Eshu kufungua njia kukunyonga means "Eshu Opens The Path to Strangle"/PASSAGEM MEIA LUA TO RNC

I'm Mtalaam Mkufunzi/Kocha [ "Expert Trainer/Coach", which translates more closely to "HEAD COACH" ] Ras. The language I use oftentimes in the naming of my techniques is Swahili. And yes, you will note that the formal names of ALL techniques in my family system of Njia Uhuru Kipura do in fact include the names of the Orisha most relevant to the initial teaching of said technique, concept, principle, or whatever.

Unfortunately, most of you have been so thoroughly miseducated by the propaganda machine of Brasil and others, that merely uttering the blatant Afrikan truth of what I said above would be enough to offend the miseducated "sensibilities" of most of you, ensuring that most of you will miss the absolutely vital scientific and self defense knowledge I have to impart. Therefore for the nonce, we will utilize terminology you are more familiar with. But rest assured...we will be returning to the long scientifically proven Afrikan truth that I and my family and the art that you completely miscomprehend and falsely call by the name [ assigned to it by its historic and most brutal enemies ] of "capoeira" actually represent.

If "capoeira" is known first and foremost as a devastatingly powerful system used by Afrikan slaves in Brasil to successfully acquire their freedom from slave owners, then...Why aren't you practicing how to fight and defend yourself with your capoeira?

If you can't fight with your capoeira, you aren't doing capoeira...and you suck. And it's your fault you suck. Why is it your fault you suck? Because even if your Mestre isn't teaching you self defense, at some point you recognize it...and at that point you make the decision. Do you keep learning Cardio Capoeira which is a diluted form of "capoeira" created for exercise, incorporating dance elements /and a thin veneer of Afrikan culture miscalled "Brazilian" in a continuing attempt to coopt, downplay, hide and lie about the actual history of Afrikan fighting systems [ known by many names, but I use the ancient name of "Montu" as the term reflective of the entire category of Afrikan fighting systems ]? This style...especially since the military dictatorship of Brazil, initiated in 1964...is the dominant style that 99.9% of all "capoeiristas" the world over practice, no matter what they call their style or group.

This common practice is devoid of hand techniques or even the most remote form of self defense application. No knife defense or offense. No grappling defense or offense. And most especially a complete absence of Weaponization of Movement. This last...the Weaponization of Movement, all human movement which is wholesale embraced and weaponized in the systems of my Afrikan ancestors and the fighting system of my family which is called NJIA UHURU, the world's best and most modernized hybrid self defense expression of ancient Kipura...is the most explosive difference between the authentic practice of mine and my family, and the compromised, diluted, in fact wholesale different and useless for self defense practice of the Brazilian-centric "capoeira" that most of the world practices.

Most of us know the most important aspects of the hotly disputed,controversial roots of capoeira: by and large,most knowledgeable objective scholars recognize that capoeira is a hybrid martial art with roots in Afrika...perhaps most especially Angola.There were various martial arts in Afrika which the Afrikans were forced to bring to Brazil due to the horrors of Portuguese slavery and Portuguese slavers. While in Brazil, the various intelligent, intrepid, clever, witty, amazingly strong Afrikans crafted a fighting form that was a result of the synthesis of the dominant most effective Afrikan martial systems that survived the passage from Afrika to Brazil,and refined this potent admixture under the very noses of the slavers to face and overcome the infinite degradations of slavery. History--written by the slavers--contains the unabashed admission that the Capoeiristas were dazzlingly successful at achieving their aims and goals.

Right off top, we see in a history written by, left by, and acknowledged by the most intense haters of freedom--the slavers--that even the slavers themselves know that Capoeira united men and women and children across language and cultural barriers which the slavers employed every artifice torture device trick terror cruelty and ploy to keep in place in order to enforce division amongst the Africans. Capoeira shattered, bridged  and reached across racial barriers which the slavers very deliberately set up to prevent unity. Capoeira kept rhythm and traded Udanganyifu--the Swahili term for "deception" that predates and is roughly equivalent to the Portuguese term "malicia"-- with the very Fates themselves, and reaches even today across the whole globe in complete lockstep with the very March of Time itself. Kipura--mispronounced by the Portuguese as "Capoeira"-- first assessed slavery [ this most hopeless of scenarios ] correctly, outwitted those who had every advantage that the slaver enjoys over the enslaved, then proceeded to outfight them.

