One of the most multifaceted, one of the most devastating , one of the most difficult to stop, and one least understood weapons of the self defense systems...regardless of the style, expertise, etc of the opponent... is the proper use of STANCES, POSTURES AND STANCE TRANSITIONS as genuine weapons for self defense. We Montu [ Afrikan self defense systems ] practitioners use these stances not only for self defense but for health, meditation, spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual stimulation and even sexual posture purposes...that's why SMAI TAWI is a seamless part of all of our combat, health, and spiritual systems. [ More on SMAI TAWI later ].

 We of my family's art, NJIA UHURU KIPURA [ "The Way of Freedom" ]...call them by one of the many more ancient, more correct Afrikan language terms [ in this case, we in my family are using the language of Swahili ]: MISIMAMO, MKAO NA MISIMAMO MPITO, which means STANCES, POSTURES AND STANCE TRANSITIONS.

Many arts like silat and gungfu harp upon the central importance of Stances, but most of the practitioners of those arts do not functionally and practically develop their stances as weapons. They merely pay lip service to the idea without doing the brain work, the sweat and blood in training to reliably use their stances in self defense and in sports combat vs other stylists...especially grapplers. This is no disrespect to those other arts...I love Silat, Gungfu and all grappling arts, and in fact all of these aforementioned arts are Afrikan in root and were first created by Afrikans. I am simply stating that which is so true that the elder practitioners of each of these branches of self defense have long said the same things I am writing here.

My family's NJIA UHURU KIPURA is like all of the Afrikan Montu [ "Montu" refers to "Montu Ra", one of the most ancient and most well known war gods of Afrika, the warrior aspect of Ra, and collectively refers to all Afrikan fighting systems both in and of Afrika as well as the Diaspora ], in that we see the extreme and deeply embedded whole human holistic development that the entirety of all Afrikan civilization from every part and in every area of Afrika was based in, prior to the corruption of the continent by successful European conquest thousands of years later. Every facet of NJIA UHURU KIPURA...again, like every Montu...is based upon deeply understood and deeply cultivated inner and exterior harmonies, health, etc. We are the creators and source of all fighting systems, in precisely the same way that Afrika is the creator and source of all human civilization, arts, sciences, etc.

In NJIA UHURU KIPURA [ and all Montu ] the specifc methods of achieving equilibrium of the mind, inner health, organs, spirit, heart, and all aspects of health and fitness were combined with deeply and ingeniously applied creative understandings of rhythms, meditations, authohypnosis [ which we called many things, among them: "Maelewano Ya Akili"..."Harmony of the Mind". The musical and metaphorical use of the word "harmony' is NOT accidental. My ancestors understand music differently than the Western and nonAfrikan perspectives do. My ancestors see music in every aspect of life, down to the subquantum { which was innovated in Afrika looong before Europe popularized the word "quantum". This lesson is part of the wholly Black Afrikan conceived and transmitted lessons of Thoth and many others well before him, and maintained even in facets of the much younger but still ancient Afrikan "kalunga" perspective } ] and it includes the specific and deliberate use of vibrations.

Yes. Vibrations. I saw that GTFOOHWTBS  look on your face the moment you saw the word: "vibrations"!

Skeptical about vibrations, huh? Well, I used to be deeeeply skeptical, too. Until I studied and found out that the 'skepticism' I have is actually the result of deliberately cultivated miseducation from our USA indoctrination and intolerance system masking as an education system.

Remember that your mind, bones, blood, molecules, atoms and every form of life  VIBRATES. Understanding these vibrations is an extremely high science, and making such understandings foundational to the very fabric of every expression of a massive civilization has never been done before or after Black Afrikans did it. Afrikans are the first to proclaim "Harakati na Sauti ni Maisha"..."Movement and Sound Are Life". In fact, even European science proclaims that EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS VIBRATION [ CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT IT ]. Our Afrikan ancestors uncovered this knowledge many thousands of years ago, and holistically combined all of the foregoing with deep knowledge of and inextricable integration with intersctional sciences of health, spiritual equilibrium, physical exertions,  emotional harmonies, intellectual prowess and the harmonious application of all of one's entire arsenal of knowledge to the creative solution of this matter at hand EVERY SINGLE TIME FOR LIFE [ called "UDANGANYIFU", the #1 Principle of my Njia Uhuru Kipura system ].

Cardio Capoeristas' practice has been even more woefully misguided in this area than any other I have ever seen, excepting the general way that aikido is practiced. I have never seen Cardio Capoeiristas practice their stances COMBATIVELY...or do anything else combatively on a regular basis...therefore they lack the most basic components of performance in every significant way. This is their Esquiva de Frente.

There is zero combat or self defense viability in what any form of cardio capoeirista showed then, now, and at any point into the future. The very fabric of "cardio" capoeira is exercise. Fitness. Denial of Afrikan root, history, spirituality, truth. Affirmation and reaffirmation of the false narrative of Brazilian origin [ by which they mean White Brazilians have a cultural claim that all Afrikan non-Brazilians don't, and that even Afrikans of Brazil only have the claim to the art that we Afrikans created in the area inclusive of Kongo only because we have had the unhappy experience of being enslaved in Brazil. In their very false philosophy, the art is BRAZILIAN...as in NATIONAL...not specifically both Black and Afrikan. Nevermind the fact that most of White Brazil was absolutely terrified of and hateful of Kipura of Kongo...which they miscalled "capoeira"...literally from the time of its entrance into Brazil in 1501 until 1936 and the advent of Bimba, who would also invent the "Mestre" tag for "Capoeiristas", too ].

