You read the title correctly.  I will teach you how to avoid getting shot with the modernized Kipura."capoeira" movement that I teach via the NJIA UHURU of my family.

Through decades of diligent study of my family's NJIA UHURU, I  have learned taught and improved upon Kipura/"capoeira" tactical movement techniques designed to save you and your loved ones in the event of any kind of attack upon civilians by a criminal threatening to use his or her gun to shoot you, another person, or several people [ in America, a person using a weapon to shoot more than one person is called a "mass shooting". This knowledge I packaged within my special Street Warrior Actual Tactical Training [ S.W.A.T.T. ] ,and now offer to you.

I and my family are the only people in the world in possession of this knowledge, and teaching the public. Why don't Cardio Capoeiristas have my skills or even knows this information? Because in 1964, the racist fascist military [ with help from America and England ] took over the government of Brazil. This military tortured, killed, beat, deported, and disappeared people by the thousands.  The military government of Brazil feared authentic Kipura, and they had good reason to do so. The Kipura warriors in Angola, Mozambique, Kongo proved the Afrikan origin of the art and that they had never been defeated. In fact, their succes against impossible odds drew support from Nelson Mandela and even Fidel Castro of Cuba. But the governments of European and the USA opposed the bid of freedom by Kipura and Ngolo warriors and even for Africa.  Therefore, the military government of Brasil and th governments of America and England had good cause to fear the practice of legitimate Kipura in Brasil. These warriors of Kipura won impossible victories in Angola and to prove it wasn't a fluke, they faced another modern European army complete with bombs tanks airplanes etc and defeated them in Mozambique. Before the European colonial powers knew what was going on, these same warriors rose up in the country of the origin of Kipura, which is the Kingdom of Kongo that includes modern day Congo, and crushed the oppressors there, too. Every freedom loving person of all colors over the world rejoiced.   The racist, fascist, cruel military illegally took control of the government of Brasil feared and hated authentic Kipura/"capoeira". The atrocities committed by the military dictatorship of Brazil were so terrible, that their revelation caused the President of Brazil to weep tears of sadness and horror. In order to eliminate the threat of authentic Kipura, they used economic pressures, arrests, tortures, murders, political pressure and more to replace authentic Kipura/"capoeira" for personal defense with the popular lie that "capoeira" is a  exercise and dance activity without techniques or training for personal defense.

This lie is what your Mestres learned. For the last 52 years, you have been taught the lie that the military government of Brazil wanted you to learn. If you want to learn even more about this, stay tuned for my blog and vlog showing how the military government of Brazil killed Mestres Bimba and Pastinha, and gave control of our art to the Mestres who betrayed it for 52 years and more.

I am not afraid of these Cardio Capoeiristas. I am here now; and I will teach you the truth.

These techniques that will keep you safe during firefights and mass shootings were originally created by my ancestors of Africa hundreds if not thousands of years in the past, and have been known for centuries to enjoy staggering success against opponents using distance weapons. Scholars discovered that slavers were absolutely stunned by the "thousand twists, dodges, rolls, leaps, feints, agile dextrous movements, acrobatics" that were "employed for all their defence" by Afrikan warriors. The correct Afrikan terms for this skill include the terms "ipunari" and " haraka kukwepa". The ignorant slavemasters decided to call this skill "sanguar". This skill of haraka kukwepa was even used to successfully elude stampeding cattle and bulls, and was spectacularly successful in all forms of close quarters combat. Including grappling and armed grappling. Equally amazing are the feats that European slavers recorded as Afrikans were known to successfully dodge musket fire. These skills have been ingeniously embedded within the stances, transitions, footwork, agility, acrobatics, spiritual practices and more within AUTHENTIC Kipura and drastically improved upon by me and my family.

We again lead the world...by far...in showing how the stances, agile movements, footwork, acrobatics, positions, etc. in NJIA UHURU is extremely useful, extremely efficient and teaches tactically superior methods of safely getting to and taking advantage of cover,concealment, exits, and even launching effective, fight ending counterattacks upon your gun shooting enemy. You will learn how to become a smaller, smarter, quickly moving, warrior that your opponents won't be able to hit  because they are not trained to understand the tactics and movement that we will be teaching you .

In Brasil, there were mass murder shootings in elementary schools and other places . Just as in America, the are known killers of the poor and people of color, and even killed 19 men aged 16 to 41 in a single wave of coordinated attacks all over Rio de Janeiro .

But The Wall Street Journal cites data by some of the world's leading experts proving that the United States leads the world in mass killings, beating out even Lebanon and Europe.

the recent mass killing on a college campus in the state of Oregon  and the even more recent foiled New Year's Eve terrorist actions in New York give us even more cause for alarm.

I prepared my students for "mass shootings" long before it became a "hot topic" in the media because police and gangmembers have been murdering people of color in my neighborhoods for decades., Long before "mass shootings" became a national media rallying cry in the USA because more White Americans were getting killed, I felt and taught very effective methods that ensured that NOBODY should get killed or harmed unjustifiably, regardless of race gender economic class sexual preference or any other prejudice or difference. I believe in the essential humanity of ALL of us.

Let us properly train you. Literally nobody else can teach you what we show.

But in order to teach you RIGHT NOW what you need to know the most in your part of the world? In order for you to learn the things that YOU WANT TO LEARN? I need you to write to me and tell me what you want to know. I will add the specific things that you say that you want to learn to the packaged knowledge which I already know that everyone needs to learn from the lessons that I teach.

If you want to learn more about S.W.A.T.T.? Leave a comment in the Comment section below, +1 and Share with your friends on all your social media. We need to arm all good people with this life saving knowledge.

Thank you,

Head Coach Ras, Leader and Founder of THE ATACX GYM STREET WARRIORS


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