of same would be the slaughter in the continent of Africans by Africans in the country of Rwanda.

Well, the government of Brazil enacted a frenzied hyperenergetic embrace of all things White combined with the simultaneous repelling, denigration, destruction, ignoring, etc of all things nonWhite as part and parcel of their national government of slavery. This movement redoubled in intensity when Brazil started moving toward a distinct Brazilian national identity. During this period in the late 1880's to the late 1930's, they still celebrated all things White, but became even more intense regarding denigration of all things Black and African.

This pogrom was interrupted by the World Wars. But after the World Wars occured, the pogrom gained new strength and momentum. Even though there were numerous Black heroes from Brazil who served in the military during the World Wars...and yes, several of them were indeed Capoeiristas. Remember, during this time, the Brazilian military had indeed adopted training in Capoeira for the purpose of war. We are speaking of Capoeira Carioca, a very White face version of Capoeira which developed the reputation of being the most lethal form of Capoeira, and which was a popular manual among military soldiers.


The irony is that this manual...although vastly superior to most h2h manuals presented to most European or European influenced armies of the time...depicted combat skills well below the norm displayed by the lethal Black Maltas who were the real practitioners of Capoeira do Rio, as these Africans and African descendants practiced THE MARTIAL ART of Capoeira [ I will reveal this martial art's proper name very shortly, keep reading this blog please ] from decades before. Not the watered down version being popularized by blanqueamiento apologists.

That's why the MARTIAL ART of so-called "Capoeira" WAS NEVER LEGALIZED. The MARTIAL ART is the devastating fighting style that allowed slaves to continuously defy slavers, beat armies and policemen, escape, establish independent autonomy, and threaten to overcome and even destroy the power of the State and Country of Brazil...during times when Brazil required that all Black people remain slaves.

 "Blanqueamiento" is also why, today, you still have the abundance of fun music exercise and socialization being masked as "Capoeira" THE MARTIAL ART, when it never was THE MARTIAL ART. Dictator Vargas speedily realized that if he tricked the masses into believing that Cardio Capoeira is in fact THE MARTIAL ART OF CAPOEIRA, he could simultaneously DESTROY THE MARTIAL ART...which he wanted to do, because the African martial arts and African martial artists not only were the opposite of all things White, African martial arts and African martial artists have given Brazilian authorities tremendous problems for centuries, as well as having proven to be virtually impossible to fully control and eradicate...while at the same time PROMOTE HIS NATIONAL BRAZILIAN VISION OF SPORT CUM CARDIO CAPOEIRA WHICH BINDS THE MASSES TO THE FULL CONROL OF HIS POLITICS. Dictator Vargas WANTED TO DESTROY THE MARTIAL ART of "Capoeira", just like every other racist Brazilian fascist did.

The practices within most "Capoeira" organizations are also racist, money chasing, corrupt and egotistical, which is one of the biggest reasons that I will have nothing to do with them.

It's no accident that the leaders and biggest moneymaking "Capoeira" organizations are NOT of African descent. Dictator Vargas and the governments both preceding and following his deliberately chose members from their own color class and caste...the rich and traditional enemies of THE MARTIAL ART miscalled "Capoeira", which has always been populated and dominated by the Africans overwhelmingly, and secondarily by the lower classes of Whites next to us and in the hinterlands the few Brazilian Natives that we trained helped us too. Assigning these rich, usually White and privileged members of the Brazilian upper classes as the leaders and face of Capoeira is part of the plan to co-opt and control so-called Capoeira by making sure that the real fighting practices of Africa disappear from Brazil and the world if possible. At all costs, they seek to deny the real descendants of Africa control of the "Capoeira" organizations providing the history of, public image for, teaching methods for, structure and organization of so-called "Capoeira". ..because we would reliably reveal the full unadulterated truth which shows the crimes of the Brazilian government and all slaving governments. These crimes would repel people of all classes and races, and inspire people of all classes and races to not only defy the will of slavers and oppressors, but practice so-called Capoeira and fully embrace both Africa and her children as part and parcels of and instruments and leaders of such maximum resistance. If such knowledge were allowed to fuel the resistance of the masses, there would be no way possible for any corrupt governments to seize and maintain control power and direction of Brazil or any other country.

