Go to this video before they erase the video or my comment. 

Right away...when you see that in the title they're calling the land of the Mbundu by the slave name of can tell that you're going to have to be alert for the typical lies indoctrinations half truths propaganda etc that is the stock and trade of those who maliciously spread such ignorance.

This is the comment of a completely clueless Cardio Capoeirista, one +Yavor Chomonev...who is probably someone else, as I recognize this style and specifically the substance of this writing from another person who is also bereft of accurate knowledge combat skill etc as our erstwhile "Yavor"...

" I've seen you around a couple of capoeira videos and all I can say is, you are a pompous pretentious idiot. You can quote studies? On a MA that's notoriously badly documented? Wow, please enlighten me, what are you going to quote, Nestor Capoeira's Little Capoeira Book?

You "toured" with Amen Santo? Great, I have played with Espirro Mirim, Poncianinho, Xuxu, Parente, Vitor... How does that support anything you've said before?

Capoeira did not exist before the development of the salve culture in Brazil in any shape or form. There isn't a single shred of evidence that anything even remotely like capoeira existed, apart from a few moves here and there.

Just get over yourself and shut the hell up already."--YAVOR CHOMONEV

I made a blog of this because I am sure that my comment will be erased at some point because it's too truthful and too bareknuckle blunt for the fainting souls that populate the ignorant opposition.

I mentally communed with the spirit of Adewale,

 and then crafted this response to YAVOR

Well, considering your post above, let's dispense with the pleasantries and get straight to it, then.

First? Specify what videos of mine lead you to the erroneous conclusion that I'm a pompous pretentious idiot. You do of course have the right to hold whatever egregiously idiotic opinion you wish to hold; that I don't dispute and don't mind at all. However, whenever you miscast your fatally flawed logic as anything remotely accurate whenever and wherever I'm involved, well...that's when facts logic and common sense will be used by yours truly to club your dooficity with the brutality of a sailor slaughtering a baby seal.

Secondly, disparaging the scholarship of Nestor Capoeira--considering your absolute lack of contribution to this martial art in any substantive way visavis scholarship or self defense practice or self defense technique--is more than shortsighted. It's...wait for it..."pompous" and "pretentious" of you to denigrate Nestor Capoeira when you have produced ZERO works of your own to this martial art that's even remotely equivalent and nowhere near superior to the contributions of +Nestor Capoeira.

Third. I did not tour with Amen Santos. 

Fourth. On what scholarship do you surmise that "Capoeia" did NOT exist before the slave culture in Brazil in any shape or form? On what scholarship and evidence did you base your erroneous assertion that nothing even remotely like Capoeira existed, apart from a few moves here and there?

Please enlighten us, and let us test whether or not your sloppy material can remotely stand up to my invincible scholarship providing all objective intelligent people with the following REAL facts:

FIRST. The martial art in question IS a martial art. It's primary purpose is self defense. If you are spending your time primarily doing anything other than self defense, then not only are you NOT practicing Kipura [ miscalled "Capoeira" ],  you cannot be practicing ANY martial art that has ever existed.  Further, this specific martial art of Kipura is wholly and 100% AFRICAN NOT BRAZILIAN IN ORIGIN. Therefore it cannot be properly and correctly called by the Brazilian Tupi word "Capoeira" but instead when correctly speaking of this African martial art, we must always use one of its correct African names, such as: Mbundu Kipura Ngolo. Calling the African martial art of Mbundu Kipura Ngolo by the Brazilian Tupi word of "Capoeira"--which is wholly unrelated to Africa, Africans, African culture and African martial arts--and insisting that Capoeira is the actual legit correct name for Mbundu Kipura Ngolo would be as nonsensical as saying that Japanese Karate is not Japanese Karate, instead it's a Hawaiian pineapple. A Hawaiian pineapple...that doesn't teach or practice self defense, by the way. But still has a history of handily defeating samurai in combat. How did the pineapple defeat the samurai? The pineapple jumped in a circle and started doing flips, kicks punches knees blows etc that are delivered in such a ways as to be completely useless to anyone, most especially someone looking to defend themselves against an attacker.

BUT. One good thing about that pineapple? That's one sexy, in shape, acrobatic, nonfighting pineapple. It will look good on all of our plates, and we'll eat it with gusto.

And just like the pineapple? Practicing Cardio Capoeira will probably make you quite edible to the nearest bad guy. You would make a very pretty corpse, were you called upon to defend yourself and resorted to the useless stupidities which you Cardio Capoeiristas practice.

