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I had to unleash the

on a Cardio Capoeira Angola Mestre whom I beatdown previously on my blog. His name is CM Chicago. Please read the following exchange on Facebook. You will enjoy the debate, and learn quite a lot.

This is for all of you who don't think edged weapons work against a gun. A trained person with a blade has a better chance of coming out of this situation a live then the person with the gun. The death rate for carry conceal is higher.
Tactical shooting learn it.
Comments please.

Why cops shoot people holding a knife instead of using a taser. If a persons reveals a knife and he was already closer than 21 feet, you can't holster you gu...
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  • Jaiel Omari No. Good looking out.
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields Yeah I like the brothers styles!
  • Natalie Escoto I'm gonna start carrying a knife! But I still feel a gun would be useful. There's a lot of cowards who won't get close to you. They rather shoot at you from a distance.
  • Diallo Kenyatta You guys are totally forgetting about the power of Prayer!!!
  • Kamau Rashid Natalie, that's a real concern. In truth one should not only carry a knife AND a gun, one should also train with them regularly so as to be proficient. Since concealed carry is legal in all states, there's no reason (short of having a felony conviction) that prevents one from being armed for any scenario.

    One point however, there are a number of factors that undermine the effectiveness of shooting a knife-wielding attacker. First is that most shootings take place at close range and under low light conditions. This suggests that the conditions in which most shooting occur actually advantage a contact weapon-wielding assailant. The other is that most people's adrenal response, increased heart rate, and with it, diminished fine motor skills will erode the fine precision of their marksmanship. My point is that a knife is an indispensable combat weapon, even if you carry a gun. 

    My associate Gimbu Kali of Personal Protection Consultants-Concealed Carry trains folks for this sort of thing.
  • Ivan Watkins my only comment is there's no need for a gun or knife or to compare nor to train with either but if a person is wanting to actually engage another human being so... be prepared to die regardless of (with and without) technique or tactical training. There are ways to "win" without lifting an arm and ways to defend ward off and live without ever having to counterattack....
  • Kilindi Iyi All great theory and easy to say.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Nobody actually wants to be in a position wherein they have to use their knife gun or anything else to save their life limb or the well being of other innocents or both. However. That's precisely why we have to train for these realities, because the criminal element and the otherwise reasonable person who's momentarily completely lost it will go to precisely those extremes because they know that most people are not mentally physically or tactically prepared to efficiently and effectively nuetralize such threats. You will note that in my videos I have efficient and effective ways to neutralize both knife and gun attacks, and show how to use both weapons offensively [ I haven't made public my videos on the offensive use of the gun yet ]. My most popular video shows a self defense firearm disarm sequence that many love, a few decry...but in real life has been 100% successful all 16 times it's been used in part or whole since I've taught it. this is a Machine Gun Knife Attack Concept Drill that I created years ago and is part of my DVD instructional that shows how to actually move defend disarm and counter vs a larger armed constantly slashing and stabbing opponent. Forgive the footage, this is the rough cut footage not the final footage that I released. But you get the idea. I am skipping the all important Micro Drills that I showed prior to this footage. The Micro Drills make this Macro Drill that much more doable and that much more easily learned. There are very doable very logical sets of progressive Micro_Drills that I show on my instructonal, and this video tha i just showed is only a small part of what's on my multi-hour Combo Packs. And that's the problem, I think. Too many people COMMENT on these kinds of videos that we see above but not enough people ACTUALLY SHOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING AND HOW TO DO GO ABOUT RESOLVING THESE MATTERS. My examples are surely not the end all be all. But they work. And those of us in self defense...most especially those of us versed in the "Afrakan" fighting sciences and salvation systems...should actually show ourselves doing what we post about. Otherwise we're just another substanceless poster. If you're interested in learning more from me, here's my website:
  • Lonnell Ahiyya okay... so the claim that "one should constantly train 
    because for the reality of being attacked violently ... is 
    somewhat dubious; at least when you look at the 
    numbers. an, admittedly crude, estimate of the expectation value of having a violent crime committed against you is ~0.6% (data taken from FBI's crime in the United States, 2013 of course this is a coarse average over the *entire* nation; obviously in certain locales this number will increase, whilst in others it will decrease (hence being an average). yet, this number is pretty low. put another way, the expected mean time between "attack" is ~150 years, on average, for any given american (using the Weibull CDF). what's my point? just that, training for the *sole* reason that you might one day be attacked is really not a good investment of effort. that's not to say there aren't a myriad of additional reasons to train, which would make the effort investment worthwhile.

    one note on concealed carry: whilst it is legal in all states, some states are "may issue", which effectively makes it *very* difficult (impossible) for your average citizen to obtain a concealed carry permit. prime examples are Maryland and Massachusetts (both states in which i've lived).

