Weaponized stance: how to use your stance to destroy anyone

One of the most devastating and one of the most overlooked...and one of the most difficult to stop for anyone of any style regardless of experience and level of expertise...weapons in the martial arts is the use of STANCES as genuine weapons. Many arts like silat and gungfu harp upon this fact, but most of the practitioners of those arts do not functionally and practically develop their stances as weapons. They merely pay lip service to the idea without doing the brain work, the sweat and blood in training to reliably use their stances in self defense and in sports combat vs other stylists...especially grapplers.

Cardio Capoeristas' practice has been even more woefully misguided in this area than any other I have ever seen, excepting the general way that aikido is practiced. I have never seen Cardio Capoeiristas practice their stances COMBATIVELY...or do anything else combatively on a regular basis...therefore they lack the most basic components of performance in every significant way. This is their Esquiva de Frente.

There is zero combat or self defense viability in what they showed.

Here are just a few of the applications of THE AGANJU MOUNTAIN POSE...which is one of many CORRECT NAMES for the pose miscalled ESQUIVA DE FRENTE...that I show in my instructionals:

This is how you practice the AMP [ Aganju Mountain Pose ] solo vs The Side Mount


This is one of 10 primary applications I show in my instructionals, complete with the choke that is part and parcel of the application of The Aganju Mountain Pose:


This is part of a clip on my forthcoming instructional showing how to use the AMP and Rear Naked Choke in a step by step fashion vs a Flank Flurry.


There is much more. Much more. Every form of self defense...armed and unarmed, including pistols...every strike [ all strikes from what is now associated with all other martial arts are part and parcel of actual Kipura, true Montu ] are covered in my instructionals. Grabs, Tackles, Armed and Unarmed Attacks, Guard Passes, Sidemount Mount North South etc attacks and defenses, MT Judo Greco etc Clinch Attacks, Disadvantaged Positions, Multifights vs Armed and Unarmed Opponents, Escape, Rescue, Shielding Others with an Immovable Aganju Mountain Pose, Evade Attacks and Attackers, Prone Defenses, Transitioning to and through each of the above, Escaping each of the above, and quite a bit more I show how to do with your BASIC Aganju Mountain Pose. And that's just in ONE CHAPTER in my instructional.

 I'm able to unlock these applications because I fight, I understand orixas, I practice the tenets of true Kipura/Montu, and your Cardio Capoeira Mestre has NO CLUE about any part of genuine Kipura.

I have long known the vital importance of using our stances as weapons to destroy our opponent and prevent them from doing same to us. That's why I coined the phrase "Weaponized Stances" and have spent years developing and applying this concept. This is just one example of such. There is much, much more on my instructional which you can buy from PayPal for $45 when you punch in my atacxgym@gmail.com email. My new instructional is 4 hours in length, my previous instructional is 6 hours in length. You can buy 10 hours of teaching application drills exercises training sparring and history--all deeply rooted in science, and inclusive of SMAI TAWI which is the African expression which birthed Yoga

--along with the in depth secret knowledge of the orixas and their practices which unlock the animal styles, the huge huge strategic tactical technique and the most supreme movement arsenal of any martial art on Earth, the healing skills, the spiritual lessons, the mental rigor, the social and academic mandates, the harmony with the natural world and universe, and much much more which are absolutely required mandates of REAL Kipura [ not the largely useless Cardio Capoeira ] and which are mandates of African martial arts in general...for only $63USD.


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