Therefore, this program of denying the truth, repudiating Africans and African descendants, and especially denying the truth taught by true African descendants practicing and keeping the skill technique history culture and knowledge of the true African matial arts miscalled Capoeira.was DELIBERATE; a specific part of history designed consciously and carefully by the Brazilian government who are the enemies not only of Capoeira but also enemies of human history anywhere that it glorifies truth liberty freedom and justice over the dominion of the masses by the few for the benefit of the few. The leaders of "Capoeira" organizations are by and large ALSO members of this privileged few, the elite, and they are enemies of or at least disposed against Black people in Brazil and everywhere else. Even though some of these same "leaders" of "Capoeira" organizations have Black blood within them.

They do not want you to know that Africa is the birthplace of all martial arts.

Mestre Cobra Mansa provides this telling insight into the true origin and soul of "capoeira".

The above information sets the proper historical context for the fact that first and foremost, the most important function for "Capoeira" IS WAR AND SELF DEFENSE. If the Capoeirista is dead, then you're too busy being dead to celebrate culture or develop and refine any form of spirituality. In fact, TRUE African culture actually COMBINES culture spirituality history academics philosophy tactics and intense fighting training in a very practical, very day to day straightforward way. Therefore, YOU MUST SPEND MOST OF YOUR TIME TRAINING PHYSICAL SELF DEFENSE IN ORDER TO PROPERLY ACQUIRE "CAPOEIRA" CULTURE, SPIRITUALITY, HISTORY, ETC.

This truth is the first thing that Cardio Capoeira and Cardio Capoeiristas attack and destroy. Their practices are NEVER typified by self defense training. Their practices look like this:

Here's what teaching AUTHENTIC African warrior arts culture, philosophy, tactics, techniques and "CAPOEIRA" FUNCTIONAL FIGHTING FOR SELF DEFENSE AND MARTIAL ARTS...all at the same time...looks like:

Do you see now? There are clips above reflecting self defense practice that is OLDER THAN Cardio Capoeira, yet 100% practical for self defense. Cardio Capoeira was specifically designed to NOT PRACTICE SELF DEFENSE. If you aren't practicing like the self defense videos I have cited, you have been hoodwinked and tricked by your Mestre into helping to destroy the art that you love.

If your Cardio Capoeira Mestre does not teach how Candomble, Umbanda, Santeria, and the other African spiritual systems directly impact every single technique, tactic, and strategy of so-called "Capoeira"...then your Cardio Capoeira Mestre doesn't know any authentic culture, has no real skill and IS NOT TEACHING REAL "CAPOEIRA". He/she/they know it, too. Because if you start asking common sense questions like: "How did the slaves fight with this exercise and dance stuff?" They'll cover their ignorance with the lies that they practice and spread so frequently. They will say something like this:

1. In Brazil, they practice Capoeira to be deadly [ go to Brazil, and discover they do more hardcore versions of the same exercises that you do...they are NOT deadly warriors because THEY DO NOT practice authentic Mbundu Kipura or Mbundu Montu. ]

2. Capoeira is for peace, not fighting. [ That is a lie. All martial arts deal with war and conflict first, because all "peace" has to be won via conflict and struggle BEFORE peace can be achieved and maintained. ]

3. Keep practicing and you will learn to fight. [ That's another lie. If your practice sucks and is dysfunctional and doesn't teach self defense, the more you practice? The more you will suck, be dysfunctional and won't learn self defense. ] 



The first massive encounter that the Europeans had with Capoeira was when the Portuguese came to Africa and encountered intelligent, friendly, fierce warriors who praised the might wisdom and fairness of their ngolo...which is the traditional name for their African Constitutional monarch. The stupid Portuguese thought that the Africans were saying ANGOLA and were referring to the name of their land. Not only did they mispronounce the word that they heard...thinking that the Africans were saying ANGOLA when we were saying "ngolo"...they also mistook a TITLE OF OFFICE for THE NAME OF A COUNTRY. That form of stupidity is amazing. What the Portuguese did would be the equivalent of coming to America, hearing of President Obama, returning to their home and deciding to call the land of America by the name of PRESIDENTO...and then calling the Americans by the name of "PRESIDENTANS". Lol. It's that silly, and that bad.