  • AtacxGym Capoeira Lonnell Ahiyya...there is no question that violent encounters, in general, are drastically low for the average American, and most Americans can in fact expect to live their entire lives without getting involved in a serious fight. On the other's incredibly unwise to take that chance. The idea you advance is something like not taking out health insurance while you're younger because the chances of you getting sick while you're young and living healthfully are quite small. This is a situation of "rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it"...especially when the consequences of overstating one's insulation from untoward activity. Also, the benefits of Montu Arts [ one of the Afrakan terms for "martial" arts ] range much further than "mere" self defense and self confidence. Studies prove that the dedicated practitioner of Montu Arts live longer, are more fit, are more vigorous, more productive, more mentally sharp and maintain advanced mental faculties for longer, are far less stressed, more fulfilled, more focused, more consistent, less likely to get as sick or stay sick for as long, generally happier, perform better academically socially and professionally, and in general outperform in every significant rubric their more sedentary counterparts. This information is common for most athletes, especially notable for those who've engaged in Smai Tawi [ yoga ] since childhood. Smai Tawi or some version of it is part and parcel of most fighting systems; this same discipline focuses one more toward health, healing, spiritual equilibrium and cultivation, and synergistic, holistic vigor. There are many studies that document these benefits.

    What is Integrative Yoga? Integrative Yoga is based...
  • Lonnell Ahiyya AtacxGym Capoeira, your analogy is *completely* wrong. so the idea concerns expected values. you can integrate any appropriate PDF for any given amount of time to determine an expectation value. you then use this value to make a determination as to whether a given investment is worthwhile. this is (or at least should be) the fundamental basis of *any* investment decision. to follow your analogy, you would actually calculate the expected value of needing health insurance over some appropriate time interval. so when you are young (say the interval from 20-30 years of age), it *might* not be economically advantageous to take out health insurance. however, as you age, the PDF of sickness changes (which can in fact be modelled by the Weibull distribution). so then integrating again, over say 30-60, it's almost a surety that having health insurance makes economic sense. you see the difference? the form of CDF i used assumes that the probability of violent crime encounter is constant over lifetime, which i was remiss in not explicitly stating.

    regardless, my *only* point was simply that training for the *sole* purpose of possibly being attacked, on average, is not a sound investment. however (and i *actually* said this *explicitly*) there are *many* other (possible) benefits to be had.

