One of the many, many misconceptions about the Afrikan fighting arts popularized by racists is that we Afrikans never practiced submission grappling. After being forced by the sheer volume and ancient age of tons of evidence [ literally ] to admit that Afrikans invented wrestling which we also combined with weapons combat [ pause and reflect on this; we were in/famous for being able to grapple while being both armed and armored ], the prevailing Euro and non-Afrikan notion is that we eschewed submission grappling, and didn't pursue grappling on the ground.

We did not. We invented submission grappling, too. It's sheer nonsense to assume that we Afrikans didn't practice and develop methods of ground grappling and ground fighting...armed and unarmed...against both human and animal adversaries. The demands of survival itself required such of us.

Let me say a few things that's going to make some of you mad [ I don't care that you're mad, either ]: THE ENTIRE ARSENAL OF BJJ ALREADY EXISTED IN THE GRAPPLING AND MOVEMENT ARSENAL OF KIPURA, AND THIS IS SO BLATANTLY CLEAR THAT BJJ, JUDO AND JUJITSU...BUT MOST ESPECIALLY MODERN BJJ...REGULARLY AND FOR DECADES HAS WHOLESALE LIFTED MOVEMENTS AND APPLICATIONS FROM KIPURA [ MISCALLED "CAPOEIRA" ] AND APPLIED THEM IN BJJ SPORTS TOURNAMENTS. The original Kipura movements were oriented toward comprehensive self defense, spirituality, health, healing, fitness, social, sexual, play, etc purposes all from the Afrikan cultural perspective and dealing with Afrikan realities...like being chained while facing multiple assailants, like having to outrun dogs, horses, groups of armed men, and well before that? Dealing for thousands of years with the unique challenges specific to continental Afrika in the Central Southern region of The Empire of Kongo spanning outward to the extreme West and East of Afrika's coasts...and even jumping the coast from Cameroon to Madagascar, including Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania in its grasp [ go get a map of continental Afrika, and learn something ].

Am I dissing bjj? Hell no. I love bjj. I'm going to get a black belt in bjj. But. I love truth facts and honesty more. Being honest about our past and present isn't disrespectful to anyone; LYING ABOUT ABOUT OUR PAST IS DISRESPECTFUL. And the truth is? Both GJJ and BJJ borrowed heavily, liberally, and without acknowledging they did so, from Luta Livre, Kipura, Judo, Wrestling and Catchwrestling, Aikido, etc. Kipura has standup throws, blows, weapons and grappling flows in a single fluid expression...a slice of which Mestre bimba preserved, deliberately diluted, repackaged to make acceptable to the racist White Brazilian majority in order to save Kipura [ 'capoeira" ] from extinction in Brazil, and transmitted to succeeding generations with his secuencias.

My Njia Uhuru Kipura has literal Inapita Kwa Kutupa Mazoezi...Flowing Throwing Drills/Exercises...that quickly, safely,and functionally ingrains throwing skills vs progressive resistance in successive categories or combined categories of self defense and sport tournaments. Including progressions from practicing throws with no resistance to practicing throws with isolated Stance, Grappling, Striking, Blocking, Weapons, etc resistance to mixing and matching all of the extant categories of self defense, which allows very very speedy acquisition of highly functional skills and confidence in these throwing skills vs a variety of different stimuli in a short period of time. To my knowledge, Njia Uhuru Kipura is THE ONLY system that does this, along with everything else that it does.

Literally all of the ground rolling flow of bjj is literally the flow of Kipura [ miscalled and diluted into "cardio capoeira" in Brazil due to fear of the original invincible Afrikan Kipura system which ended slavery and provided freedoms for the oppressed of all colors in Brazil due exclusively to the Afrikan triumphs in each of these areas against colossal odds so massive as to be thought to be insanely suicidal to even attempt to defy, much less successful defeat as we Afrikans did in fact do ], and all of you know this. In fact, Kipura is the only art that I know of that unites standing grappling, striking, weapons, Low Fighting, acrobatics, ground fighting, ground grappling, Smai Tawi, social, sexual, musical expressions, harmony with Nature, Cosmic and Natural Laws and infinite permutations of all the foregoing via spiritual understandings of the foregoing into a single flow. Look at the flow of even modern cardio capoeira heads in the roda, and simply require them to grapple functionally instead of do their useless dysfunctional movements which the government of Brazil forced them to practice in lieu of the invincible Afrikan fighting, self defense, healing, spiritual, intellectual cultivation, sexual development, exercise, and movement skills, knowledge, and invincible truth. Instantly you will see that these are the "flow drills" of bjj...which has no prior similar expression until AFTER bjj and its practitioners were exposed to Kipura.

