I made no bones about it: I knew before the fight that Anderson should could and would win this fight.
I was already looking ahead to Silva-Jones...eithe Jon Jones [ most likely ] or Roy Jones Jr [ which I felt that Anderson strongly wanted and would be highly motivated for and would put on his greatest showing yet...but still lose...and which I felt that Dana White would NEVER let happen because he feels the same way that I do ].

At even the mere mention of Anderson losing to this fresh faced journeyman Weidman who didn't look like a world beater in his previous fights by any stretch, I immediately felt offended, disgusted, nonplussed. I was even more put off by all that talk from the UFC during promotion of this fight that Anderson would still be the greatest ever, "even if he lost". Never ever...despite the many times that the UFC got its hype machine behind the next guy who was supposed to beat Anderson [ Chael, Vitor, Maia, Leites, Dan Henderson, Travis Lutter...yes, remember, Anderson was not as revered and respected in the early years of his reign as he is now...and many others ] they never ever started it out with talk about Anderson losing as consistently as they did with THIS fight.

Made me think about how much money they'd make if the UFC broke into NYC. Made me think that the UFC could already see Anderson retiring because he won't challenge Jones for the LHW belt [ Anderson says that his "brother" Lyoto is the LHW champ and won't go after that belt for that reason ] and with Dana crushing any chance of Anderson fighting as a HW or a boxing match and with GSP smartly declining a fight with Anderson [ Silva would kill him dead ], there is little left for Anderson to do but to retire. Sooner rather than later. Clearing the deck for the UFC to pay their champions less than what Anderson is getting [ except for GSP ] and reviving the moribund UFC MW division, which has been crushed by the absolute dominance of the invincible tyrant...Anderson Silva.

Made me think how much money a rematch or threematch with Weidman would make. A rematch in Brazil, in front of a sold out soccer stadium, and charging say $45-$50 PPV here in the USA, then the 3-match back in Vegas. Or...flush from the insane cash they'd get from having Brazil sell out the rematch in mere seconds, the fact that they can fill a stadium at the drop of a dime, and command substantial PPV rates and sells...Dana could finally woo NY into letting MMA be legal, and setup a mega blockbuster throwdown in New York with the threematch there.

Or. Dare we hope? Silva vs Jones in Madison Square Garden at the end of December. Then Silva vs Weidman...if Silva is still a MW after that fight.

Despite the hype, Weidman will not submit Anderson. Yep, I said it. Weidman.  WILL NOT. Submit. Anderson. Outwrestle Anderson? Sure...if they do wrestling vs wrestling. But it'll be Weidman's wrestling clinch vs Anderson's MT clinch...and I like Anderson in that area. We've seen Anderson's clinch nuetralize the clinch skills of Olympic level wrestlers, and we just saw Anderson manhandle then stop with strikes Stephen Bonnar--at LHW, where Bonnar weighed around 240 AND Bonnar was on roids so he's DEFINITELY stronger than Weidman, a Bonnar who'd NEVER been knocked out even by the much feared and vaunted Jon Jones--so in the clinch and in a test of pure physical power? We have every reason to believe that Anderson will not be overwhelmed by Weidman at the very least, and it's entirely possible that Anderson is more powerful than Chris is.

Chris IS, however, a big, strong, very focused and confident guy. You gotta respect anyone who is that eager to get into the cage with the MMA GOAT. I see Weidman winning the takedown war...if Anderson doesn't nuetralize him with his swift feet and fluid movement...and I see Weidman's best bet as essentially doing basically a better version of Chael vs Silva 1...move forward strike to setup takedowns and gnp. Anderson's guard, his sharp counterstriking from the bottom, his head movement and defense blunting the efficacy of gnp, his submission defense...all are elite, and not sufficiently appreciated by the ignorant masses and quite a few ignorant pundits as well.

Can Weidman win? If Anderson is off his game, Weidman is on his best game, and he does the takedown gnp lay n pray route? Yes. Standing up or anything else? No way.

I predict Anderson Silva wins by middle of the 3rd by TKO or he gets bored and outpoints Weidman over 5 rounds via UD.


[quote author=KidKamikaze10 link=topic=11237.msg138521#msg138521 date=1373214777]
[quote author=Maxine Shaw link=topic=11237.msg138517#msg138517 date=1373193007]
..why in the world would Anderson Silva want to get knocked out again?

