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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman 2: ANDERSON WAS WINNING

This link above is provided on youtube and shows the whole Silva vs WEIDMAN 2 fight. Idk how long Dana will let this video survive, but it's clear that I was right in my predictions...ANDERSON WAS WINNING THIS FIGHT.

Chris Weidman acquitted himself well by doing exactly what I predicted that he would: he channeled his inner Rashad Evans. He pressured Anderson, he shot and took Anderson down, he did not wait for Anderson to initiate exchanges, he showed no fear standing, he used intelligent ground and pound while watching for Anderson's subs and sweeps from the guard. He did exactly what he was capable of doing.

Let me say...and let me point out from the video above...that Chris DID NOT HURT ANDERSON. The video of the fight makes it 100% clear beyond the tiniest shadow of a doubt that Anderson was working his dreaded clinch on Chris, and Chris landed a right to Anderson's ear just as Anderson landed a right knee to Chris' body. Anderson was knocked off balance by Chris' punch, Anderson put his right foot down to regain his balance, but Chris intelligently hit Anderson again. Anderson fell not because he was "rocked" as Joe Rogan famously screams far too often, Anderson fell because he was knocked off balance. Even then...again, as the video evidence shows beyond question...Anderson was clear minded. He pulled Chris down to him, and proceeded to avoid 24 of Chris' 44 blows...FROM OFF HIS BACK. Anderson countered with excellent wrist control, arm and leg triangle threats, posture control and strong guard work. Anderson countered with blows sharp enough to draw blood from the tough, durable Chris Weidman. Anderson proceeded to stuff all other takedown attempts after the first successful single leg, and prior to Anderson's loss of balance being responsible for putting him on the mat.

This is exactly what Anderson historically does before he knocks you out. He stopped Chris' takedowns at UFC 162, as well.

In the words of Chael Sonnen, the 2nd round is traditionally Anderson's best round, and he came out firing on all cylinders. Moving with that smooth, efficient, deadly, balletic grace of his. He kicked Chris in the leg, he was getting Chris' timing and rhythm. Chris wasn't even pressing forward successfully, as Anderson was already familiar with his timing. Chris wasn't even able to put himself within range to even attempt a shot. Anderson started pressing and firing more,missed a left hand, but he was backing Chris up closer and closer to the cage.

This is exactly the kind of thing he did to Chael, to Hendo, to all the dangerous wrestlers he'd faced. Anderson was winning this round, and he was capitalizing on Chris. This is definitely a bad sign for Chris, as we are now in the territory of the fight and with the kind of rhythm in this fight that allows Anderson to KO his opponent, and that is exactly what was going to happen.

And then that absolutely impossible to predict, train to execute, or anything else sensible leg break befell Anderson. The break...a freak lucky accident if there ever was one...is the only thing that separated Anderson from history.

Oh. If you think that I am crazy and that Chris was gnp'ing Anderson effectively? Think again.

Like I said, Anderson had this in the bag.