To continue with our history lesson, and to understand how critical Africa and Africans and the African Montu Arts are to so-called Capoeira and to prove that so-called Capoeira is part and parcel of the Montu Arts, we must return to Africa circa the late 1600's and the slave marauding, merciless, arrogant, ruthless European powers who were in the midst of perpetrating the worst crime in human history upon the continent which gave birth to humanity and all of its sciences, arts, crafts disciplines and primary pursuits.

'...In the sixteenth century, the Portugese position in the slave trade was threatened by England and France. As a result, the Portugese shifted their slave-trading activities to the Congo and South West Africa. Mistaking the title of the ruler (ngola) for the name of the country, the Portugese called the land of the Mbundu people Angola—the name by which it is still known today. 

Here, the Portugese encountered the brilliant and courageous Queen Nzinga..."

...and the towering genius of the incomparable Queen Nzinga proceeded to severely thrash the Portuguese and their rival slaving European countries. Her unbridled brilliance, her magnificent military maneuvers, her unparalleled skill in personal combat that was more than the equal of the greatest male warriors of the age, left the world gasping in amazement and awe. She was never defeated by any slaving power, and not only annexed crumbling African countries and powers, she announced her country to be a haven from all slavery and thus received a massive influx of Africans seeking to rally in war behind a powerful leader. Queen Nzinga is in my opinion the greatest warrior queen of all time, and probably the greatest single historical monarch of all time. I cannot think of a historical figure who had to contend with and overcome the unceasing storm of colossal tragedies challenges and disadvantages...including the fact that she was a woman personally leading her troops in warfare against blooded and dangerous men, even while she was in her late 60's...while time after time overcoming what seemed to be unanswerable advantages which the Europeans used to lay low the rest of the world...but NEVER QUEEN NZINGA. Queen Nzinga, in fact, repeatedly defeated the Europeans in severe fashion in every area: battlefield strategies and that vicious species of lies and deceit known as diplomacy.

The tale of Queen Nzinga is of the first importance to the history of Capoeira, because it was the Mbundu people who first introduced the Europeans to what would later be miscalled "Capoeira" in Brazil. As we have seen, the proper names for Capoeira are many and all of them derive from THE AFRICAN LANGUAGE, NOT the Brazilian Tupi or the Portuguese language. Given our knowledge of history, one may more correctly refer to the root African martial art miscalled by the slavers and those that have been miseducated not by using and making popular the nonAfrican term "Capoeira" but instead by using the far more accurate African terms such as Mbundu Montu..."Mbundu Martial Arts"..Mbundu Kipura [ "Kipura" is the genuine root word for the combat meaning of "Capoeira", as opposed to the Tupi word "capoeira" referring to the clearing and tall grass where we Africans frequently practiced our combat arts ] and Montu, which is one of several ancient general terms referring to any and every African combat skill and art.

The term Kipura is also used...but this martial art is a martial art from THE CONGO, and it is based upon the movements of the rooster and other animals. Remember, Brazil had a huge amount of Afrikan warriors from the Congo once the Portuguese were menaced by England and other slavers on the high seas.


I use the terms Mbundu ngolo or Mbundu Kipura when speaking only and exclusively of the fighting art that is exclusive to the style shown by Queen Nzinga [ even though her style is actually Mbundu AND Ndongo ngolo ] prior to its further development interaction and expansion with other Montu [ African martial arts ] and other Brazilian Native and/or European styles. 

 As we shall see in upcoming material, the African martial arts that grew and flowered in  the Americas oftentimes grew to become a hybrid combination of several distinct African styles which all share the crucial Montu root, allowing them to blend together and become more powerful as time moves on.

To return to the Queen Nzinga's Mbundu warriors, we must realize several critical things:

1. These warriors were already versed in the Montu arts. That's how they not only were able to wage war but do so in devastating fashion. They already had, created, formed, and practiced for centuries the root form of the Mbundu Montu miscalled Capoeira. Therefore, they always and forever prove that the Mbundo Montu are African martial artists and practice African martial arts...and Capoeira is just the Brazilian word for the Mbundu Montu.

