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I personally feel extra responsibilities to create and use functional, effective real world gun and weapon disarms. Not only because of the spike in violence of gun use in the USA as of the year of this writing 2015 [ although we are glad to see there is a steep drop in not only overall crime but specifically the use of guns in the commission of crimes ] but specifically and importantly I feel extra responsibilities as a Black man, and teacher of my family's NJIA UHURU..."THE WAY OF FREEDOM"... [ my family's unique, specific modernized hybrid expression of the Montu arts (collective fighting arts )of Africa.  ]

Why? Because the reality is that being Black anywhere on Earth adds an extra virulence to whatever negative treatment or perception that was heading your way...whether you deserve it or not. That is not "playing the Race Card", either. The charge of "Playing the Race Card" is such a stupid sentiment, which finds traction only amongst those who've never experienced genuine racism. No victim of racism "plays the Race Card". The opposite occurs, in every single instance. The "Race Card" GETS PLAYED ON THE VICTIMS OF RACISM.

Nobody accuses European Jews in Nazi Germany of "playing the Jew Card". In the same way [ that is never beneficial for the victims ] that the Nazis played the Jew Card to brutalize and murder European Jews...the Race Card is used by abusers racists murderers and all around wastes of humanity who seek to brutalize murder and/or reduce to marginality Black people merely because we are Black.

The acute sensitivity we Black people develop as a result of this institutionalized mistreatment tends to make us more sensitive to and susceptible to the desires of other persecuted groups, whatever their race gender religion etc. All good people of good will round the world have similar sentiment. Regardless of race.

The Montu Arts of my ancestors and my modern expression of same drawn from my family lineage plays a special role in these struggles.

There is no way to deny the fact...and remain honest, in tune with the realities of life as a Black man in America...that we Black people [ men and women, boys and girls ] are specifically targeted for extra inhumane treatment by generally armed White "Conservative' [ "Conservative" oftentimes being a euphemism for "racist" ] males. Especially police officers.

I am not referencing the majority of GOOD armed White people who are living their lives in lawful, nonracist, nonpersecutorial ways. I am not referencing the majority of GOOD police officers of WHATEVER race and gender.

I am making specific reference to the civilian and military criminals shooting us down assaulting and/or brutalizing us without legitimate cause or provocation. I am making specific reference to the criminals wearing badges and police uniforms...and any moron [ well intentioned or not ] who defends such indefensibly racist, illegal, inhumane behavior. I include in this blanket indictment the racist idiots who manage to receive the blessing of the racist injustice system such as George Zimmerman [ who murdered unjustifiably Trayvon Martin ] and Officer Darren Wilson [ who murdered Mike Brown ].

 I am also making specific mention of my unqualified opposition to and resistance to the racist system of unequal law enforcement that specially targets Black and Latin people for abuse harassment injustice brutality and death merely because we are Black and/or Latin. I mean...officers specifically are told to harass people of color, especially young Black males...

...and police and DEA are specifically told NOT to investigate White neighborhoods for drug use or drug related criminal activity.

 It's THIS systematic, ruthless, racist reality that I am addressing most especially...along with its stark twin that the media downplays whenever we strenuously mention this dual concern of ours:

We don't like Black, Latin, or any other color criminals who live in our neighborhoods, either.

 We want them gone MORE THAN YOU DO. Know why we provably want them gone more than you do? Because these criminals victimize us. Not most of you...unless you live in our neighborhoods, too. They never menace the rich White Republican or loudmouth internet Conservative types. Know why? The Rush Limbaughs of the world don't live near the hood. That's why.

So the criminals in my hood never ever threaten the rich White Republican types who scapegoat us as criminals in order to demonize us and scare into action their racist constituents These same Bill O'Reilly types seek to deny and deflect attention away from their own rampant blatant racism by making a habit of constructing lies, false and out of context data, as well as flimsy facades of arguments blaming we the victims for the incredibly intense institutionalized racism, prejudice, bigotry etc. which is a permanent feature of daily life in America.  Furthermore? They always. And I mean always. Miss the fact that we people of color...and people of all not like criminals PERIOD. Regardless of racial identity. Because criminals suck.

All of the above concerns play in my mind when I construct self defense lesson plans, training sessions, mental game planning for my students, clients and myself, etc.

I and my thousands of readers would like to know your thoughts. Please share your comments below.


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