If they don't erase it, you may find this debate in part in the Comments section below the video: BEST CAPOEIRA BRAZIL.

Witness the malicia as taught to us by Anansi...

Witness the intellectual acumen and foresight as taught by Orunmila...

...and Obatala...

witness the serenity of character and flowing interplay of this destruction that I hand out, in the way that I have learned from studying the unfathomably wise and deep Olokun...

...and his wise, brilliant, deadly daughter Yemoja, Mother of Gods...

witness as I hunt down and slay my prey with the unfailing skill and accuracy that I gleaned from being a dutiful son to Oxosi the Hunter...

Here I am, wholly disintegrating and destroying another person whom I was...up until he revealed his true colors...truly enjoying the pace and vigor of what might have been a distinguished, rigorous, intelligent, honest debate and discussion.

Without further ado, here is the latest debate. Your, con, or indifferent...are solicited and welcomed.

I have had my doubts on whether or not you are all you claim to be, whether or not you have done the research that goes beyond proving your point, and whether or not you are really trying to communicate here with me or use this opportunities I have offered for an open discourse, to sell your point.

There is no such things as an interpretation/game theory/ or any such work by Camden et al., as this author and his works are made up.
So I wonder what exactly you read.

Which concludes our correspondence at this point in this matter. Thank you for taking the time to give me an idea on what it is you are selling, on your philosophy, and lastly, on your ethics as a master of many arts.
I wish you all the best, and would welcome the opportunity to meet you in person, be it in a roda, or anywhere else. Good day to you, sir.
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 You said this:


I have had my doubts on whether or not you are all you claim to be, whether or not you have done the research that goes beyond proving your point, and whether or not you are really trying to communicate here with me or use this opportunities I have offered for an open discourse, to sell your point.

There is no such things as an interpretation/game theory/ or any such work by Camden et al., as this author and his works are made up.
So I wonder what exactly you read.

Which concludes our correspondence at this point in this matter. Thank you for taking the time to give me an idea on what it is you are selling, on your philosophy, and lastly, on your ethics as a master of many arts..."

Remembering Anansi's lessons, I respond:

Sir. You are correct that this does indeed conclude our correspondence, but not in the way or for the reason that you deem. Having trained in Kipura for as long as I have, I possess more than my fair share of malicia. Your citing of Camden immediately drew both my interest and suspicion.Therefore I-- drawing upon the lessons of Anansi the Trickster--decided to hit you with a double chamada.

The first chamada was NOT directly challenging your statement about Camden.

I am as honest as steadfast, honest Agayu. I have indeed read the relevant information precisely as I stated. Therefore I wanted to see if you would fall into the second chamada, or if you were merely mistaken, misspoke, mistranslated your words and meaning etc. but in actuality you were being boht honest and sincere. If so? If you made some form of honest mistake? Then we could continue what seemed to be a vigorous but amicable, enjoyable discussion and debate.

You drawing on what you deemed to be fictional sources of information simply shows both that you fell headlong into the second chamada I had prepped for you [ just in case you showed yourself to be as insincere as most of detractors have been ] and simultaneously displayed how ill prepared academically and scientifically you are [ at this time, at any rate ] for any genuine debate with me. Furthermore, your attempt to induce me into a faux pas merely served to demonstrate my comprehensive mastery of even unusual research material, and your utter lack of same.

You see, what you thought was wholly fictional IS NOT fictional, sir.

And I HAVE read about Applied Game Theory. Furthermore, there IS a Professor John Smith who is from CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY. He teaches at the prestigious university of Rutgers. I was kind enough to entertain the idea that you merely misspoke or made some honest error when you referred to Camden as the name of the author in question, instead of the name of the CITY the author lives in.

Does that seem strange that I would be willing to credit you with such leeway?

Well, I was not granting you such leeway. I was merely being logical.

 Recall that right from the very beginning your whole argument has been suffused with even worse inaccuracies than your Camden faux pas. You use the term "Capoeira"...a word that is not even a descriptor or name for any martial art on Earth, but instead a derivative of a misunderstanding and mispronounciation by the racist, arrogant Portuguese of the Bantu term "kapwera" which means "to fight" if "Capoeira" is a legitimate proper noun. Furthermore, sir, you are wholly unfamiliar with the African Montu.

Even if I were not a direct scion of Montu warriors, even if I were merely an energetic practitioner of Cardio Capoeira as you are, sir, and interested in the factual history of the lineage of Kipura...I would find great interest in the fact that my "modern Capoeira" could be traced directly to either or both Pastinha and Bimba...and the most outstanding historically acknowledged facts of their practice and what drew them to this particular Montu art clashed wholly with what I saw, was taught, and the practice of both of these Mestres clashes irreconcilably with Cardio Capoeira.

