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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This video is in response to frequent requests I've had regarding displaying the submission arsenal of capoeira and my frequent use of same in kickboxing, martial arts and capoeira gyms. Many capoeira instructors aren't aware that capoeira has a wicked array of submission locks throws, takedowns, etc. which derive from the African martial arts preceding disciplines like Laamb batuque and many other wrestling locking throwing striking weapon using African arts. Capoeira has heavily heavily impacted bjj, as the entirety of bjj's flowing movements come directly from capoeira...but bjj has also impacted capoeira. Capoeira--being the magical chameleon full of brilliance and malandragem that it is--has absorbed many bjj methods but in doing so has simply reemphasized many techniques which it already had. For instance, in the leg lock that I use in this video? The full expression of the technique requires me to flow up to my feet without stopping in a movement approaching esquiva de frente while not letting the leg go. In the days of the Maltas [ the capoeira gangs that heavily impacted politics politicians and crime back in the 1800s in Brazil ]  this move was called [ roughly translated into English ] "Taking his [ bodypart name, usually leg or arm ] with you."

We must never lose sight of the fact that capoeira is a fighting art of devastating power. We must, in fact, develope capoeira's mighty fighting prowess and pass on our knowledge to succeeding generations, or risk capoeira falling into oblivion.