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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Cardio capoeiristas...noncontact guys and gals...can be very fit, acrobatic, fluid, beautiful in movement...but they can't fight a lick. They are good hearted, well-intentioned, oftentimes sincere and intelligent people who practice enthusiastically and with loyalty. They also tend to have the money to pay their Mestres very well and keep their academy open and thriving. They tend to look like this:

They are absolutely USELESS in a actual fight, and Capoeira is designed first and foremost for fighting the slaver and self defense; it's designed to defeat oppressors from within and without, inner demons like pity despair rage lack of focus lack of peace of mind and self doubt and the heartlessness that oftentimes humans can display to each other while we journey through life.

I recently was informed that my standing Msimamo Osoosi/Oxossi/Ochosi...which you miscall Negativa... is not Capoeira or part of Capoeira in any way shape or form. After I had a good laugh, I simply showed this:

Here is Professor Mola doing the Negativa da Regional:

Do you know what that would look like when you're fighting, and you're setting the technique which my family names the Msimamo Oxossi...miscalled by you the "Negativa"... up with punches and kicks, and using malicia to do it while standing?

Now...does Anderson Silva and the other "Capoeira" legenda of history who actually fight with their Kipura ( which you miscall "capoeira", because the Brazilian government hid the Afrikan truth from you ) look more like me, or do they look like cardio Capoeiristas? 

Correct. He looks like me. 

The Msimamo Osoosi/Oxosi of my family is clearly oriented towards the real authentic expression of we Afrikans who originated and comprised our fighting arts: self defense skills and fighting first [ which is what Capoeira is SUPPOSED TO DO and WHAT IT WAS MADE FOR ], health and spiritual practices next ( with Smai Tawi, but that's a topic for another time and another blog ). By way of comparison and contrast? Let's look like the wonderfully beautiful, noncontact roda guys of the very first video on this blog...which most of you training in other capoeira schools aspire to be [ which means that you'll be fit, fluid, and get yourself hurt in a self defense encounter in all likelihood ]:

Guess who else hits people in the thigh and throws leg kicks, eludes people, used the ginga to switch leads from orthodox to southpaw, uses jump kicks to the body, etc etc ? Yep...yours truly:

And guess what? I can and do use the Msimamo Oxosi aka "Negativa" while standing too...

Other people can say that they don't like my style of delivery...which is okay. The African self defense arts...Montu...that include Kipura which you miscall "Capoeira".... isn't typified by the delivery style and method of people who can't fight. It's ORIGINALLY AND HISTORICALLY typified by the delivery systems OF FIGHTERS. They look like me, in other words. Lol. Btw before the summer is over you will see my fluid Njia Uhuru Kipura miscalled "capoeira" used in the gym against stylists of all stripes and sizes, so I'll remove that argument too.

I will also show me practicing roda style capoeira and probably throwing down in rodas too... unless cardio Capoeiristas continue to flee from my presence or fearfully disallow my participation when I arrive, which they have reliably done for many years.  Now all corners all covered. I can only hope that other " capoeiristas" will feel inspired enough to show themselves actually functionally using their art for self defense, or inspired to do something similar.