2. The Mbundu were not enslaved, but many had been captured as prisoners of war. These Mbundu Montu warriors brought their martial art with them to Brazil...and used it against their European captors. The very first thing they did with amazing success was overcome the slavers and a foreign land, among foreign, oftentimes hostile people...and establish their own free communities from which they struck back at their slaving enemies and safely hid from same. Those free communities were called "quilombos"....but it is critically important to note that the Africans themselves were recorded as referring to their establishment as both Mbundu Janga and Angola Janga...meaning "Little Mbundu" or "Little Angola". Wherever possible, we must refer to whatever our African ancestors and creators of Mbundu Montu aka Capoeira did with the names they themselves used, and NOT the misleading inaccurate terms used by their enemies who sought to destroy and blot all Montu Arts and all Montu practitioners from whatever region from world history.

It is of GREAT IMPORTANCE to note that even in many well meaning and well researched papers, the researchers fail to grasp and understand the range of genuine African martial arts. WE USED WEAPONS OF ALL SORTS TOO, NOT JUST OUR BODY WEAPONS. In the same sense that Samurai and Ninja used firearms as part of their martial arts expression, so did we use guns and bows and arrows, etc. The narrow misunderstanding given rise to Kipura due to the propaganda of former Dictator and later President Getulio Vargas has done its diabolical work well. We must take care to never fall into its lying clutches and be ensnared. All weapons are permissable in Kipura [ miscalled "Capoeira" ]; the very tenants of chameleon-like Udanganyifu [ miscalled malicia...the #1 calling card and proof of Kipura which is the correct KiKongo term miscalled "Capoeira" ]...makes all weapons not only permissable but strongly encouraged in the use of real Kipura. 


The Portuguese explorer, racist and opportunist Pedro Alvares Cabral came upon Brazil in 1500, noting that numerous indigenous groups lived there already.Slavery and slaughter of the indigenous people speedily followed the arrival of Pedro Alvares Cabral. 

3. Almost immediately, Kipura and other Montu warriors overcame their captors and escaped into the mountainous and palm tree forested inner hinterlands away from their enemies. They were defeating captors and escaping so regularly...AFTER surviving the Middle Passages travel from Africa to Brazil, which by all rights should have killed every single one of our Afrikan and Kipura warrior ancestors...that the slavers began lodging written complaints and protests as to the regularity and increasing effectiveness of our efforts in that regard.

Please take note: during this time, we did practice music. We did practice the Duara/Ayinka miscalled in the enemy language of Portuguese: " roda". We DID NOT practice the Cardio Capoeira ginga. Remember, I already told you that practicing the Cardio Capoeira ginga is literally suicide in times of war and in self defense encounters...and anyone teaching you to do such a thing is not only lying, but they have zero reliable self defense skills themselves.

 The Cardio Capoeira noncombat ginga would not come until AFTER Dictator Vargas allowed Mestre Bimba to open the SPORT NONCOMBAT school which Vargas determined was the preferable expression of Capoeira, when the bulk of us were forced to live in close quarters with the slaving Portuguese. And note that our roda was a ring formed for the purpose of full contact sparring which could quickly escalate into a deadly confrontation. It WAS NOT the wholly useless circle of dancing acrobats doing nothing worthwhile that the Cardio Capoeiristas insult our warrior ancestors with. Note that the nonfighting and non sports combat application of Capoeira rose to the forefront with three crucial occurrences:

1. The decline in prominence and passing away of Mestre Bimba and Mestre Pastinha. Most especially felt...from the perspective of constantly proving the fighting validity of "Capoeira"...was the passing of Mestre Bimba and his famous warrior students like Waldemar Santana, the first Brazilian to defeat Helio Gracie in a no time limit vale tudo match, and Ciriaco, who also defeated Japanese judoka with a single kick
 [  rabo de arria ].