    can you provide references for your claims? i'm particularly interested in the assertions of "more productive" and "perform better academically".
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields We train for the unexpected... Not statistical probabilities...
  • AtacxGym Capoeira LowCountry Capoeira Angola...Sir, please point out to me when I made any comment that leads to this conclusion of yours which you stated above: " Are We to beleive that in the 9 months this video he himself, all of his personal students, and those who have purchased his dvd have been attacked by gun weilding criminals?" Were you simply to ask a question of me rather than make invalid assumptions compounded by inferences regarding dishonesty upon my part, you would have discovered that: 1. I didn't say nor infer what you assumed and stated that I did. 2. The video of my gun disarm which is my most popular video is actually 15 months old, not 9 months old, sir. Apparently your math is as fallible and erroneous as your logic is; at least in this case. 3. The students that I teach also include HRSP [ High Risk Security Personnel ] as I myself have been a HRSP member for more than a decade prior to shifting more comprehensively to other pursuits. They and other security personnel whom I have well as various laypersons...have had reason and cause to use all or part of the gun disarm that I showed on video. All of them experienced 100% success. 4. Every utterance I have made is true regarding this topic that I have mentioned. 5. I did not say that all of my personal students [ who, over the years, would number in the hundreds by now ] and/or those who have purchased my DVD have been attacked by gun wielding assailants. However, my website is filled with literally hundreds of testimonials from persons all around the world regarding the efficacy of my techniques and sequences. Can you say the same, sir? Since we are on the subject of DVDs and self defense videos...where, sir, are your video of you and your students' practice of self defense techniques? After all, "Capoeira Angola" is infamous for its deadly self defense techniques. Certainly a person as learned, skilled and capable as you are, sir, has an abundance of video showing your advanced ability. After all, we have details of practices held by our warrior ancestors from centuries ago, so sharing was important even then. Furthermore, there is no need for the secrecy that capoeira had to have before, because chattel slavery no longer exists in overt form. So you can shut me up once and for all by just showing yourself actually doing what our ancestors did. Drills. Spar. Fight. Self defense skills. Against resistance from all stylists and street fighters. Or, are you like most Cardio Capoeirstas proclaiming that capoeira is a dance and a fight, but these 'Mestres' can't teach dance as they lack the classical knowledge of the dance discipline, don't teach the "fight" as they lack the self defense skill experience and the relevant knowledge of Afrika...but they can do a semi-competent to quite competent job of teaching exercises to African musical instrumentation. In essence, Cardio Capoeiristas [ like you? ] essentially teach Brazilian Taebo. Not the fighting art of our Afrikan ancestors. Many Cardio Capoeirstas...when faced with direct common sense challenges that I give...become infuriated that they are put on the spot. They then resort to the oft used nonsensical contradictory and stupid excuse of Cardio Capoeiristas who lack the genuine skills of self defense, and claim that your techniques are by necessity closely guarded State secrets? <--Yes, this barb was a tongue in cheek good-natured ribbing of you. The questions I pose to you are sincere, with malicia...but without rancor. I genuinely have no ill will toward you. I am not offended by your post. I thank you for the opportunity to respond to your doubts and educate the readership regarding my opinions positions and the truth of this matter. AMANI...
  • Aaron Israel wooooh! atacx gym slow up first of all its ok to do your own thing but capoeira especially angola is an art that contains many things but your videos arewhat i like to call capoeira filler. not knocking you just the info you put out has no real proof outside of you. i got attacked by gun point ive trained for nearly 30 years in many martial sciences, but im still alive and i didnt have to throw one punch. so that being said it was my training of self through my dedication to the martial science that allowed my spirit to transcend outwardly to the gun men and they ran away. so the videos are ok just nxt time you in Atlanta look me and my homies up and we can train ANGOLEIRO style . and put some of that theory to practice.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Aaron Israel I am glad that you were not harmed by the cowards who attempted to assault you with a gun. I do not mind that you call what I do "capoeira filler" because you are entitled to your opinion. I happen to know that my family's fighting expression is not only legit but squares 100% with the actual Afrikan lineage of these fighting arts. Were I ever to make it to your way in Atlanta I will look you up. Likewise, if you ever to make it to Long Beach CA, hit me up. LowCountry Capoeira Angola not only are none of your assertions true...none...if you actually knew the historical lineage of what you speak, you wouldn't even couch your questions in terms that betray your catastrophic lack of accurate historical knowledge. You proudly proclaim your discipline to be "Capoeira Angola'. Both of those terms..."Capoeira" and "Angola"...are terms of the slave oppressor. I use the term "Capoeira' to reach a wide audience that has been tricked by nearly 2 centuries of duplicitous propaganda from governments and people hostile to Afrikans, the actual historical truth, etc. But I repeatedly mention in my videos the correct truth of the matter and write about the historical record at length on my blog. I have Master Dennis Newsome's number, I have spoken with him. He will tell you that at no time have I ever claimed to have been a pupil of his. I have participated in the same martial circles that he has roamed in, but I never claimed him as my teacher. Now. Stop side stepping the actual issue which puts to rest all other contentions. LowCountry Capoeira Angola. If you actually can do what you claim? Let's see it. Bottom line is? I have many films of me using my Engolo/Libanda/Kipura/Kaapwera/Montu in action. I prove I can and do grapple, use weapons, spar, etc using my family's and my ancestors' art. Where is your video showing that you have any self defense skill whatsoever? Where is your video showing your self defense teaching of clients and students? The bottom line is: I show and prove that I can get it in with anyone. You do not, because you cannot. You utterly lack self defense skill. The #1 requirement for a martial art is self defense skill. #1. Not even spirituality and character elevation are #1. Know why? Because if you're too busy being dead, you cannot acquire significant spirituality or elevate your character. So. Let's see what you got, LowCountry Angola. I mean...I can write all kinds of scathing rebuttals to you, sir, but that is pointless. Furthermore, my quality of character is significantly above such things. Simply show us that you have self defense skills. Let's see you sparring with your "Capoeira" technique. Let's see your students sparring with the "capoeira" technique you teach them. I'll even settle for self defense DRILLING. What have you done that is actually reflective of the superlative self defense skills, the comprehensive interlinked spirituality, the knowledge of history, etc that is part and parcel of our ancestors' Montu expression? Please demonstrate that you actually have knowledge, information, skills relevant to this discussion. This discussion...the original video...speaks of a knife vs a gun. Engolo warriors in Brazil were infamous for their straight razor work [ among other weapons ]. Let's see your knife skills. I already showed myself actually applying my skills vs resistance. With recognizable Engolo [ which you miscall "capoeira" ] techniques, to boot. I challenge you and any and every one of my detractors to do the same. Brutha Aaron Israel, respectfully, I encourage you along the same lines. I don't mind your doubts of me, as I have similar doubts of you. However, the major difference is that I have proof of me actually doing what I said I can do. Against resistance. On video. Do you have any such video evidence? No? Then...I have proof that i can and do show and prove that I do what I do at a high level of skill. Against skilled resistance. None. Not one. Of my detractors can show themselves doing the same as I have shown myself doing in real time in the real world with superior skill to them. This is not a matter of disrespect, it is a simple matter of backing up your talk. If neither of you actually have genuine self defense skills and I prove that i have excellent self defense skills, then your opinion that I lack self defense skills is really a reflection of your lack of knowledge of the subject and your lack of qualification to pass a knowledgeable opinion on the matter. Since none of us have had the pleasure of meeting each other in person, then video of us sparring training and drilling is what is required to satisfy any and all self defense skill questions and doubts. I've shown mine. Neither of you have shown yours. That is...a glaring oversight. Aaron Israel, brutha, I hope that you take up this "challenge" in the positive sense that it is offered to you. LowCountry Angola...I'd actually forgotten about you but now that I recall you and your particular brand of zealotry, my challenge to you is more sharply delivered. Show that you can throw, show that you know, or you show that you don't have any skill. No more text posts. Evidence of skills . Video. Not any raggedy roda garbage, either. Real sparring. Real drilling. Engolo is a war art iwth comprehensive combat history stretching back tothe time of Qori Kandake Hathshepsut and beyond. Even by the time thte Imbangalas developed their own version of it, in the 16th century, we are still talking about a synthesis of war and spirituality. My expression very provably combines the two. I actually prove that i use and show correctly the spirituality and the self defense skill. What can you do? Nothing whatsoever, as I recall. You truly DO NOT train self defense, and that is really sad for a man who claims to be the grandson of Mestre Pastinha...the self same Mestre Pastinha who used his capoeira to fight even as a boy. I remember you, Contramestre Chicago. I remember during our last debate I destroyed you so thoroughly that you kept your head covered and face hidden from me for two years. Must I link the members of this Facebook community to the exchange that we had, during which I completely destroyed you top to bottom and even proved to be more knowledgeable about your own city than you are? Should you seek to engage me in yet another round of debate, you will be even more thoroughly shredded than the last time I reduced you to smoking atomic ash. Would you like to experience another such intellectual beatdown baring you as the noncapoeirista that you are for the world to see? No? Thought not. [ I was hoping you'd prove me wrong, and that you actually acquired both greater maturity and superior skill since the last time we had a debate, but...]Basically? This video of you right here: shows that you have zero actual self defense skills, sir. Therefore, you absolutely cannot be a practitioner of real Engolo, real fighting skill. Would the members of Zumbi's kilombo be glad to have me, who PROVES that I actually have self defense skill when I do stuff like this: Or you, who has no self defense or fighting skill whatsoever? Who would be a greater asset for them during wars of liberation vs the slavers? Who would be better suited to protect himself and/or his friends and loved ones during slavery and before? I...who actually trains to hit people, uses and disarms people of their weapons live with video proof, and who can and does actually and regularly pull off agile acrobatics in drills sparring and fights...or you? Who doesn't even train self defense, and therefore lacks even an atom of skill in the matter? The story and first requirement of any war art or self defense system is fighting skill. You don't practice such. I do, and I am quite good at what I do. And what I do is much more in sync with the fighting and spiritual history of our ancestors than your corrupted Cardio Capoeira, Nasif, can hope to be. Therefore your misassessment of my advanced self defense skills simply proves your perpetual ignorance and is reflective of the profanity, venom, abrasiveness, faux belligerence, and other negative qualities you displayed upon my blog here, wherein I used my grasp of superior facts and superior self defense skill to comprehensively dismantle your position. I see that nothing has changed since that date a couple years ago. How sad for you, sir.

