Because of the corrosive influence of the lies of Cardio Capoeira... Cardio Capoeira is "capoeira" for exercise, without any self defense application, a strong dose of Brazilian nationalism, a faux light admixture of several ethnic Afrikan cultural practices which Cardio "Capoeira" Mestres will say [ lie ] is also Brazilian...99.9% of the world thinks that there are no viable gun disarms or viable means of genuine personal defense in the art of my ancestors.

This is not accidental. After all, the creators of Cardio Capoeira killed Mestres Bimba and Pastinha, and are deeply vested in the corruption, racism, sexism, and perpetual ills not only of Brasil but of planet Earth. <---Click this link if you wish to read the historical proof and scientific truth that I have amassed on this matter. I am the first and only person to tell you these real truths. Nobody else on Earth will do this.

Back to the specific issue of Weapons, Firearms and Gun Disarms.

The truth is, we of Afrikan descent were far famed for highly proficient weapon disarms skills as part of our famous broken rhythm and rhythmic movement and defensive skills. This skill...frequently called "sanguar"...was general to Montu aka the Afrikan fighting arts. All Afrikan fighting styles possess this skill, to one degree or other.

 However, "sanguar" bore special attention from the erstwhile slave owners of The Americas, because this skill made the capture and/or killing of one Afrikan warrior by one European warrior next to impossible. For centuries, Europeans left documents about how Afrikans used their skill of "sanguar" to elude the arrows, spears, and even initial volleys of musket fire that were aimed at them. Afrikans were also known for dodging sword, club, axe, whip, knife, and other hand held weapons attacks with equal ease.

Generally speaking, several European warriors were required to capture and/or kill one Afrikan warrior skilled with the techniques of "sanguar", because "sanguar" granted the Afrikan warrior extreme, heretofore unknown [ by Europeans ] agility, explosivity, unpredictability, elasticity, endurance, durability, and speed.

Furthermore, this same Sanguar is the root and basis for what later became known as "Parkour" and "Free Running". Pursuing fleeing Afrikans or seeking to flee from pursuing Afrikans presented its own great perils, because these Afrikans trained in Sanguar not only possessed great fleetness of foot and were peerless hunter-trackers, they combined the ability to easily run down any person with the refined and terrible ability to transform what seemed like headlong flight into horrifically lethal ambushes and/or counterattacks, without any form of forewarning.

 This is why European slavers made sure that their soldiers, mercenaries, slave foremen, etc. were equipped with superior armor, superior weaponry, superior numbers and superior resources [ including packs of hunting dogs, horses, etc. ] whenever they engaged and/or pursued any Afrikan suspected of practicing the war arts of Afrika...and they still more frequently failed in returning the fleeing Afrikan than they succeeded in capturing and/or killing the fugitive.

Many warriors like Madam Sataa famously were without arms of any kind, yet repeatedly and easily defeated groups of armed military and police patrols. In fact, Madam Sataa is famous for having defeated 24 police officers, in Brazil, and having the feat recorded...BY THE POLICE OFFICERS [ <--CLICK THERE TO READ OF MADAM SATAA ]. These same Afrikan warriors...when using the razor, the club, the pistol, or any weapon whatsoever... were even more lethal and justifiably more feared by the racist Whites trying to punish the heroic men, women and children warriors of Afrika.

These Afrikans from virtually everywhere in Afrika were incredibly skilled in "Sanguar", reaching as far back as Pharaoh Taharqa...and before him. Qori Kandake Amanirenas was said to be incredibly elusive. The mighty Ngola Nzinga of Matambe and Ndongo was recorded as repeatedly defeating dozens of armed Europeans or Afrikans at the same time. With ease. Whosoever provoked her wrath unfailing earned a swift and terrible death at her hands. Os Zouavos da Bahia, the Whirling Dervishes of Somalia, the Moors of Al Andalus and Southeast Asia, John Horse of the United States and his Black Seminoles, and many. Many. Many others. Were FAMOUS for these gun disarm skills. They are the forebearers for the skills that I show and display, when teaching and showing gun disarms like these in my Playlist below.

 You may be familiar with one of my Gun Disarms, as I have created the first and most famous "Capoeira" Gun Disarm in the history of the world. But this is a PLAYLIST of Gun Disarms, showing SEVERAL of my Gun Disarms. Most of which you HAVE NOT SEEN. So please click the video below. Please remember to visit my website and buy products, share my videos, add to your playlists, comment, and like my videos. Thank you:



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