It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? But you Cardio Capoeiristas, Yavor, do NOT practice self defense. You don't even realize how ignorantly racist you are being, while you think you're preserving and practicing a "Afro-Brazilian" martial art. Geniuses like you use the hateful slaveholder's word "berimbau" in reference to the African instrument known as the "Hungu". That's further proof of your complete and utter perpetual cluelessness hinging on literally all things involved in this discussion.

Let me give you an example of how vast your misunderstanding is, if the Japanese Karate/pineapple thing was too sophisticated for you.

Prior to the ascension of the allegedly more colloquial use popularized by my people, most people like you will say a phrase like: "What is up?" and literally mean: "What object is up [ there/wherever ]?" 

We would say essentially the same phrase...WHAT'S UP...and never ever mean the same thing that people like you mean, even though we use the exact same words.

We commonly say that same phrase meaning at least 3 different unrelated ideas, and NONE of them mean:"What [ object ] is up [ there/wherever ]". 

We could say it as a greeting: "Whaaasuuuuppp!" Meaning, "I'm glad to see you again, my friend! What has been happening in your life before I just saw you, what do you think is going to be happening now that we're talking and socializing together, and what's happening after we finish socializing with each other for the day? Let's talk about that..."

We could say it aggressively, with a street edge in our voice: "WhasSUP?" This is a challenge and sometimes a threat, indicating without ambiguity that hostilities are about to erupt. Combat is imminent. 

"What's up?" oftentimes used as part of a sentence like: "What's up with her/him/that?" We are asking what is going on with her/him/that situation or thing.    

"He/she/they don't even know whassup." He/she/they are not aware of the important details of [ whatever the subject of conversation is about, or important facts about human life in large cities in general ].

"Sup." A common greeting that is "street" but polite. It functions as:"Hello." 

Why is that factoid important? Well, it's important in underscoring how wrong you are regarding everything in Cardio Capoeira and how comprehensively you miscomprehend African culture in its many varied and subtle ways...whereas I don't have any of those misunderstandings hampering my thought processes. Everything you think you know is wrong. Africans and those who honor the African martial arts don't use the slavemaster concepts EVER and wherever we are forced to use the slavemaster's language, we infuse it with meanings that are only fully decipherable and understandable by us. 

We created TWO rodas, one to practice the slavemaster sanctioned nonmartial movements that you practice, the other to fine tune and hone our martial skills and practice our culture, express our souls and our selves and our communities in an unfettered way when you descendants of the slavemasters are not around. Why do you think that we created songs like Cavalaria [ famous song by Mestre Bimba designed to warn us that the police were coming and to change what we were doing to something acceptable to them ] to warn us of the approach of police and almost every White person in general? If what we were doing when they weren't around was legal and acceptable, there would be no need for lookouts and musical warnings. But what we were doing WASN'T legal; we WERE TRAINING OUR AFRIKAN SELF DEFENSE MARTIAL ARTS IN ORDER TO CONTINUE TO RESIST AND DEFEAT OUR ENEMIES. Which we did very very well indeed.

Have the Chinese who were enslaved for their work on the railroad taken to calling their martial art of gungfu by anything other than their Chinese name for it? And is not their original Chinese name for the art the very same name or names [ inclusive of wushu and chuan fa ] that we refer to their arts today? Yes? Then how can you justify referring to an AFRICAN art by a TUPI WORD and expect NOT to be behaving in a...yep, you guessed it..."pompous" "pretentious" "idiotic" manner espousing pompous pretentious idiotic rhetoric? And let's throw in racist...YES, RACIST. well. Because we only see this behavior whenever Black people specifically are involved, and most especially when we're asserting and defending African culture history and contributions in the face of pat falsehoods created and promoted by European slavers that they've drummed into the brains of their propagandized masses.

 The martial art you miscall "Capoeira" was common in the region of the Mbundu...the people whom the Portuguese miscalled "Angolan" [ The Portuguese miscalled the Mbundu "Angolans" as a direct result of them misprounouncing and misunderstanding the Mbundu term "Ngolo", which is the correct name for the TITLE of their people's constitutional monarch. Here is a very partial list of ruling Ngolas. ] 


And yes I am exposing you to facts the likes of which you had no idea existed despite your pompous pretentious idiotic buffoonery which for you supplants every pretense of knowledge on this matter. I am going to storm your stupidities with an avalanche of actual facts and true knowledge regarding the martial art that you witlessly claim to have solid data about but in reality the art of my ancestors is an area which you know nothing of, Jennifer Azeitona...excuse me, I meant to say " Yavor" . 