    ATACX GYM CAPOEIRA is a modern, functional, full spectrum self defense AND musical/cultural/fitness expression preserving the fighting and music of capoeira from the past and merging it with the best we have in the present and the future. There is no limit in our expression. Grappling, weapons, roda…
  • AtacxGym Capoeira First? Note that you don't show any video of you having any self defense skills whatsoever. This automatically means that whatever you's not Engolo. It's not what our ancestors did. And this fact not only shows that you have nothing whatsoever to offer, it also automatically marks you as a Cardio Capoerista. You essentially practice Brazilian Taebo. fPrecisely and exactly what our ancestors ranging from Pastinha and Bimba to Queen Ginga and many before her would repudiate as the mockery that it is. Because first and foremost...real Engolo warriors fight. Very very skillfully. You don't sir. Second. Regarding your contention that I'm alone ,etc. Uh. I have nearly a million views on my Channels. I have the world's first functional Engolo fun disar, and i have the most popular Engolo self defense videos in the historyu of the world. I have 300 testimonials from people from all over the world on my site alone proclaiming the efficacy of my techniques. In short? I have much more support than you do. And I did it in 1/20th the time that you had. You wrote the above comment to me more than a year...almost two years...ago, Nasif. That comment which you reproduced above was first put on my blog.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Third, here is my response to the comment that you reposted above, which you originally wrote nearly two years ago. My response here is reproduced and unedited from two years ago, and it begins the thoroughgoing dismantling that I handed you in our debate: 