The second long exposed hypocritical racism that remains yet to t this day in many Euro and non-Afrikan "science" is that so-called "Egypt" [ which got its name from the corruption of the Greek term "Aigyptos", which the Greeks applied to the great warrior, genius and liberator Black Afrikan Pharaoh Menes because the Greeks refused to use the correct Afrikan names of Ptahmerrian/Kemet, which in and of itself was part of Ptah-Seti/Ethiopia, but instead created a habit of renaming people places and things in their own Greek tongue; for further info on this read THE DESTRUCTION OF BLACK CIVILIZATION by Dr. Chancellor Williams: READ THIS SUMMARY ON "THE DESTRUCTION OF BLACK CIVILIZATION" AND HOW IT CHANGES LIVES ] ...despite being 100% an Afrikan creation, part of the all Afrikan [ Black ] Empire of Ethiopia/Ptah-Seti...is somehow NOT Black OR Afrikan. We've seen precisely this nonsense and lie and racism being told regarding say...the USA. The invading genocidal Europeans of old have so completely remade and propagandized the image of the land of the USA that most people don't even think of the original aboriginals of this land whatsoever when the name "U.S.A." is mentioned. These aboriginals of what is now called The Americas are Black, as are the world's original people in every clime. the "Red Man" came later. But that's another story.

Once we use science to swiftly dispose of the above lies by uncovering the records of the ancient truth, we then are able to move on to speedily addressing and resolving the matter of submission grappling, etc...AND COMBINE IT WITH THE GRUDGINGLY ACKNOWLEDGED COMBAT, SELF DEFENSE, INTELLECTUAL AND SPIRITUAL EXCELLENCE OF OUR TRULY HOLISTIC AFRIKAN FOREBEARERS.

Afrikans were masters of submission grappling beforet he rest of the world knew what such things were.

"...Wrestling was Egypt’s most popular sport, at least, so the artwork of the time depicted. From 3000 to 1100 B.C.E., most sporting artwork centered around wrestling. The amazing artwork found in the Egyptian city of Beni Hasan shows over 400 wrestling scenes, laid out to show a sequence of the progression of a wrestling match. This artwork, dating to 2000 B.C.E. contains images of wrestlers on the ground, attacking the arms and legs, as well as throwing each other to the ground. While the Greek system of ancient wrestling focused more on throws and pins, the Egyptians appeared to do far more ground submissions..." http://fightland.vice.com/blog/illuminating-the-fighting-history-of-ancient-africa

The simple truth is that we Afrikans truly meant every bit of what we said when we said that we were holistic in every way, and such principles were the literal foundation of our civilizations. Not only did we invent submission grappling, we explored how these postures transitions etc of grappling could be used for exercise, spiritual postures, meditating, healing, social practices and even sexual positions. This single genius comprehensive approach of our Afrikan ancestors is the core illuminating principle that separates the authentic ancient Afrikan whole human practices from all others. Because of he massive comprehensive megagenius applications of each position from every geometric position, against every primary category of attack, defense, etc., armed and unarmed, multifight and one on one, for exercise, health purposes, recovery from injury, and every other facet of health, social, spiritual and sexual purposes, etc etc etc as mentioned above? Our ancestors would connect a series of movements and postures and boil them down into a single core representation, secure that the cultural perspective of the Afrikan student would grasp exactly what is meant right away, and convey it accordingly. And to ensure that the knowledge isn't lost, the posture and responses are drilled repeatedly and deeply into the initiate in every possible way, using our unique self defense model that my Njia Uhuru Kipura...and ONLY my Njia Uhuru Kipura...both kept and expanded upon. [ Diligent researchers will note that we Afrikans both built the greatest and most ancient civilizations of India, invented the windmill and chess, plus left many many depictions of us using our submission grappling expertise both armed and unarmed along with strikes of all kinds as part of the holistic expression of our Montu. These same researchers will note the literally direct link between us and our skills and noted Harappan and Bharatavajran submission grappling arts like Malla-yuddha ].
Therefore, an Mkao [ posture ] such as the Mteremko Ya Mlima [ "Slope of the Mountain" ]:
Is simultaneously this:
Image result for yoga triangle pose

Image result for javelin throw And this:

Image result for judo throw

And every version of this:
Image result for cartwheel

As well as: 
Image result for one arm front tumble

Image result for one arm front tumble
We haven't even truly BEGUN to look into what my Afirkan ancestors and my Njia Uhuru Kipura do with purposeful, intellect enhancing, spirit combining, health increasing, natural law adhering movement. And don't get me started with our incredible diet either [ the dietary part of our family's approach is headed by my cousin Derek Fletcher, seconded by my younger brother Sensei Anthony Thomas, and 3rd is me. The in depth dietary and other aspects of our system is also part of Sensei Derek Fletcher's "Fletcher Kempo" and Sensei Thomas' "Way of Simplicity"; both of which are facets of Njia Uhuru Kipura our family art ].
I am frequently told by students that they are intimidated by the acrobatic movements of Njia Uhuru Kipura. " I can't do that," they say. "How did you do that?"
I reply to them: "Simply learn the Misimao [ Stances ] and Mkao. You will learn the Harakati Ya Sarakasi [ Movement of Acrobatics ] later, organically and easily... because the Sarakasi [ acrobatics ] are merely the Misimamo Na/Au Mkao [ Stances And/Or Postures ] done in the air. Or following various geometric configurations. Or both. Etc."
They are BLOWN AWAY when I tell them this. But this is the FOUNDATIONAL ANCIENT AFRIKAN PERSPECTIVE. It's also part of the expression of the #1 Principle of my Njia Uhuru Kipura system: UDANGANYIFU.


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