2. The political financial and personal pressure put upon all of Mestre Bimba's star pupils so that they would never train the masses in THE COMBAT APPLICATION of so-called Capoeira. This same pressure split them from Mestre Bimba, and that is how both Mestre Bimba and Mestre Pastinha were essentially abandoned by almost all of their star pupils and allowed to die alone, penniless, and in terrible health. That is a betrayal and abandonment that we all must be aware of and hold all who did so accountable for their actions. There are documented accounts of how both Mestres vastly disapproved of the changes they saw in technique, strategy and principle in Kipura DURING THEIR LIFE TIMES.

3. The rise and almost total control of "Capoeira" organizations by non-Africans who are 100% intent on making money and NEVER EVER teaching the SELF DEFENSE AND COMBAT aspects of "Capoeira"...which most of them don't know and suck at both doing and teaching, anyway.

To return to the time that Kingdom of Kongo, Ndongo, Ghanaian, etc warriors [ all practicing Kipura or their variant thereof ] were just escaping from Brazilian slavers in Brazil while slavery was new, and set about learning this alien land while establishing our own communities of free people which eventually included even deserting soldiers of the Portuguese and Dutch, as well as poor Whites of several European nationalities...

Within our Janga...which is a combination of quilombos working together under common leadership for a common cause...fully comprised of numerous mocambo [ huts or small homes ] which housed people who would eventually form quilombos [ essentially a city-state formed by numerous collaborating people living in mocambos ]...were first and foremost and most numerically dominant Africans of a mixture of Central African descent. We fought many skirmishes, battles and at least 2 wars against the invading slaving Portuguese and Dutch. We continued to fight and protect our Janga for about 100 years against armies with superior numbers, superior weaponry, superior maps, dogs, superior funding...and which vastly outnumbered us to boot. This feat has never been repeated in the Western Hemisphere, and has only been surpassed in one area: The so-called Phillipines. It's worth noting that the Southern Phillipines who never lost a war are the direct descendants of the original inhabitants..."Los Negritos, The Little Black People"...and their progeny mixed with the Black African Moors who arrived in the Phillipines after being expelled from their holdings in Spain and India. These Montu warriors honed their martial skill to legendarily lethal levels, and have to this day never lost a war to anyone in over 400 years of conflict. These Montu warriors are the creators of the martial art that the Europeans know as Kali.



This historical connection with the African creators of Kali is why the Montu Art known as Maculele in its fighting form looks very similar to Kali. It's also why...when added to the unequaled, unsurpassed movement vocabulary and arsenal of Mbundu Montu aka Capoeira...Montu warriors were and remain such absolute terrors when wielding any weapon [ especially blades and distance weapons ] and frequently, reliably overcame Europeans using the old musket rifles when battle was joined. The terror and carnage that these same African Montu would wreak with firearms in combination with bows arrows throwing knives and hand held weapons was such that the very rumor of their approach would send whole towns of Europeans into terrified frenzies.


In short, we have the proof that if you don't practice self defense...then you cannot practice any of the Montu Arts, including the Kongo Kipura miscalled "Capoeira", or its daughter art in the Kingdom of Ndongo called many names including Mbundu Ngolo Kipura  [ which the Portuguese and Brazilians miscalled "Capoeira de Angola"]. If you don't fight, then you suck. And it's your fault that you suck.

If you buy my revolutionary 6 hour instructional, you will NOT suck. You WILL learn how to RELIABLY defend yourself using a modernized, updated, upgraded expression of the Montu Arts that I call ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR CAPOEIRA.

Now. How exactly did so many Brazilians get deceived into believing that they are the sole source and creators of the Mbundu Montu, and where is the historical documentation proving my position? Well, there are several scholarly works of note that do an excellent job of answering this question,[ like Dr. Matthias Rohrig Assuncao's classic:] or Gerard Taylor's excellent 2 volume work:   but I will cite primarily one:


In it, Nestor completely annihilates many of the fantasies that Cardio Capoeiristas [ remembr, the "Cardio Capoeiristas" are people practicing Capoeira for exercise but claim and may even believe that they are practicing the Mbundu Montu when they cannot fight, do not practice self defense, and therefore are simply lying and/or fooling themselves ] spout. Such as:


The ginga wasn't created until after 1835, and back then it WAS NOT the useless swaying movement used by the Cardio Capoeiristas. During that time...the 1800's...slavery was still being practiced in Brazil. Any martial expression practiced by any African would immediately lead to the death of that African. Therefore the smart Africans created TWO rodas: one in which we practiced our martial art [ and never let Whites see us practice it ] and the other we used to trick the slaving Whites into thinking that we were merely amusing ourselves with African music and dance. We DID NOT DO ANY KICKS PUNCHES SWEEPS THROWS ETC IN FRONT OF THE SLAVERS. For emphasis I repeat and we must never ever ever forget that ANY MARTIAL EXPRESSION BY AFRICANS LEAD TO THE IMMEDIATE DEATH OF THAT AFRICAN BECAUSE THE SLAVERS REMEMBERED THE DEFEATS THAT THE MBUNDU MONTU INFLICTED UPON THEM FROM THE JANGA AKA QUILOMBOS. So we really did do nothing but our African dances when the slavers were around.

When they weren't around, we practiced our deadly Kipura. And practitioners of Kipura were automatically branded as criminals, scum, evil men and matter how honorable and wonderful they really were.  Now, I'm not saying that ALL Kipura warriors were wonderful honorable people. Of course not. We are all human beings, and all human beings have a percentage of us who just suck as matter what our skin color, class, gender or whatever is. What I am saying is that no matter what the Kipura warriors did, the very fact of their existence branded them as criminals in the eyes of the Brazilian slave regime which was corrupt and evil and would never brook the idea of equality or freedom or justice for any person of color and not even for most Whites of the lower classes. No matter what they did.

So, from a moral standpoint, being branded as a criminal by such corrupt people because you're doing good things is actually...a very good thing. Lol.

Anyway...That's how the deadly and lethal "Maltas"..."gangs" were formed and that's how they both defied the law which gave their community pride in our independence and defiance in the face of overwhelming odds, while being both simultaneously recruited by police, military and politicians to do the dirty work no military, police or Brazilian local state or national political leader could afford to be personally linked with.

Our Maltas did this work and extorted favors from their enemies, eliminated mutual enemies with and against their enemies...even while being hunted to the death by these same police, military and politicans.

Mestre Bimba and literally every other Black capoeirista knew this long standing tradition of using two rodas to fool the White authorities. Africans would set up lookouts to warn of approaching police and White people in general, and we would change the music that we played in order to warn the players to stop practicing the real self defense fighting Mbundu Montu and switch over to the playful African folkloric dance that Europeans are familiar with so that the Whites will not think that we are practicing our deadly martial art and seek to jail and/or kill us. Mestre Bimba knew this tradition so well that he created one of the most popular songs of the roda for exactly that purpose:

THEREFORE THE REAL GINGA IS THE FIGHTING GINGA THAT I USE, BECAUSE IT WAS USED IN FIGHTS AGAINST POLICEMEN WHO OUTNUMBERED US, SOLDIERS AND SAILORS WHO OUTNUMBERED US, AS WELL AS AGAINSVARIOUS MALTA ENEMIES. If you don't fight with your ginga against all comers, then you don't do the ginga, you don't practice the Montu, and you are only a useless dancer who practices a form of Capoeira for exercise. You do not protect, know or promote the true history of the Mbundu Montu in any way shape or form. Neither does your Mestre.


No it's not. First? The term "ngolo" I have said many times before, and as outstanding scholars like Dr. Chancellor Williams have proven resoundingly to be true...the term "ngolo" during the 1500's and 1600's refers to THE TITLE OF THE LEADER OF THE MBUNDU PEOPLE. The "Mbundu" is one of the correct African names for the people that the slaving Portuguese miscall "Angolan".

Second...we have shown the historical record proving that the Mbundu Ngolo Kipura [ one of the proper African names for the African martial arts practiced by the Mbundu and others ] was practiced before the existence of Brazil, and its greatest contributors were also African martial artists trained in African martial arts, inclusive of the pre-Islamic and syncretized Islamic Yoruba who not only created Ifa which directly spawned Candomble, but were absolutely lethal Montu warriors themselves who terrified slavers and were central to several revolts against slavery in Brazil: 

The truth is this: Africans did what everyone else did. We simply took the martial art that we knew and adapted it to the situation we were this case, slavery in Brazil. We DID NOT CREATE A NEW ART. We simply applied and honed the strengths that we already had while tailoring others to meet the unique horrors of Brazilian slavery.