1. Both of these men learned Kipura and fought opponents using this Montu art. This, perforce, means that both trained self defense techniques and functional, direct fighting skills to a significant degree with Kipura. I am able to draw with a significant level of accuracy from your posts and the blidningly obvious lack of knowledge therein that you do not train as these Mestres did nor for the same purpose, sir. These facts are all the more overwhelming proof of both the African nature root and continued African identity of Kipura even in Brasil at that time because:

A. Kipura had been de facto outlawed since 1580 [ the year Portuguese slavers began bringing African slavery to Brasil ] and de jure outlawing of same shortly followed.

B. During the time that both Mestre Pastinha and Mestre Bimba first learned and became proficient with Kipura...the early 1900's...Kipura was:

-Still outlawed in Brazil

-Considered by White society to be the odious practice and primary purview of Afro-Brazilian criminals

-Was heavily persecuted because slavery...literal slavery...had only been legally ended not even 30 years before both Mestres Pastinha and Bimba began practicing Kipura as young boys

-Was the main practice of the still feared, still vilified, extinguished Maltas of Rio de Janeiro in the late 1880's and early 1890's.

-Was still so much the primary method of resistance for Afro-Brazilians to a still deeply racist Brasilian society that its practice was accepted amongst the Afro-Brasilian community as both good and necessary, even with the full weight of the death sentence, jailing, and deportation by Brasilian police and military supportedby he Brasilian government being the clear and publically stated consequence and attempted deterrent for the practice of "capoeira"

-Was featured in El Barulho of the Curva Grande in 1917, wherein Capoeiristas not only swiftly disarmed police of their pistols [ predating my gun disarm technique by nearly 100 years ] and soundly defeated armed policemen who laid a ambush specifically for these Capoeiristas, but even the sergeant of the police acknowledged that he and his officers would have been even more severely defeated [ and would not have even been able to locate the Capoeiristas at all ] had the Sergeant of the police himself not also been a capoeirista.

The above facts, sir, massively distance the accepted general practice of the most popular form of "Capoeira" since the 1960' this "Capoeira" is "Cardio Capoeira". Sprung full blown from "Tourist Capoeira". And is almost certainly the primary method that you and your Mestres have learned.

2. History proves that both Mestres /bimba and Pastinha learned from African teachers who did NOT have the rank of Mestre [ Bimba had yet to create the Academy Era which gave rise to ranks, academies, formal lineages, etc ] but who were both outstanding fighters and teachers of Montu.Therefore, as 342 years of Brazilian and thousands of years of African history prove, one does not have to be a member of The Academy Era to be an authentic "Capoeira" practitioner.  In fact? The corruption of "Academy Era Capoeira" into "Tourist Capoeira" and most venomously the transformation into and worldwide proliferation of "Cardio Capoeira" has all but ensured the destruction of the genuine African functional fighting system.

3. Both Mestres Bimba and Pastinha  acknowledge that the root of what they publicaly called "Capoeira" comes from Africa....where mighty warriors of towering historical stature like Queen Nzinga were not uncommon.

4. Furthermore, the magnificent skills of Kipura warriors and their unquestioned, immutable African race and role as undisputed creators purveyors sole practitioners and perpetual heirs to Kipura was so unquestioned that Portuguese and Dutch slavers, armies and mercenaries routinely acknowledge and referred the power skill intelligence and ability of these Montu warriors for centuries...yet you have never sufficiently availed yourself of the prevalent, available information regarding Montu that is merely a Google or Youtube search away.Else you would know the errors that you routinely commit in our discussions, and would reflect well upon the information that I impart to you.

5. The errors that you commit...and the motivation that you have shown...are beyond strange. Knowing that illustrious Mestres that you revere were taught by still other more magnificent warriors hailing from Africa...a land that literally bequeathed humanity with all matters pertaining to civilization inclusive of the fighting sciences...and yet willfully refusing to investigate this connection, repudiate or question the African origin culture and invincible hegemony of a fighting system which was exclusively practiced by only Africans for millenia...yet failing to even once question the root of other fighting systems when nonAfricans are involved is,as I say, beyond strange. It is consistent in your arguments. Clear in your conclusions.

And racist in nature. Even if you are not aware of such racism.

Your behavior is directly analogous to engaging in rigorous debate about Ninjutsu in America or Europe without bothering to research the history of Ninjutsu in Japan, acknowledging that everyone and every source at some point grudgingly recognizes Japan as the author Ninjutsu...but not only denying the Japanese people as the genuine authors of Ninjutsu, but claiming that Ninjutsu brought to Europe, practiced by only Japanese for 450 years in Europe, and now saturated with Japanese culture and customs in Europe even as Europeans eagerly study and respect the somehow NOT Japanese in origin and practice ,but instead EUROPEAN .