Proceeded. To. Out. Fight. Them.

Not dance with our enemies or each other. Not do useless acrobatics that has zero. Zero. Zero usefulness for self defense. The acrobatics that we did were married intimately, closely to every facet of self defense. Witness the rolling acrobatic flow of brazilian jiujitsu players. Guess what? Afrikans practicing Kipura all over the world...not just in Brazil, but all over the world...did this first. And I have the historical proof showing beyond any sane, factual, rational dispute for every syllable that I speak.

My ancestors did not practice throwing kicks specifically designed to not only be useless for self defense, but even further designed to create a beautiful game for the roda and NOT hit ANYONE. Not remove the practice of weapons, grappling and a dizzying plethora of hand blows, head butts, elbows, throws, sweeps, locks, chokes, trips, etc. In short? My ancestors never.
Ever. Did ANYTHING that your Mestre teaches and teaches you to do, nowadays.

Therefore however beautiful you sing, however many songs of what you miscall and mispronounce as "capoeira" that you may know or compose, however wonderful you are in the roda...unless you can fight? You're akin to a cake that won't rise in the oven, a space ship with no engine,a nuke bomb devoid of any explosive or destructive power, a gorgeously wrapped Christmas box...sans the Christmas gift. You're all sizzle, no steak. You're useless. And you have been deceived by the Brazilian military dictatorship that took over the government, these enemies of the art of my ancestors and the freedom of all people of color and all people of Brazil who did not comprise the rich White Brazilian elite...these enemies who not only killed Mestres Bimba and Pastinha,

For Kipura...which you miscall "Capoeira"... is literally the "Freedom Fight", and it's the trials travails and triumphs of those who fought for freedom with their whole human selves that is enshrined in the songs that we sing, that spawned the movements that we dialogue with in the roda. The movements of my ancestors' fighting art is the weaponized movements of humanity, the spiritual and physical, aesthetic, infinitely athletic arsenal of the soul, The mind, The heart. The body. And the practice of my family...NJIA UHURU...is the most modernized, most self defense incarnate expression of this art which never sacrifices downplays or ignores the spirituality of my ancestors. For the lessons of our history, our culture, our spirituality, our language directly informs our arsenal of self defense, our tactics, our philosophy, etc.

Haven't you asked yourself why "capoeiristas" have all these "animal" sounding names like Pantera, Cobra Mansa, etc etc yet you never see any Animal Style techniques in their teaching training or practice? Well, that's further proof that they are not practicing the authentic art of my ancestors. Real Kipura has many animal styles which are welded into literally every facet and aspect of the art. My family's NJIA UHURU has hundreds of Animal Style techniques. And all the Elemental Principles are present, too. We have the Water Principle, Fire Principle, etc. as these Principles are directly taught by expressed by and welded into the art by the spiritual systems...like Ifa...which spawned and continue to inform all Afrikan Montu.

Your Mestre doesn't teach this because your Mestre doesn't know the truth. Worse, your Mestre DOESN'T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. But I and my family know and teach the truth.

We prove that NJIA UHURU...the real world modern expression of Kipura which you miscall "Capoeira"...is the unrelenting fight to preserve freedom in every sense; including cultural heritage and identity that made possible the crafting of the berimbau, the preservation of Candomble.

Do you think we would revere Zumbi dos Palmares if he was wholly devoid of Capoeira combat skill like faaaarrrr too many who pollute the roda today are? Do you think we would sing of Besouro and make movies of him...if he was immediately overrun and rendered prostate by the slavers? Do you entertain for even the slightest of moments any doubt that Mestres Bimba and Pastinha were more than extraordinary at using Capoeira to destroy all or at least most comers..while not only maintaining the highest of spiritual standards, but their combat skill came from their spirituality and vice versa? Remember, the "mandinguero" was an adept of the combat skills of Kipura and the lessons and expressions of our spirituality to such an extent that their expertise was considered to be literally magical. That's why the Portuguese enemies of our Kipura/"capoeira" warrior ancestors named them "mandinguero"..."sorcerer". Further, it's no accident that the word "mandinguero" has its roots in both KiKongo [the language of the Kingdom of the Kongo which spawned Kipura/"capoeira" ] aaaand the Mandinka. Both of Afrika. Not Brazil.