This very same term "ngolo" is also linked to the word "kikongo", roughly equivalent to but transcending the Western concepts of "strength", "power"etc. Reflecting the multilayered meanings attributed to a single word which is typical of African language and culture and exists wherever Africans exist even in this day and age, this same word..."ngolo"...refers to both a public and private ritual of combat, derived from the actual combat martial art of which it is part and parcel. That martial art's name is KIPURA. I am not referring to the Swahili word "kipura" which roughly translates as "lemon dove" , I am referring to the Mbundu and Ndongo martial art.

SECOND. You thought you were asking a rhetorical question when you asked: "What records do we have of these people, the Mbundu, showing that the Mbundu used their martial art in war?" You thought that the answer was in, there are no such records. You are wrong in every possible way. Yet again. Something which seems to be a habit of yours.

Where are the records of the Mbundu using their martial art in war? How about the in depth campaigns against the Portuguese and the Dutch lasting centuries and highlighted by a Queen who is probably the single greatest most brilliant and courageous warrior monarch in history...the indomitable QUEEN NZINGA MBANDE OF NDONGO AND MBUNDU MATAMBA? A war which reached its crescendo during The Black Power Movement stretching in Africa through the late 70's and culminating in the successful armed expulsion of the slaving Portuguese by the Mbundu? I will link you to a more palatable article and overlook some of its historical fallacies for the nonce.


THIRD. You, "Yavor", are a energetic practitioner of the NONMARTIAL ART that is more properly and in actuality not at all the warrioir martial art of Nzinga, Madame Sataa, Gigante, Los Zuavos, Zumbi, Besouro, or anyone else who actually fought. You, "Yavor", are a proponent and exponent of the wholly useless CARDIO CAPOEIRA. You DO NOT PRACTICE ANY SELF DEFENSE WHATSOEVER. You are actually so misguided that you engage in anything and everything but martial practice and self defense, yet call your Cardio Capoeira a "martial art". That, "Yavor", is the essence of "pompous" "pretentious" idiocy...your own words continually return to haunt you. If Queen Nzinga, if Ganga Za, if Zumbi dos Palmares of the Jango Ngolo miscalled called the quilombo Palmares, if Besouro, if any of the warriors of the Maltas, if Ciriaco, if Waldemar Santana...if any of these actual Mbundu Kipura warriors actually saw YOU do your "Capoeira" and ME do MINE...they would laugh you out of the building [ or kill you for the mockery and insult you hurled at them with your worthless display ] and embrace me as the lethal brother warrior that I am.

Furthermore, you have ZERO solid grasp of the FACTUAL HISTORY of the Montu [ African martial arts ] or African martial ARTISTS themselves. This is why you lack the panoramic perspective necessary to grasp the massively flawed, pompous, idiotic, and yes RACIST assertions that you are making. And these assertions of yours are racist, even if you don't mean them to be, because they assume a whole flotilla of negatives as defaults that reflect poorly specifically and exclusively upon Black people. More on that later, if you are unwise enough to engage me on this subject.  I make that bold assertion because NOBODY who does Cardio Capoeira practices genuine self defense, AND THAT IS BY DELIBERATE DESIGN. Furthermore, the falsehoods which you have been carefully indoctrinated in are ALSO deliberate lies specifcally designed to get you to believe the claptrap that you just spewed in your response to me. That design comes directly from the Brazilian government, and it's called "Blanqueamiento".