If you were to put Kipura in the place of the word "Ninjutsu" in the above paragraph, "Africa" in the place of the word "Japan" in the above paragraph, "Africans" in the place of the word "Japanese" in the above paragraph, and "Brazil" and "Brazilians" in the place of "Europe" and "Europeans" in the above paragraph, you'd have in sum the totality of the silliness of the indefensibly bankrupt argument that you advance and infer. And find credible.

Such gargantuan illogic is not only a mistake of yours and revelatory of the lack of rigor and fidelity of your position, sir, but also exposes the same lack, same silliness, same bankrupting of scientific, academic and historical factual fidelity, and same latent racism in anyone else--even Black people--who have been sufficiently brainwashed and/or indoctrinated with falsehoods masquerading as truth and acceptance [ literally ] to concur with you.

But no...this situation is worse.

Because Africa is the source of all of humanity's fighting arts. EVERYONE should be energetically engaged in studying the African fighting arts and accepting as a matter of course the anteriority of African fighting arts.

After all, legends like the mighty Mas Oyama have done so. We should do no less.


You are fantastic enough to doubt the thousand times verified and documented practice of slavemasters compelling slaves to sing dance and play music for the benefit and amusement of the slavemasters. And you have committed yourself to numerous other egregious, factually bankrupt positions as well.

In light of this veritable storm of evidence...this Camden-is the name of a city-not the name of author-mistake was well in line with all of the other mistakes that you have made during our debates and discussions.

The coup de grace,sir. Behold. From Camden. Applied Game Theory.

But even after all of this, I remembered the lessons of comity as taught by Yemoya, Ossain and others. I withheld final decision until you predictably provided the requisite information that damned you with this very reply of yours. What you supposed was the coup de grace to me was in fact the act ensuring the final irretrievable destruction of your position in every area that I contended with you.

Since you claim to be from Germany, I simply was charitable enough to entertain the notion that you might have misunderstood or mistranslated the relevant English information in our discussion...but you citing CAMDEN was both occult enough to excite my suspicion and arcane enough to allow provisions for the possibility that you made an honest mistake of the kind I alluded to earlier. Mistranslation. Typo. Etc. For an allegedly German person--as you claim to be--who is possibly not a native English speaker AND who is not aware of the staff and areas of expertise of the prestigious Rutgers University in the USA, classical ignorance [ as in you are not aware of certain information, not that you lack intelligence ] a typo or mistranslation or misunderstanding or any combination of all of the above is quite understandable and forgivable.

However, if you were attempting to entrap me in a lie, or undermine my position with any accusation of a lack of academic rigor in any utterance that I make? Then your purpose would be made clear in your response to me, and you would hang yourself by your own words. All the while smugly thinking that you defeated me.

And hang yourself you did. Eagerly. Foolishly. Needlessly. We could have and in my opinion should have continued to debate this matter as honest gentlemen of distinction in the academic and fighting sciences circles. You should have and could have forthrightly doubted the validity of the data uncovered by the authors that I cited. You could have done any number of more honorable, more mature, more adult things.

You did none of these.

Instead, you employed the low tactic of deceit...only to have it backfire upon you.

Neither you...nor any of my detractors, sir...can overcome me in the field of malicia. Any and all of you are welcome to try all you like...and fail in ever more spectacular fashion. As you have just done. You have publically immolated yourself in front of the thousands who flock to this thread. From this point forward, the facts I speak and share will flay your position for perpetuity.

You thought that you were administering to me your victorious, decisive, final blows that would bludgeon me into submission for all the internet to see. Precisely as the slavers thought smugly to themselves that they defeated my Kipura ancestors when they destroyed the "quilombos". They had no idea that they'd simply made their problems WORSE than before. And that's exactly what you did, sir. You made your situation worse.

You have outed yourself as less informed than I am, incapable of doing vigorous intellectual combat with me as I am your definite superior in this; our final discussion and debate. Furthermore you publically branded yourself as not being entirely honest or above board in your intentions, far better than I ever could.

Thank you for unveiling yourself as less than what you claimed to be, even as you are battered into oblivion by the malicia and intellect of the Street Warrior Son of Ogun and Xango, just as you thought you were seizing the metaphorical "bronze ring" of victory, as it were...

...and thus, well and truly, does our correspondence end. With I... the Street Warrior...victorious yet again.

I too, as you have indicated, look forward to meeting you in person or even a roda at some future date. I'm sure that our physical dialogue will be just as interesting as our posts have been, and will result in just as convincing a result in my favor.

Please have a wonderful day. Your comment above most certainly assured me of a wonderful day. I would be remiss not to wish you the same.

Please have a wonderful journey in your "Capoeira" life as well, sir.

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