When the Gracies adapted the self defense Judo they learned from Maeda to their tastes, they didn't claim to create a new form of Judo or Jiujitsu. They simply adapted training methods to emphasize the kind of fight that would in their opinion give them the best chance to win in fights in Brazil. When Chinese immigrants came to America, they didn't claim to create a new Chinese American gungfu, they simply adapted their gungfu to the environment of America. When the Japanese came to Brazil, they didn't create Japanese Brazilian karate. As the Machida family's brand of Karate shows, they adapted Japanese Karate to the exigencies of Brazil. Everyone sees this acknowledges this and has no problem with this...when Black people are not involved. 

The minute that Black people are involved, racists will claim that anyone else, everyone else,helped us or were the actual creators of whatever laudable thing Black people and Black people alone did. Why would Africans who practiced  Montu [ African martial arts ] and named their Montu with African names and imbued their Montu with African culture etc. literally thousands of years before the Tupi existed suddenly turn around and call their art "Capoeira"...a word from a language that the Africans didn't even speak? That is a truly stupid assumption to make, an insulting racist assumption to make. 


No, you don't. That lie was created by Dictator Vargas  as part and parcel of his nationalistic fascist policies. He was a true enemy of the Mbundu Montu, but he wanted to create a sport [ noncombat ] form of the Mbundu Montu and use it as part of his nationalistic policies. That's why he gave Mestre Bimba the first ever license to practice the sport version of the Mbundu Montu that Dictator Vargas envisioned...but knowing the cunning of the Capoeirista, Vargas would only allow Mestre Bimba to practice indoors, near a police station, and while subject to unannounced inspections by the police to be sure that the Mbundu Montu wasn't being practiced and that the deadly Street Warriors...remnants of the Maltas...were kept at bay, and couldn't both concentrate and grow their numbers to combat the horrible racism oppressing Black people in Brazil.

Note that even with the legal permission of the most powerful man in Brazil, Mestre Bimba still couldn't boldly proclaim that he was practicing Capoeira. On the advice of a lawyer friend of his, Bimba called his art Bahia Lute Regional...and thus was born the completely ridiculous split in Capoeira circles between Regional and what became known as Capoeira Angola, when both are simply expressions of Mbundu Montu, exactly as Tai Chi and Hung Gar are both gungfu, simply different expressions of it.


Of course, our fighting Kongo Kipura made the art legendary [ again ]. The art expanded into the Kingdom of Ndongo and became known by many names, one of which is Ndongo Ngolo Kipura aka "Capoeira de Angola". Our warrior ancestors learned from their enemies and friends in Brazil during times of peace and war. Interestingly, the " Capoeiristas" already knew much of what the Brazilian Tupi Natives and Portuguese knew in matters of skillful hand to hand and weapons battle, but the converse was not true. So the Africans may have learned a steel refining and sharpening technique here, a offensive and/ or defensive technique from the Tupi and/or Brazilian Portuguese slavers there...then developed ways to offensively augment and defensively neutralize these techniques with their African "capoeira"...but in stark contrast the Tupi and especially the Portuguese with men like the terrible enemy of Capoeira Major Vidigal


learned an entirely new art and skill set when they and dozens like them set about learning "capoeira" the better to kill "Capoeiristas".

In short? The Tupi and Portuguese learned much more from us than vice versa, but what we learned from them was critical. Of vital importance was the process of learning the types of herbs and healthy food that abounded in Brazil from a combination of our time working the land as free persons refusing to be slaves and being forced to till the earth as slaves in Brazil, augmented by the centuries of gathered herbal and food and hunting game knowledge of the Tupi and other Brazilian Natives [ a similar story unfolded between Africans and Native Americans in every corner of the Americas ]. Honest historians must not overlook the fact that our intelligent, cunning African Mbundu Montu warrior ancestors took advantage of critical opportunities to learn more of firearms and hone our fighting strategies tactics and skills against gun bearing enemies and armies, which the Portuguese slavers unwittingly provided us.