You do know that the Mbundu and Ndongo who had Kipura prior to the arrival of the Europeans used Kipura to dazzling effect in war against the Europeans...[ because, that's what martial arts DO, they ACTUALLY FIGHT and they are ACTUALLY USED IN WARFARE ] right? No? Thought not. So...what did you do when you toured with those Capoeira Mestres you mentioned? Oh I know...YOU DID EVERYTHING EXCEPT PRACTICE SELF DEFENSE. Which means that you did everything EXCEPT practice ANY martial art, ESPECIALLY OBVIOUS IS THE FACT THAT YOU DID NOT PRACTICE MBUNDU MONTU OR MBUNDU KIPURA WHICH ARE TWO OF SEVERAL ACCURATE NAMES OF THE REAL ART THAT YOU MISCOMPREHEND AND MISCALL "CAPOEIRA". All this time with those Cardio Capoeira Mestre you spent? You got swindled. You did nothing of worth or value; but you wouldn't know that because YOU DO NOT FIGHT and YOU DO NOT PRACTICE SELF DEFENSE.Therefore you personally lack any experience skill knowledge or ability whatsoever to objectively analyze genuine skill in any genuine form visavis martial arts. You are literally not even qualified to hold a discussion regarding the self defense and martial value of ANYTHING, because you lack the knowledge and experience to grade the value of ANYTHING visavis martial self defense. If I am wrong? I happily invite you to film yourself sparring with your Capoeira--like I do--or teaching self defense techniques and sequences which work in real fights--like I do--and I will happily change my opinion accordingly. However, I am certain that my other witless critics...will not condescend to do something so mundane as substantiating that you have the slightest actual martial knowledge and/or skill in the martial art of Kipura which you miscall Capoeira...AND WHICH YOU DO NOT PRACTICE. You sir, are at best a roda dancer, which means that you DO NOT do what my warrior ancestors and what all genuine martial artists do: YOU DO NOT PRACTICE SELF DEFENSE.

That means inescapably that you ARE NOT A MARTIAL ARTIST, you are not even qualified to have a discussion about ANY martial art visavis self defense and self protection skill evaluation.

You are at best a Cardio Capoeirista. At BEST. And frankly...that's NOT GOOD. You might play music, dance and sing, but you primarily do exercise. You don't practice self defense, you can't fight, and are clueless about every aspect of relevant Montu history even in Brazil. You don't even know that the songs that you sing about the warriors of Capoeira...Paranue about Los Zuavos, the songs for Besouro and Iemanja and more...these are all songs dedicated to warriors who focused on training in self defense primarily.

Your argument essentially champions the position that African martial artists who killed thousands of European slavers using Mbundu Kipura [ which you miscall "Capoeira" and which IS NOT the useless noncontact stupid dance that you practice ] suddenly forgot their arts...despite the multicentury war and struggle against slavery, wherein we are clearly recorded deploying African martial arts? Or do you suggest that Africans only deigned to develop our art when we found themselves in Brazil, being dominated by, spurred by, and guided by the presence of dominating Portuguese slavers. This is precisely the kind of racist stupidity that not-so-obliquely champions the supremacy of Whites and the inferiority of Blacks by inferring that Blacks can only do things of worth when "influenced or directed by" nonBlacks. This is the kind of racist buffoonery that essentially seeks to denude Black people of overarching achievement in our own continent of Africa and anywhere else we roam. Your argument in essence implies that Black people only excelled and developed what your non-self defense skilled, non martial arts skilled capacity...would term to be refined or advanced Capoeira when Blacks were subjected to the conditions of slavery in Brazil.

One can infer from the above assertion which paraphrases your position that Africans only developed a worthwhile martial art in Brazil when Portuguese slavery forced us to. Left to our own devices in Africa? Our development of martial arts skill was rudimentary and unrefined, at best. That is the purely racist subtext of the argument that you champion and condone.

Pompous. Pretentious. Idiotic. Yavor.

 Put another you think that two massive slaving colonial empires such as those of the Portuguese and the Dutch would be held at bay in Africa for nearly a century by MARGINALLY developed martial artists. Remember these MARGINALLY developed African martial artists DO NOT have rifles cannon or the like. So, how could we have held them off and recorded such long strings of victories without an advanced martial art or advanced martial arts and the concomitant skill development? 

That's impossible.

You will find that the more you press this argument, the more you will find that your position is already fully destroyed because:

1. We have proof...and not just from the outstanding Nestor Capoeira...that Kipura originated in Africa, was practiced by the Mbundu and others, and martial practice training and application was traditional prior to the arrival of the Europeans. Ergo, all the warriors of the region...including Queen Nzinga and her brother...were not only versed in the martial art, they used this martial art in warfare vs the Europeans. Because that's what MARTIAL ARTS is for, first and foremost. Warfare. Self preservation. By pure performance evaluation alone, we can see that the current remnants of ancient Kipura that survived the slaving Portuguese's armed expulsion from what is now Angola in the 1970's IS NOT at the level of sophistication that it formerly was when resisting the Europeans.

