Deixe a capoeira em paz seu ze mane.... Vai treinar seu desgraçado... Fuck you man...


Mestre Wellington , you are a teacher and you talk like that ? Such behavior is unworthy and unbecoming of a Capoeira Master . You should be ashamed of behaving badly in public . Hear me now and watch Master Wellington and all who do not like my style of Capoeira : I do not practice my style of Capoeira for your approval . I do not care if you do not like what I do. My style comes from my family, and has roots up and down the Western Hemisphere , Africa and other continents and countries of the world . So it is possible that my knowledge and perspective is much broader and deeper than yours, Master Wellington . Again , I mean this with no disrespect. This is a discussion , so we must present facts and evidence , not just our opinions . I'll use an example of Asian martial arts to make my point clear : people who practice only in the roda are equivalent to people who just want to perform kata - essentially the martial arts equivalent of what is called shadowboxing in Western boxing . People who practice only kata will never learn to defend their lives , because they do not practice spar refine and train the techniques of real world self -defense. People who practice only in the roda never learn self -defense techniques that enable them to defend themselves in fights because they do not practice or train for self defense. Ever. Especially for the modern world and the modern fighting and criminal challenges that it presents . That is the truth , as God and all honest people know .

Mestre Bimba said that Capoeira the martial art is focused on self defense techniques for men and women . Mestre Bimba specifically challenged all tough guys to fight and he beat them . Here is Mestre Bimba speaking this truth in his own words :

Mestre Pastinha learned the self defense techniques of Capoeira to fight and to defeat a bully who lived next door or near to him . Pastinha and Mestre Bimba Capoeira both learned to fight . Effective self defense techniques are the heart of Capoeira , and self -defense [ prior to the arrival of the European slavers but definitely accelerated and becoming even more urgently needed with the arrival of said European slavers ] was the reason that Kipura...miscalled Capoeira in Brasil via a newspaper circa 1712... was created by Africans ranging from the regions of the Mbundu and Ndongo all the way to the Somali Dervish regions in the first place .

Here's proof that Pastinha learned Capoeira for self -defense , and here is the proof that Pastinha said that everything changes , and that the principle of Capoeira is beyond the wiser capoeirista :

Another example is the difference between sports and self -defense jiujitsu . Why is this interview with jiujitsu players important? Because jiujitsu learned a lot from self defense Capoeira techniques.

My style is focused on effective self defense . Self- defense is the number one reason that there is Capoeira . Capoeiristas fought and killed the slave owners , law enforcement and anyone else...African or not... seeking to beat , to imprison and/or kill them . The facts of history prove my words to be true beyond any rational factual rebuttal from anyone, regardless of their prestige in some nonfighting and non-self defense oriented aspect of something they miscall Capoeira . Do you think the heroic capoeiristas who fought in the war against Paraguay ... the deadly Zouaves ... decided to ginga in the "roda estilo"  while enemies use guns, cannons and guns to kill them on the battlefield ? No, they did not.

AtacxGym Capoeira Here is some of the historical record regarding the war
 between Brazil and Paraguay:
Capoeira is simultaneously a dance, a fight, and a game. Created by the Africans brought to Brazil as slaves beginning in 1500, capoeira was forbidden by law but survived underground. When open practice was allowed in the 1930s it soon became very popular. Capoeira came to America around 1975, and h...

AtacxGym Capoeira Do you really think the capoeiristas in The Big Brawl decided to dance and ginga when the police stopped the roda and shoved guns at their faces ? History says no. The story goes that street Capoeiristas fought as I fight because they had to develop methods of combat that really helped to defeat real enemies in a real fight . Mestre Wellington . Do you have videos of yourself teaching self defense techniques ? Does your teacher or your friends have any videos of you or themselves demonstrating self -defense techniques that really work in a real fight in the modern world ? Do you have any video of yourself or any of your friends fighting and practicing Capoeira for self defense ? Do you have any videos showing how to defeat a man using a pistol? I do.

AtacxGym Capoeira Master Wellington and anyone else who agrees with him ... how can you call yourself a teacher of Capoeira self defense , if you do not teach self -defense at all ? Master Wellington and all who agree with him , please understand : the roda is not the way to judge correctly the skills of self -defense . Application of self - defense is the only way to determine if you actually practice the martial art of capoeira . Where are your sparring videos? And I mean real sparring vs all styles, not just noncontact cardio kickboxing against other capoeiristas. Historically speaking , factually speaking, literally , by the necessities of survival, all capoeiristas fighting in real fights against real attackers have Capoeira self defense techniques similar to my ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR CAPOEIRA, Master Wellington . Do you think that Major Vidigal - an enemy of Capoeriista everywhere who also practiced Capoeira in order to be able to withstand the Capoeirista attacks - fought Capoeirista who did not practice self defense techniques ? Of course not . Here is the proof :
Nascido na cidade de Angra dos Reis, então Capitania do Rio de Janeiro, foi o primeiro brasileiro nato a ser um dos comandantes de forças militares no recém-formado Reino Unido de Portugal, Brasil e Algarves quando da chegada da família real portuguesa no ano de 1808 à cidade do Rio de Janeiro.