When...after more than a century of warfare...the Portuguese slavers managed to destroy most of our Janga and quilombos, stamped out many Mbundu Montu warriors, and forced many of the remainder of us to live in close quarters with them in the city? We responded by STILL being defiant of the slavery and brutality that they subjected us to. Many of us escaped to the Brazilian Natives, never to be heard from again as we lived fought and died in freedom. Some of us held our ground and fought until we were overcome. The remainder of us were forced to live with our hateful slaving Portuguese Brazilian enemies, but we defied them anyway by many many means...the most visible of which was the formulation of the deadly, devastating "Maltas"..."gangs" comprised of Mbundu Montu street warriors. Of course, the Maltas were illegal, and suffered immediate persecution. Murder and jailing at the hands of Brazilian authorities. But even then they fought back with a vigor and cunning so astounding, so amazing that their feats became the stuff of legend not only in Brazil but in other countries, even to these modern times.

The deadly assassination and absolutely stunning and awesome skill of the Malta Montu [ as well as the Montu warriors who formed the primary and most amazing civilizations in the history of the subcontinent of "India", inclusive of all of the Dravidian civilizations ] and their amazing, deadly, acrobatic, lethal martial artists and warriors known as the Dervish and their deadly whirling knife dance are the FACTUAL historical ancestors to the fighting style shown in the worldwide popular video game series called ASSASSIN'S CREED. You will note that this African fighting style is ALSO the root of Kali, and if you combine the knifework of Kali with the movements of Montu miscalled "Capoeira",you will literally have the basis for the devastating Somalian Whirling Dervish martial art and their dazzling unpredictable multiangular fluid attack which killed so many invading Europeans as they carved up Africa 


Please note how the clothing of the African Dervish of Somalia are the genuine historical precedent and ancestor to the assassins in Assassins Creed.

If you take the African Dervish outfit here and paint it white [  many articles of African Dervish clothing were indeed white and all other colors ]

and compared it to this...

We can see who the REAL ASSASSINS are. But notice how neither the Japanese or anyone else acknowledged the fact that their massively popular game and it's outstanding style is lifted almost wholesale from us Africans.

These same Montu are the creators of the ancestral form of what would become both Parkour and Free Running. In fact, both Parkour and Free Running were long known as games in Black communities worldwide, from Africa to everywhere else. I and all of my friends played this game as a child, and combined it with games like DITCH and KNOCK KNOCK ZOOM aka DING DONG DITCH. That's how Sebastian Foucan...creator of Free Running...learned to play the game and develop the skill set of Parkour and Free Running as a child. And that's how he introduced Free Running to the rest of the world.

Not only are the skill sets shown in Parkour and Free Running absolutely essential when hunting game, avoiding wild animals who are hunting you, and avoiding human hunters...the manueverability, agility, unpedictability, and shocking fluid dexterous speed quickness balance and feints are essential to gain a swift, decisive and extraordinary advantage over all opposition. Even those trained in the same amazing body skills as the Montu. While growing up in my neighborhood, such skills also saved me from marauding dogs which periodically roamed the streets, gang members looking to start trouble by beating up and robbing kids, and of course the ruthless racist police who would oftentimes jail beat and/or shoot us on sight, merely for the sport of it.

 All of the above is just a tiny part of the true history of Montu and which you should have learned as you were taught Mbundu Kipura or Montu at all...but which neither you nor your Cardio Capoeira Mestre has any clue whatsoever about. But if they don't know all of these vital things that I am teaching, how can they turn around and attack me and say that I'm the one who is ignorant? I know more than they do. Far more. They just don't want me to teach you, and they don't want you to teach others...because then the lies they teach and trade in will die and the truth will finally be widely known. And the truth will set us all free, as it is wont to do.

So stop the stupidities about having to be Brazilian, which is a NATIONAL origin, not a RACIAL origin, in order to learn the AFRICAN MONTU ARTS. That is an argument that is dishonest, ignorant, racially nationalistically, and culturally divisive, and historically bankrupt in every way. Humanity deserves to be aware of and embrace the full unmitigated truth, and thereby allow all of us to grow together.

coming soon...


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