This is a excellent music video showing real world fights, the completely ineffective drivel that is never practiced for self defense yet passes for "capoeira" in far too many "Capoeira" classes, and compares and contrasts it with the highly effective, street oriented self defense skills of my ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR CAPOEIRA style.

The truth that far too many don't want you to know is that if your self defense skills are sharp? Your roda skills are INFINITELY BETTER THAN EVER. Put another way? Self defense capoeiristas...that is to say, PEOPLE ACTUALLY PRACTICING THE REAL DEAL, HISTORICALLY ACCURATE AND AUTHENTIC CAPOEIRA...are literally legends in the roda as well. Roda players can never be fighting legends or even truly potent in Candomble.

To that end? I find it instructive and enlightening to post here one of the many discussions on Facebook and elsewhere that I have had with well meaning cardio capoeiristas who never train for self defense, to see the reactions of the general population online.


  • Beto Capoeira Good for you Brow! But for that I carry a 9mm! Capoeira it is whay more than only fight to hurt ppl!
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Whassup Beto Capoeira! Well, three things: 1) Most people aren't allowed to carry 9mm weapons 2) Capoeira is a martial art like karate. Karate is a devastating fighting system. The problem with most people calling themselves Capoeiristas is that they don't grasp that they do not practice self defense, and they deny the utility of Capoeira for self defense. That's like taking up cardio karate and instead of learning ACTUAL karate, you rely upon a gun or a knife ONLY to defend yourself, and you miss all of the crucial character and spiritual development that comes only from training as a warrior in warrior arts. That can be seen as being very disrespectful to your own martial art because you didn't even bother to mine its riches to see what rtreasures would be afforded you. Put another way...if NOT fighting at all and NOT learning self defense at all has been helpful to you? Imagine what would happen if you stacked self defense and Capoeira's spiritual parallel to Zen...Candomble...on to what you already do? You'd be far better off. And you'd be doing something similar to what I do. 3) If you have a 9mm and the guy you're fighting has a 9mm too? it's a standoff. you might win, you might lose. If the ad guy has a 9mm, and so does his friends...then you're screwed. If you learned how to fight very well in a functional way with your Capoeira as I teach myself and my students to do? You wouldn't be screwed in either situation. The bad guys would be screwed. That's what happens when the difference is SELF DEFENSE FOCUSED Capoeira.
  • Beto Capoeira But in my opinion you don't have the right to say that if a teacher is not teaching you to be a fighter he is not teaching you the right capoeira! Are you Brazilian? I'm sure that you never saw a capoeira roda in brazil ..... And if you did you will understand that capoeira is not only to hurt ppl, and the same teacher who teaches the cardio as you say as the same teacher that teaches a fighter! Ppl can choose what is going to be! The real warrior is the one who can fight but instead he get out of it taking ... But if you think that You are right go ahead and go fight in the UFC ..... Or teach your students how to be fighters I'm sure that in my events you guys won't be welcome!
  • AtacxGym Capoeira I am going to have correct your choice of words, my friend. I am NOT saying that if a teacher is not teaching you to be a fighter he is not teaching you the right capoeira. A FIGHTER is DIFFERENT than a MARTIAL ARTIST. And let me be clear...because I am very good at the martial art of Capoeira? My roda game is sicc, brutha. No doubt. HOWEVER. Because I am very good at the martial art of Capeoira? I can and do defend myself using Capoeira, whereas cardio capoeiristas not only do not they make the absolutely jaw droppingly silly and tragic mistake of thinking that they should not; that they must choose between self defense skill and honoring ouir historical and warrior lineage or being sweet in the roda. I AM saying...and the historical record is 100% unequivocal about this...that Capoeira is a self defense system first and foremost. Self defense is the very reason that Capoeira was created. The key point that most cardio capoeiristas miss is that in order to be called a Capoeirista, one must have BOTH fighting skills AND the holistic balance of other skills: historical and Candomble knowledge, music [ not even always the berimbau because the berimbau didn't become ubiquitous until well into the academy period circa 1930+, fully 300+ years after Capoeira was created and developed a fearsome reputation ]artisanship and