  • AtacxGym Capoeira Near the years 1810-1830 capoeiristas were forced to live and work in cities controlled by Brazilian slave owners . It is AFTER 1834 that the first use of the ginga was recorded. Which means that you are practicing a method that was specifically designed to NOT BE CAPOEIRA by people looking to trick the racist, slave owning, hateful oppressor. You are knowingly practicing something WHICH BY DESIGN IS NOT AND NEVER CAN BE CAPOEIRA BUT YOU ARE CALLING IT CAPOEIRA. The historical evidence is clear and overwhelming . If you do not agree , Wellington Master , you must be part of many ignorant people who do not have the honesty to see the truth of scientific history. Here is the proof:

    Furthermore , Capoeira has arisen due to a combination of African martial arts that work to produce a system with the sole purpose of killing all our enemies. Some Africans who practiced this combined system were captured and brought as slaves to the Western Hemisphere . This combination of martial arts of Africa adapted to any environment that African martial arts had to live around. In countries with conditions similar to Brazil , this combination of martial arts of Africa gave rise to expressions very similar to Capoeira . That is why Africa , Martinique , Panama , Haiti , Cuba , United States , and other local arts have techniques and moves very similar to what is called Capoeira in Brazil . So what does this mean ? What significance does this have for our discussion ? Sir ... Master Wellington and all who read this thread ... Capoeira always centered and focused on self -defense . Anyone who decides to do something that is not the practice of self -defense is not practicing Capoeira . Do you understand? If you do not practice self-defense , you do not practice Capoeira . Practicing the songs and the wheel is very good . Congratulations. Practicing self - defense is the most important part of Capoeira , learning the history of Capoeira and Candomblé is the second most important part of Capoeira .

    Moreover, it has been historically proven by many scholars that there is and must be several styles of self -defense Capoeira . For example , there are hundreds of styles of gungfu and karate , but each style is different from other gungfu and karate styles . Still, they are all gungfu and karate. And they all practice self -defense .

    Around 1550-1680 , several Quilombos developed their own styles of Capoeira , showing beyond doubt that capoeira is for self -defense . The most important part of Capoeira is self -defense .

    Around 1720-1810 , there were several styles of Capoeira martial arts. Thus , Capoeira da Bahia differed in style and practice of Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro. Etcetera . And each of these large cities had different styles of Capoeira within their cities . Thus , the style of capoeiristas who live in the southern portion of Rio de Janeiro have a different style of self defense techniques than other capoeiristas who live in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro . But every capoeirista must practice self defense techniques . Self defense techniques is the heart and the reason for the existence of any martial art ; most especially Capoeira. If that is the case , Master Wellington , and you , Master Wellington , are supposedly well informed about the facts of historical Capoeira ... then not only is my style directly related to the real reason that Capoeira was created [ and that reason is and always has been and always should be self - defense that allows Capoeiristas to defeat their enemies ] , but you also know that history proves that capoeiristas should have different styles and different games within the martial art of Capoeira . So it is good that my style is very effective for self - defense and very different from yours . For self -defense ? There should be different styles of Capoeira . My cousins and my brothers have different styles than I , but all focus on self -defense . For example , one of my cousins added more blade fighting to his personal style of Capoeira. My younger brother has a smaller number of techniques in his Capoeira System . But I do not say that they are not practicing Capoeira , because they are. And this diversity , such skill , this comprehensive knowledge is a very good thing . You should be happy that my style is very different , Mestre Wellington , if you are really knowledgeable about the history of Capoeira and self -defense . Instead , you talk like an unintelligent immature childish angry insecure school bully. You use abusive profanity like a person who lacks character and discipline and morals. Worse still? In your attempt to debat with me, you show that you have no knowledge of self - defense and the history of Capoeira . I am sorry that you speak and feel the way you do ,as I do not seek to insult anyone . But I'll practice my style of self -defense Capoeira any way that I please and I do not care what you or anyone else thinks or likes.
    Capoeira is simultaneously a dance, a fight, and a game. Created by the Africans brought to Brazil as slaves beginning in 1500, capoeira was forbidden by law but survived underground. When open practice was allowed in the 1930s it soon became very popular. Capoeira came to America around 1975, and h...
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Where, Mestre Wellington, are your facts, sir? In your profane childish tirade, I see nothing of value.


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