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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Now, I got a good chunk of emails on this topic too. I already addressed it before, but apparently I have to do so again to make it clear.

440 emails today. On this topic regarding Floyd Mayweather Jr. saying that stars like GGG, Conor McGregor, and other nonBlacks are getting much better media treatment than do Black athletes and stars. Even when they're squeaky clean.


Now, everyone knows that there are times wherein I have vociferously disagreed with things that money May has done...while remaining a steadfast unabashed, unfaltering fan of his boxingf style, and boxing greatness. However, when Floyd compared and contrasted...classily, I might add...the unfair treatment he got from the media and pointed out the blatant unfair shake that Bernard Hopkins got from the media...he is absolutely right. When he pointed out that the standard for beauty for Black women and White women is diffrent and unfair when he very accurately compared and contrasted two beautiful women...Laila Ali and Ronda Rousey...the opportunities that came to Ronda and those that DID NOT come to Laila. The way that that the media fawned over Ronda and called her the baddest female fighter EVER when Ronda only had 10 fights, but never said the same about Laila, who carries the genes of THE GREATEST in her veins and was fighting powerful heavyweight women with 4 times the professional and amateur fighting experience and accolades of Ronda Rousey. The primarily White media went out of their way to diss Floyd, B-Hop, and others...while lauding White fighters who engaged in equal, similar, or even more egregious behavior.

  This is a absolute fact that is simply not open to real world, logical discussion. Floyd is not only right , he is all of the way right.

Floyd is handing these out, for free. Get yours before supplies run low.

There is something wrong with the perception, knowledge base, experience...SOME THING...with those who would disagree with such a clearly true statement. I when I say "those who disagree"...I'm not especially calling out the AVERAGE boxing fan. That fan may simply not know boxing well, may not have lived during the times that Floyd refers to because that fan is too young. Most of these average fans have access to the truth of Floyd's words [ a Google sweep will prove his words are true beyond dispute ], so they don't get an automatic "free pass". I'm just saying that SOME of them have a LEGIT reason to be HONESTLY IGNORANT. They don't know that they're wrong/

But the boxing cognescenti...both the actual cognescenti and those who are self annointed...have ZERO defense for such a blatantly true. Blatantly false. Blatantly stupid. Position to take.

Unless you're racist, too. In which case...kindly get the hell off blog.

Wanna agree/argue/talk about it? There's the Comment section below. I'm ready for you. Say something, and we can get this started.