more. All of Capeoira's legendary masters, all of the heroic feats that Capoeiristas are known and celebrated for, ALL OF THEM REVOLVE AROUND FIGHTING. The Maltas, and literally every single Capoeira legendary figure are all fearsome warriors. I am saying without a doubt that if you don't train know or teach Capoeira self defense, you are NOT a Capoeirista. You are at best teaching a workout regime influenced by elements of Capoeira. I have seen many Brazilian rodas and have played with a few legendary masters. Every single one of them have told me that I practice a modernized version of the old capoeira and that I must continue and teach others because there are almost zero Capoeira warriors left. I have seen Brazilian rodas. They employ different techniques than say a karate TKD or MMA sparring class but they are no more dangerous--and oftentimes far less dangerous and combatively skilled--than a average sparring session in a MMA class. Worse still? You will never ever find a proponent of any martial art outside of Capeoria or say tai chi or aikido who will say that they train in a martial art...and then not only rely on something else [ like a gun ] to protect themselves, they don't consider their own martial art as actually a MARTIAL art. Well, if you take the MARTIAL part of martial art away, you have only a culturally based or culturally influenced workout routine. I say and believe and know from direct experience that the martial skill of Capoeira is essential for innumerable reasons, but most importantly it prevents the actual martial art of Capoeira from decaying into oblivion and being fully replaced by some partial expression claiming to be the original real deal. If karate became cardio karate, how happy would Mas Oyama be about that? If kickboxing became cardio kickboxing, how happy would Muay Boran and Muay Thai people be about that? The answer is simple: just as karate people learn kata as an adjunct TO FIGHTING, just as Muay Thai fighters learn the Ram Ma as an adjunct TO FIGHTING, so should Capoeiristas resurrect their history and save Capoeira from extinction by returning self defense as being the central and primary reason to practice Capoeira and all of the wonderful fitness and spiritual lessons and roda play to be AN ADJUNCT TO FIGHTING. Because if you're dead? you can't work out or get in better physical or spiritual shape. Our ancestors in Brazil refused to be slaves. They DID NOT get into a roda and play shadow kickboxing with each other or the slavers. They fought bled died warred AND WON...USING CAPOEIRA. Refusing to keep alive the physical mental and spiritual that they entrusted us with is the worst kind of insult to their memory. In my opinion, anyway. And it's also a lethal blow to Capoeria itself. Because sooner or later another fitness fad will come in and replace it. Unless Capoeira is acknowledged as the deadly, unique, beautiful African-African-Americas [ meaning synthesized and grown to fruition and continued evolution in the Americas ] martial art that it is.
  • Beto Capoeira Ok! You know what I dont Care about all this anyway! I know what is capoeira and I'm sure that every capoeira teacher teaches capoeira as a martial art, and I'm not a fighter and I will never be, just because of capoeira I defended my self from really bad situation! And I thank capoeira for that! And I will never be a fighter and my Mestre never taught us how to be fighter and I'm sure many of his students knew how to defend them selves in a street fight! Are a capoeira teacher?
  • AtacxGym Capoeira I see that we might have an issue with how we define the word "fighter". Notice that I specified a difference in my previous post. I used the term: MARTIAL ARTIST. Imo a "martial artist" is a person who has genuine self defense skill in the physical em...See More
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  • AtacxGym Capoeira While at the same time making it clear to you, brother Beto Capoeira, that I am not insisting that you or anyone else become a "fighter"...rather I am saying that calling yourself a "capoeirista" historically requires self defense skills and has a very specific and exclusive meaning. Capoeira IS a martial art. Martial arts REQUIRE CONSISTENT TRAINING IN EFFICIENT FUNCTIONAL SELF DEFENSE SKILLS PROVEN TO WORK IN COMBAT. That is a REQUIREMENT. Those who do not meet that requirement by definition are not practicing ANY martial art, much less Capoeira. Therefore, I am using the 100% correct facts from proven history and the definition of the terms "martial art" and "martial artist" to prove unequivocally that most of those who seek to appropriate the name "capoeirista" are NOT AT ALL capoeiristas...largely due to the fact that their Mestres aren't capoeiristas either.
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