It's time for a staple part of my blogs, the TOP 10 INTERNATIONAL FIGHT TIPS OF THE DAY.   Every day I take the Top 10 countries watching my YouTube Channel here:
look into the current crimes/attacks/issues and events of theirs that I can find online, and answer their questions as to how to use my Njia Uhuru Kipura techniques to help my friends in those countries. 

My friend is a sweet, intelligent, good hearted woman. She practices Cardio Capoeira in Germany. She is also a Afro-Deutsch Muslim from Namibia, living in Neo Nazi and Old Skool Nazi East Germany. That is the worst combo you can have in Germany, because she receives all the major flavors of hate. Racial hatred [ Afrikan ], chauvinism [ female ], religious bigotry [ Muslim ], national prejudice [ Namibia, Afrika ].

She tells me that Muslims are heavily persecuted with increasing ferocity and frequency in Germany, and worse...White Skinned Muslims are oftentimes racist toward dark and/or Afrikan Muslims. To compound the matter? She says that the "authorities" in her burg routinely ignore racist attacks upon her assertion backed by studies and facts.

She doesn't want to fight and hurt anyone, but she does want to know...right to evade and how to escape those meaning her harm.

 She told me once that the deciding incident that propelled her to seek out videos and instruction like mine was she was seated on a train, when she was accosted by 3 young, angry White male Germans.
She was verbally accosted by 2 boys, she didn't know there was a third of their group until after he snuck up behind her, and started to apply a carotid choke on her. She screamed and flailed and tried to fight back, so he began punching her about the head and face. The boys leaped off at the next stop in order to escape the unwanted attention that she brought to them.

Worried and afraid, she asked her Cardio Capoeira Mestre what she should do. Her Mestre away and call the police. She asked how she could run away when her opponents have her encircled, and they're choking and punching her. Her Cardio Capoeira Mestre was very sympathetic and worried for her, and told her to... run away and alert the authorities.

She was astounded. "He didn't show me any moves, any techniques to get away. He didn't teach me anything! I mean...NOTHING!" Her voice was filled with indignation so clear and powerful, that it turned heads at my house in Long Beach. The power of her emotion was palpable, even over the WhatsApp line bearing our communication. "And I told him that many police here do not help when a foreigner or person of color asks them to help. And he just said? "Run away and find a police officer who isn't racist.' How can I tell which police officer is racist or not, just by looking at him?"

"So I asked around to find out what to do. There was no one who knew anything. And I had to ride that train to go to work every day. But praise Allah, I saw your Channel. And you showed me what to do."

I showed her how to escape being choked and punched...from behind...even when in a seated position:

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I'm going to quickly share with you the important history about the art of my family, Njia Uhuru Kipura. 

Njia Ya Kupata Uhuru Kwa Kutumia Kipura..."The Way of Getting Freedom Using Kipura" the full real name of my family's art. But that's a lot to say. So we shorten it to "Njia Uhuru Kipura". Kipura's Way of Freedom or The Way of Freedom. As we all know, my family's Njia Uhuru Kipura is descended from the original Kipura of Kongo, the devastating war art that was probably created in BAMBA, the war capitol of Kongo.

This BAMBA OF KONGO is the same BAMBA that Capoeiristas in Brasil sing about in their oldest songs like EU SOU BAMBAREAD HERE TO SEE THE SONG EU SOU BAMBA

In these songs? These "Capoeiristas" acknowledge that they are actually Kipura warriors from the region of Bamba. 

The Kipura of Kongo created every single legend of "Capoeira" in Brasil, as all of these warriors are actually warriors of Kipura. Not "Capoeira". The Portuguese term "Capoeira" is the result of the mispronounciation of the correct word "KIPURA/KIPULA" of the KiKongo language of Kongo. "

"Capoeira" was first used in public documents in Brasil during the year 1712, 3 centuries after Afrikans were already using Kipura to defeat Brazil, Portugal, the Dutch and occasionally the Spanish in wars in Afrika and/or wars in or near Brasil.

This same art and/or its cognates was used everywhere in the Americas that Afrikans traveled, including the USA...where it was also called Knocking and Kicking. The Afrikans in the USA called The Gullah and The Geechee used this cognate of Kipura to fight and win a 50-100 Year War, establishing their independence and freedom during American Slavery.

We can see the overarching impact of Kipura on both Jailhouse Rock and 52 Blocks, which themselves are hybrid portions of the more comprehensive and deadlier Kipura of Kongo.

My Njia Uhuru Kipura is a modernization, expansion and improvement upon all of the foregoing styles. Our training includes firearms and every primary weapon, in order to develop functional protections against and the legal uses of weapons. We of course guarantee the efficacy of the spiritual, linguistic, music, social, cultural, dance, etc elements of Afrika that both corrects and extends far beyond the pittance that Cardio Capoeira performs [ incorrectly ]. 

All of our techniques and practices are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly tested, improved upon and modified to deal with the hard realities of the mean streets and criminals of the modern world...while providing an unparalleled workout for the mind body and spirit that is both superior to and inclusive of YOGA [ which actually finds its genuine roots in the Afrikan art of SMAI TAWI ], and guaranteed to keep your mind, body and spirit fluid, agile, strong, lean, quick, and powerful even in your later years. 


The media and the government of the USA are still trying to hide the fact that John Horse and his army used Kipura to successfully defeat the American Army several times, achieve freedom for hundreds of thousands, and changed the entire history of the continent of North America. TO READ MORE ABOUT JOHN HORSE, CLICK THIS LINK

No, "capoeira" was not used by any Native Brazilians prior to the arrival of Afrikans. The whole question of Native Americans, by the way, is another trick used by our enemies to trick all of us people [ no matter what your color or gender or lifestyle or whatever ], because the original Native Americans [ all of North, Central and South America ] are of Afrikan phenotype, as this powerful piece of science proves: YES, THE ORIGINAL NATIVE AMERICANS ARE BLACK. CLICK HERE TO READ THE SCIENTIFIC PROOF

The Pocahantas looking type of "Native Americans" didn't happen until after centuries of intermixing between the races occurred.

After centuries of war and many victories, and after many Afrikans either lived out their lives in Brasil in a peace protected by the war art Kipura and after many Afrikans fled slavery and persecution by escaping Brasil and living on their own terms in other nearby countries like Suriname, Kipura the authentic art was diluted in 1964 in Brazil by laws of the corrupt military government of Brazil until it became what you practice now: Cardio Capoeira; a fun social dance and exercise activity that is [ most important to the government of Brasil ] useless for self defense.

Afrikans used Kipura and its cognates from 1940-1990 to defeat the modern armies of Europe and throw the Europeans out of Afrika,. The government of Brasil feared that the Afrikans and poor people of Brasil would use Kipura to overthrow them, too. That is why they kept Kipura outlawed, and created Cardio Capoeira to replace it. 


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