With the fall of the Mbundu came again the "blanqueamiento" which was also enforced in the slave colony of Angola, and the utter destruction of African martial arts and African martial artists was a top priority. Kipura's  development was deliberately, systematically retarded by the colonial yoke...because the same colonialists repeatedly failed at destroying and eventually gave up on exterminating Mbundu Montu and Mbundu Kipura. Instead the Portuguese followed the dictates of blanqueamiento and killed jailed suppressed and exported African warriors who refused to capitulate, exactly as the Brazilian government did prior to during and after its "blanqueamiento" policy. 


2. A significant number of these Mbundu Kipura warriors were captured as prisoners of war and brought to Brazil for enslavement. They promptly escaped slavery and proceeded to found and defend their own independent area within Brazil. There are parallels for exactly this sequence of events in every slaving area in the Americas, but I will simply link you to these: 




3.These links show that Brazil wasn't in essence an effectively organized and operating colony until 1549, whereupon the Portuguese's constant war with the Brazilian Natives achieved them enough space to begin bringing in the first known African slaves in 1552. Portugal began importing Africans in ever increasing number circa 1560. In 1580, there wee 10,000 Africans in Brazil.

By 1605, Palmares was already founded and a known entity. This means that...almost literally from the first day of attempting to enslave Africans after importing them to Brazil...these same Africans not only escaped but fought off any attempts to reenslave them. This Janga composed of numerous mocambos which formed several mutually cooperating quilombos fought off repeated attacks up until 1695 or so. And all of these warriors practiced Mbundu Kipura. The martial art, culture, language and everything else they could save from Africa was practiced promoted and advanced in the various there were various Janga and quilombos, Dos Palmares was not alone.

For 50 years prior to the birth of Zumbi, Palmares was already known to be a haven for the deadliest of Mbundu Kipura miscalled "Capoeiristas". This is of colossal importance. Because if Loanda was founded in 1580 [ see the historical link above ] and Palmares was BOTH FOUNDED circa 1600 AND KNOWN FOR ITS DEADLY MONTU IN THE FORM OF THE MBUNDU KIPURA WARRIORS, then...that means that the Mbundu Kipura warriors were already in the colony and known and feared prior to the founding of all of the quilombos, not just Palmares. That also means that these Kipura warriors had to be lethally skilled to not only escape but also repel invasions and maintain their freedom in the face of overwhelming numbers and overwhelming firepower....and do so with such unambiguous regularity that they inspired other Africans to escape slavery and join them in the quilombos, thus swelling the numbers of the Mbundu Kipura warriors.And Kipura already had to be well developed at that time, because they literally didn't have the time to kick back and design an advanced martial art on the spot; they were constantly menaced and pressured by rabid slaving colonialists. Therefore they already had to have had advanced lethal skill which they adapted to their current circumstances.

Following the history of all human conflict and most particularly martial arts, the evolution of martial skill happens most notably in martial societies during times of war and/or with the threat of imminent war hanging over them. Given the history of Brazil, those times correspond directly to the times just before the founding of quilombos, the rise of quilombos, the fll of quilombos, the rise of the Maltas, and the resistance to blanqueamiento that carried us into the early 1900's.

Did the Chinese IMPROVE UPON GUNGFU when they came to America? No. Nor did they create CHINESE AMERICAN GUNGFU. They simply took the skills they already had and adapted them to their current circumstances in America. Adaptation doesn't necessarily mean improvement and refinement. It means to adjust what you know to work in your current environment and help you achieve the goals you have in a specific way in your current environment. If you took a Northern Chinese stylist and brought him/her to the South of China, that Northern stylist would have to adjust so that the Northern style was now operating powerfully and efficiently in the different space constraints of the Southern region. And vice versa with a Southern stylist. Neither would have necessarily IMPROVED THEIR QUALITY, they would have by necessity however had to ADJUST TO THEIR ENVIRONMENT.

That's what my African ancestors did in Brazil. I submit that the Africans in Brazil actually had AN EASIER TIME OVERALL adjusting than the Africans in the Motherland did. The Africans in the Motherland were enslaved in their own homes. At least in the slaving colonies some Africans could take on the veneer of the slaver's culture and language and deal with a mindset wherein the slaver is fully aware that the slavers ARE NOT LIVING IN THE HOME OF THE ENSLAVED. When you are living in the home of a man that you have wronged beyond any capacity of forgiveness, you tend to be far more alert and brutal than when you're not living in the home of a man that you have unforgivably wronged. That is another reason that Africans adapted our martial arts and expelled the slavers by force from Africa...with revived traditional African martial arts playing a significant role in said expulsion. The primary revolutionary forces of the indigenous Mbundu and other people populating the area the Portuguese called Angola were swept up in a rising tide of nationalistic fervor, and combined the lethal skills of their indigenous arts with firearms and incessant guerrilla warfare to eventually overthrow the colonial invading Portuguese.

