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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


^^^^What I'm showing above is to my knowledge the very first actually functional, actually doable real world usable in the modern day Capoeira gun disarm. It is a literal truth to say that this video is literally a world first, literally makes history [ I would be more than happy to see a Capoeira video predating mine dealing with a gun disarm with equal or even superior functionality ,as imo the dearth of fighting functional Capoeira videos is the worst kind of insult to our dazzlingly lethal, fighting functional Capoeira warrior ancestors ]. The responses that I've received are swift and so far 100% in approval.

I absolutely do not buy into the garbage ideas and beliefs that Capoeira lacks ANYTHING. Animal hand techniques, nerve strikes, grappling, locks chokes weapons escapes multifights spirituality history academics artisans fitness fun social connections music dance love life death...whatever you want? Capoeira has it and then some.

Whether you will find a Mestre or Capoeira Organization that has such things is a different question altogether. I am one of the less than a score of functional fighting Capoeira Coaches world wide, and my ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR CAPOEIRA makes me unique among these functional few. Just as their functional fighting Capoeira makes them unique amongst our peers.

There should be hundreds...thousands...of functional fighting Capoeira videos. The fact that there's not proves that there are NOT hundreds of fighting functional Capoeira so-called Mestres. In fact? I would be happily shocked to know that there are even 500 fighting functional Capoeira so-called Mestes IN THE WORLD.

It's lonely but highly rewarding and increasingly...geometrically...popular to be a fighting functional Capoeira Coach like I am. And I'm glad to bring the thousands who contact me the real world real deal real fighting Capoeira that 99.9% of so-called "Mestres" have NO CLUE about.

 Please share your thoughts and opinions on this matter.