Exactly.  Why would anyone want to get knocked out?

He just got caught.  That's it.  No politics, no backstage drama.  He got caught, and felt some hubris.

And I say this as a big Silva fan.  I really don't mind this loss.  Weidman should, because not only is he just considered lucky despite his win streak, but he just made every MW fighter get really hungry.

Especially Belfort.

Anderson didn't get knocked out. Even they couldn't "work" that one. Anderson allegedly got TKO'd...a flash TKO.

There are several problems with how could a guy who's allegedly TKO'd respond to questions speaking his [i]second language which he is baseline proficient at and not his primary language, the language he speaks in, the first language which springs into the brain's machinery when regaining consciousness, how could a guy who's TKO'd and supposed to go to the hospital by rule after such a loss literally beat everyone else...including undercard the post-fight press conference and be perfectly lucid, without the slightest mention of a hospital visit being necessary as part of the rules, and a lot more[i][/i][/i]...but that'll be for my blog. I'll leave a link to it when I'm done.

Can Anderson have been caught?


Can Anderson have been a victim of Murphy's Law, and got caught by a luck shot at the worst time by the biggest collection of coincidences in the fighting universe?


Are these coincidences far more than just suspicious?


Consider...Anderson is the GOAT of MMA. Weidman is basically a complete n00b. What Weidman did is equivalent to some no name guy who was previously a wrestler sans exceptional hand or foot speed, sans exceptional strength, sans any top 10 experience at all...taking 9 boxing matches, then technically outboxing and decisively KO'ing a still prime Sugar Ray Robinson [ who is probably the GOAT in boxing ]. What Weidman allegedly did? It's equivalent to a judoka of national rank taking 9 kickboxing matches at the local kickboxing circuit...then dominatingly outkickboxing and decisively knocking out a still prime Ernesto Hoost in the K-1.

Would K-1 look at such a guy facing Ernesto Hoost and repeatedly say in their promotion of the fight that Ernesto Hoost is so great that it wouldn't matter if he lost to this scrub with 9 fights? Would boxing promote their fight between this prime "Bum of the Month" guy and Sugar Ray Robinson [ "bum of the month" was done with Joe Louis, I think ] and say that Sugar Ray and/or Joe Louis are so great that it wouldn't matter if this bum beat him or not?

I absolutely, positively do NOT think so.

I absolutely, positively, DO think that these organizations and businesses would make such a move if they're looking to make moves for the future, especially if they want to maximize their options, promote new young champions they don't have to pay so much, and provide closure for the fans of previous champions [ thus retaining much of the buying base they have built thus far ]...and the reward would most certainly be significantly higher gross and net profits.

Vic Vega makes several absolutely crucial points that needs seriously deeply reflection and consideration. If money greases the skids on so many levels, Idk how yall could say that the casino owning Fertitas wouldn't toss over Anderson and/or anyone else for the perpetual money machine that New York is. $60-100/year...for decades, meaning a gross of a billion nothing to sneeze at. And the UFC is also building in China, in order to compete vs One FC.

MMA and boxing are looking for new stars. Anderson is 38. Vitor is 37. Floyd is 36...and announced he's wrapping it up in less than 30 months from right now. The only other UFC stars with "name" power are Jon Jones, GSP and Ronda Rousey. Other champions bursting with potential are "Mighty Mouse" Johnson and the wrecking machine known as Jose Aldo. Plus Smooth Hendo breaks into the Asian market with a smashing blast. These are all young guns, with a decade or so of superstar power left in them, without question. And more gold medal Burroughs...are on the way.

Sounds like a good reason to overthrow Anderson. And remember...stack on top of this reasoning the kind of facts and data that Vic Vega supplied us with...

[quote author=Vic Vega link=topic=11237.msg138547#msg138547 date=1373296324]
@supreme illuminati:

'Sup S.I.?

How are things?

You make many good points above but I have to add that its not race politics that is keeping
MMA out of New York State IMHO, its local politics.

There are a whole bunch of local promoters at the Golden Gloves level, the lower weight divisions level
who would lose influence if MMA comes to New York.

