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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


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As I started to do last year and continue to do this year, I will post an array of street fights and self defense situations drawn straight from the real life, right now happenings of the Top 20 Countries viewing my YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Up right now? Is the #2 viewing country of this month, my native country: the USA. These fights are lifted from various Wal-Mart and other big store fisticuffs. See if you notice a pattern forming amongst the untrained brawlers we see.

First. Before I go and break down a few things? I must say...that if we Afrikan-Americans fought racist police this hard and this often? There would be less of us getting brutalized by them. And with TRUMP coming into The Oval Office as President, tomorow? The numbers of us being killed, maltreated, brutalized, and having our rights trampled by cops? Will increase. The likelihood of repressive conservative [ meaning: racist, elitist, xenophobic, hateful, chauvinistic, myopic, greedy, etc ] laws empowering police to LEGALLY trample all over our rights the way they ILLEGALLY do with impunity anyway? Is going to increase, in all likelihood. I really hope I'm wrong and THE OPPOSITE OCCURS, but I doubt it.

But that's another story for another blog.

Now. If someone attacked you in the real world ways we see above. Would you do the kinds of things that my detractors suggest you do?


Or do you think that my NJIA UHURU KIPURA is more effective and realistic?

Share your thoughts. What arts do you practice? How would your practice of your art suggest that you resolve the fighting and self defense scenarios above?

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