"...during the 1960s, various armed independence movements became active in these Portugal-administered territories, namely in Angola, Mozambique, and Portuguese Guinea. During the ensuing conflict, atrocities were committed by all forces involved.[53] The decolonization and independence of several African states after World War II, the Invasion of Goa by Indian Armed Forces and the Santa Maria hijacking, and the achievements of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, were also signs of the "Winds of change" supporting independence movements in Portuguese Africa.

Throughout the war period Portugal faced increasing dissent, arms embargoes and other punitive sanctions imposed by most of the international community. By 1973, the war had become increasingly unpopular due to its length and financial costs, the worsening of diplomatic relations with other United Nations members, and the role it had always played as a factor of perpetuation of the entrenched Estado Novo regime and the non-democratic status quo. The guerrilla forces of the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola, National Liberation Front of Angola, National Union for the Total Independence of Angola in Angola, African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde in Portuguese Guinea, and the Mozambique Liberation Front in Mozambique, succeeded in their 13-year-long pro-independence rebellions through guerrilla warfare, when low-ranking elements of the Portuguese Armed Forces staged a military coup at Lisbon in April 1974...


To return to your massive ignorance regarding all things Black Capoeira and Brazil...

Not only is it comprehensively historically false a factual position to assert that Africans suddenly developed or massively refined and elevated what were essentially rudimentary, unsophisticated martial skills prior to their arrival in Brazil [ the Portuguese and Dutch slavers being killed left and right by Queen Nzinga, the so-called Jaga, and the many other African warrior martial artists would dispute such a claim of "rudimentary unsophistacted martial skills by Africans" instantly ,as fully 1 in 3 slavers were killed and 1/2-1 of the remaining 2 were injured or taken ill to the point where they could not continue and had to be replaced ]; it is [ to use your words] "pompous" and "idiotic" to propose as fact the absurdities that you champion.

Futhermore, I note these issues are only strident whenever Black people are the subject of discussion. Therefore not only are you proposing historical stupidities of the highest order which are denuded of ANY genuine facts, you are ALSO PROPOSING RACIST POSITIONS BORNE OF RACIST THEORY. Whether or not you know it, whether or not you mean to do's RACIST to assert AS A DEFAULT POSITION that Africans not only failed but has a track record of never doing or attempting to do the same thing that every other group and race has done when faced with oppression. The Native Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Hindu, Taiwanese, Indochinese, Martians, creatures of legend...EVERYONE except Africans are expected to react to invasion by deploying advanced martial skills to defend themselves. Such action is taken for granted and never disputed whenever we discuss the particulars of other races.

Another factoid debunking the stupidity that you assert regarding how Kipura never existed anywhere prior to being sparked by the slave conditions of Brazil...  

Showing their rapacious racism greed and amoral nature, these same slavers had their colony of Brazil saved in 1654 by a joint Afro-Portuguese effort, including most signally and heroically at the most crucial moments the amazing AFRICAN Capoeiristas of the Black Regiment of Henrique Dias...then turned right around and reneged on their promises of freedom. The Black warriors of the Black Regiment were far famed and feared as being fierce Africans, freshly arrived from African [ which was largely true; most had not been in Brazil even an average of 5 years ]. If Kipura didn't exist in Africa, then how could the Black Regiment be risen from slavery, display a signal aptitude for warfare, be accepted and commissioned by a racist Portuguese government that was deeply racist and reluctant about Africans in the best of times, then formed and trained in a African martial art which the Portuguese did not know enough to hope to master, then unleashed in successful campaigns of war on a "mutual" enemy? Again. Such a thing is not possible. Unless Kipura existed in advanced form before Brazil existed...which the historical record resoundly confirms as factually true.

Any other time you need to get chin checked by the facts and reigned in by truth, scholarly data, actually serviceable logic, a perspective unhampered by racism, and the experience and proven skill of a proven martial artist who actually practices not only the martial art in question but does so with the central focus of self defense...which is the primary reason for the existence of any martial art...please write another "pompous" "idiotic" reply to me, and I will be happy to return and smash you some more.



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