There is nothing wrong with embracing Capoeira for its maaaany noncombative benefits.Its health, its speed, strength, balance, flexibility, gymnastics, spiritual strengthening and cleansing, its fun. Its joy, its beauty, its song. In fact? I teach and insist upon embracing every single facet of these noncombat advantages of the art of my family and my ancestors.

 But there are millions who engage in cardio boxing or cardio kickboxing...without losing sight for one single instant that boxers and kickboxers FIGHT. Capoeira is looked at by and large in the Western world as being wholly incapable of real world self-defense, when there is literally no martial art in the history of the Western Hemisphere with a record of victories in war,against slavers, on the streets, against repression subjugation domination humiliation and genocide in all of its forms even down to the moment I write this and after I perish and have gone to meet my ancestors than Capoeira has...and we are entirely to blame for this most inexcusable state of affairs. We allowed Cardio Capoeira...Capoeira for exercise, with a dance-like element, complete with the lies and fake history of the racist, elitist, conservative enemies of the art...to flower and grow and largely replace the legitimate, infinitely more satisfying original expressions which my family kept and modernized for the modern era. And which nobody else has done anything even remotely similar to.

There are many divisions within the capoeira world, but this post in my blog will not touch on it. Suffice it to say that there are different groups in Capoeira like there are in Olympic and Traditional Taekwondo, or Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics. The Olympic and Traditional Taekwondoin (I hold a total of seven black belts and several Coaching ranks, including a 5th dan in TKD Hapkido and several other martial arts too) groups and the Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastic groups may snipe and wrangle with one another. Each is sure that they represent the superior and more correct expression of their art. I would submit that each are partially correct. The outstanding Olympic athletes in Olympic Taekwondo would be equally astonishing at self-defense as the Traditionalists are, if they saw the value of it and realized that one is not complete without the other. And the Traditionalists would accord the amazing respect that Olympians deserve while plying their trade because...they're OLYMPIANS. Olympians don't grown on trees. The Artistic Gymnast may feel that she's a superior gymnast to the Rhythmic or Trampoline Gymnast, and many outside of their sport may concur...but they're wrong. The TRUE Gymnast does Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampoline Gymnastics because the True Gymnast is interested in being as skilled as possible and as immersed as possible for their whole lives in...GYMNASTICS AS A WHOLE.

The TRUE Kipura warrior...whom you mispronounce and misunderstand as a "Capoeirista"... is beautiful in the roda, composes and knows wonderful songs, plays all the instruments, knows Ifa, Santeria, Voudun, Candomble etc. and the history of Kipura both colloquially and via historical research.


The True Kipura warrior..the so-called Capoeirista... is ENTIRELY IMMERSED IN KIPURA AS A WHOLE. The True Kipura warrior regularly trains for self defense in every single practice session, actively hones Udanganyifu [ which you misname "malicia" ] along with everything else that Kipura is known for. A Mestre once told me that the True Kipura warrior is much more magnificent than any  Ninja, because the outstanding achievements of the Kipura warrior/"Capoeirista" is in many instances rigorously recorded by those who hate and want to subjugate the Kipura warrior/"capoeirista" the most. In other words?


I can and do fight with my Kipura. I will constantly provide video evidence of such along with my blogs and I will give you real world training drills, exercises, sequences (secuencias) and more to help you actually be able to fight. We must remember that Capoeira is, like my Mestre told me that HIS Mestre told HIM: "The Song of Life...The Dance of Death." Only Warriors sing that Song as well as dance that Dance.

ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR CAPOEIRA is one of the very last remaining homes of the True Kipura warrior/so-called "Capoeirista". We aren't the only ones, but we're amongst the (very unfortunately) truly few and rare True Warriors left nowadays. And our NJIA UHURU is by far the best most functional most full range curriculum covering everything including academic mandates that the modern world has ever seen regarding any Montu on Earth.

 In this blog, I will share our journey with you.

May Eshu open your path to great gifts, joy, love, achievements, truth and all things good...and close the paths you enemies may use to harm you...

          Head Coach Ras of THE ATACX GYM STREET WARRIORS

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