How can you tell a Cardio Capoeirista from real Njia Uhuru Kipura or any of the Afrikan Montu? Easy. First, cardio capoeira has zero self defense. Second, they are rooted in Brazil. Third, zero of their main teachers are both of Afrikan blood and know the actual Afrikan knowledge of the art...even though the art is Afrikan in root, for thousands of years only Afrikans practiced the art, and Brazil hasn't legalized the art for less than 100 years as of this writing. Third? They always claim to have some "lost" or "secret" knowledge when they don't. They're just hiding their ignorance and taking your money. Fourth? They can never ever show you how to use their "cardio capoeira" exactly the way they show it to deal with modern self defense threats. Well, if they can't teach you how to defeat some untrained bully, then how can they say they're teaching the Afrikan arts of my ancestors wherein oftentimes chained and bound slave defeated, killed and/or escaped from multiple armed European slavers? Just think about that. Nothing they are teaching you is legit or real. None of it. And whatever they teach you that is good is FITNESS BASED. And my Njia Uhuru Kipura IS GUARANTEED TO GET YOU IN BETTER SHAPE THAN ANY CARDIO CAPOEIRISTA CLASS CAN IN 30 DAYS OR YOU TRAIN WITH ME FOR FREE UNTIL YOU ARE IN BETTER SHAPE THAN ANY CARDIO CAPOEIRISTA WHO'S TRAINED FOR A COMPARABLE OR THE SAME TIME THAT YOU HAVE TRAINED WITH ME. Nobody else offers that kind of deal except for me.

Here are just a few of the applications of THE MSIMAMO YA MLIMA YA AGAYU... literally the STANCE OF THE MOUNTAIN OF AGAYU...which in USA English is more properly called "THE AGAYU MOUNTAIN POSE". The Swahili language of Afrika's terminology which you see me use above is one of many CORRECT NAMES for the pose miscalled ESQUIVA DE FRENTE. However I am the first and only person to show these truths both in written form and in my Instructionals which you can purchase from my website: CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY WEBSITE

This is how you practice the AMP [ Agayu Mountain Pose ] solo vs The Side Mount. Please note that I am the first and only person in the history of the world to show how to do this and share it properly on video, as well as connect these skills back to Afrika, our languages, and our amazing combat proficiency in its use. Note also that the AMP predates the creation of Judo and BJJ by THOUSANDS OF YEARS, and yet there is no technique in their arsenal that isn't part of the Kumenyana of ancient Kipura of Kongo, and which hasn't been improved by the art of my Njia Uhuru Kipura..."The Way of Freedom".


This is one of 10 primary applications I show in my instructionals, complete with the choke that is part and parcel of the application of The Agayu Mountain Pose:


This is part of a clip on my forthcoming instructional showing how to use the AMP and Rear Naked Choke in a step by step fashion vs a Flank Flurry.


There is much more. Much more. Every form of self defense...armed and unarmed, including pistols...every strike [ all strikes from what is now associated with all other martial arts are part and parcel of actual Kipura, true Montu, and have been modernized in the Njia Uhuru Kipura of my family ] are covered in my instructionals. Grabs, Tackles, Armed and Unarmed Attacks, Guard Passes, Sidemount Mount North South etc attacks and defenses, MT Judo Greco etc Clinch Attacks, Disadvantaged Positions, Multifights vs Armed and Unarmed Opponents, Escape, Rescue, Shielding Others with an Immovable Aganju Mountain Pose, Evade Attacks and Attackers, Prone Defenses, Transitioning to and through each of the above, Escaping each of the above, and quite a bit more I show how to do with your BASIC Agayu Mountain Pose. And that's just in ONE CHAPTER in my instructional.

 I'm able to unlock these applications because I fight, I understand orishas, my family's Njia Uhuru Kipura both modernizes and keeps the link to many of the old practices and tenets of true Kipura of Kongo and the Montu Afrikan fighting arts ], whereas there is literally no Cardio Capoeira Mestre on Earth who has ANY CLUE about any part of genuine self defense at all.

I have long known the vital importance of using our stances as weapons to destroy our opponent and prevent them from doing same to us. That's why I coined the phrase " Msimamo Wa Mlima Kama Silaha"...literally "Body Positions Like Weapons"...translated properly into USA English as: "Weaponized Stances" and have spent years developing and applying this concept. This is just one example of such. There is much, much more on my Combo Pack Instructional which you can buy from PayPal for $135 when you punch in my atacxgym@gmail.com email. My new instructional is 4 hours in length, my previous instructional is 6 hours in length. You can buy 10 hours of teaching application drills exercises training sparring and history--all deeply rooted in science, and inclusive of SMAI TAWI which is the African expression which birthed Yoga

--from my website. CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY WEBSITE



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