They do not want to have to compete with UFC and even Strikeforce for venues like Madison Square Garden. Even a wack UFC card would probably draw more than the stuff that we are getting here now (unless its a Zab Judah fight-dudes local-or something).

I figure these guys have been pushing the State Assembly to block MMA for years now.

Why [b]else[/b] would New York State Asembly persons consistanly vote against MMA in NYS given that the UFC is [b]a multi million dollar industry that would bring the State Millons dollars in revenue?[/b]

Remember Dana WANTS to be in New York.


He wants Madison Square Garden and Barkeys. He doesn't care about the taxes. He wants to pay our high ass taxes. He stands to makes so much money here that he could give a rat's ass about taxes.

On the other hand, because of taxes, there hasn't been a major Boxing match in New York State since I was a kid.
Its always Vegas or Atlantic City now.

Why is New York State supporting Boxing when Boxing isn't supporting New York State?

Payola, I figure.

What is happening now is that this blatant turning down of a license to print money is so blatantly irrational that even apathectic
New Yorkers are wondering what's going on and who is getting paid.

So we are finally seeing some wavering on the issue.

...and things start getting more clear.

What does Anderson get out of this?

More than he would get if he were the UFC MW Champion.


...Anderson wants to branch out and challenge himself in other venues. His business [ The Muay Thai College is right here in Torrance. 20 minutes from LBC. I'm trying to swing by there next week ], his seminar circuits, his movie options. All of that expands for him without his UFC obligations. Doubt me?

Remember Gina Carano? Rampage Jackson? Cung Le? Alrighty then.

Do any of you know that Anderson's earning potential outstrips that of Renzo Gracie...and Renzo makes $1.2 million/month from his bjj schools?

Comparatively speaking, Anderson only made a guaranteed $600k from his fight with Weidman.

Renzo gets to be deeply involved in his beloved martial arts, make millions per year, train and work with top flight MMA and grappling talent, and never compromise his health and his body by having to take a punch. Renzo can't be ordered to deal with the annoying media or deal with stupid media obligations or be dictated to by Uncle Dana or anybody else...and make more money than is guaranteed top UFC talent in the process.

That's a sweet deal that you know that Anderson has been paying attention to.

Consider this also: Anderson has been fighting professionally since the age of 17. He came up in the legendarily brutal Chute Boxe Academy. Like Mayweather Jr., Anderson most definitely deserves and his body needs a 1-2 year or so layoff between fights, but unlike Floyd? Anderson has only a few more actual fights left within him. And what are the fights that interest him? Almost none of the big fights for Anderson are at MW. Anderson could return and eradicate Weidman, enter the UFC record books--AGAIN--as the only 2 time UFC MW Champ, but...whoop dee doo. Been there, done that. The pay would be great for that fight and its inevitable threematch...which Silva wins...but then what? Not enough to build 10 fights on, like the contract says, now is it?

You know what WOULD build ten fights that Anderson and the paying public would be interested in and which would bring the UFC stupid revenue?

Yall remember the SUPER CHAMPION belt that the UFC used to have, back in the UFC tournament days?

Imagine the Super Champion belt being a Champion from one weight class facing a top 10 guy/girl from another weight class. This way, champions from various weight classes don't have to be threatened with the loss of their belts, but the Super Champion becomes unquestionably the baddest p4p around. Which magnifies their cash for each fight...and attracts more sponsors, too. It ALSO gives Anderson a latitude and challenge that nobody else has ever had. He would be the UFC's only 2 time MW and Super Champ belt holder. Result? Now he can fight opponents ranging from Nick Diaz all the way up to Frank Mir...wherever his fancy takes him...and he could relinquish the UFC MW belt voluntarily, and NOT be punished for it. Weidman could snap it up or...howzabout this for a salivating option if you're the Fertittas...Chael Sonnen becomes the UFC MW Champ and the biggest cash cow champ in MMA.

Everybody wins. Anderson is the Super Champ, he can pick and choose fights or retire as he pleases. He doesn't have to be forced to face guys he doesn't want to face. At the same time? Every fight he takes will spark public interest in a major way, and be worth lotsa money. After he's gone? You have a mechanism in place to perpetuate these cash making options, at the UFC's discretion.

Like I said. Everybody wins.

And that's what I think is gonna happen...or at least [i]should[i]happen.[/i][/i]


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