    Nasif. I am glad that you have elected to at least use what I assume is your actual name, and no longer hide behind a screen name. I note that you are indulging in your favorite game of Ad Hominem Cardio Capoeira, and even in your response to my miss the primary points.

    1. I don't particularly agree with anything that I have read that you write, but I don't go on an obsessive internet rampage seeking to bad mouth you. I figure that whoever wants the brand of non-self defense oriented cardio capoeira that you practice, then that's fine...I'm not talking to them anyway, and don't have much in common with them. I wish them and you the best in whatever your pursuits are.

    2. You still haven't put up any FUNCTIONAL SELF DEFENSE FOCUSED CAPOEIRA videos. Or any other videos to my knowledge. Honestly, I haven't google'd you and am not inclined to do so at this point in time. I have more valuable things to do with my time, than obsessively pursue someone that I disagree with across the internet.

    3. In your attempts to defame my intellect and my grammar...which are simply prove how blatantly wrong you are in every regard. For instance, my name is spelled RAS. You spell it ROSS. You continuously make this mistake and many more, much more gross mistakes. All the while hiding your utter lack of self defense focused capoeira videos. Which is the point: do you or do you not train functionally for self defense with your Capoeira. You most emphatically DO NOT have a single scintilla of functional self defense Capoeira videos...something most especially strange and unusual from someone who claims to be the grandson of Pastinha. Pastinha [ may he RIP ] the anointed defender of Capoeira Angola, the Angoleiro FIGHTER who learned Capoeira as a child in order to protect himself from the neighboring bully. Cuz you know...Capoeiristas FIGHT and Capoeiristas PRACTICE SELF DEFENSE. And you celebrate the works of your alleged grandfather by...NOT practicing self defense and taking every opportunity to defame someone like myself who is very effectively disseminating quality, functional, proven knowledge of Capoeira self defense. Quite an interesting choice.

    My Uncle Bobby is my primary instructor. I choose to honor him and my lifelong commitment to martial arts partially by building upon the martial foundation that he has given me, my brothers, cousins and hundreds of others. And just like him? I have self defense embedded into the very fabric of my soul and every single martial arts lesson that I teach. You do not, have not and apparently will not. Ever. Oh well. To each their own, I suppose.

    4. In regards to support...there have been literally just shy of 100k views on my collective videos. Nearly 1k comments. Thousands of views on my collective posts and nearly 2k views on this blog...and counting. I have been contacted by dozens of people worldwide who feel very much the same way that I do. I am literally awash in support, as there are tens of thousands of people who have noted the absolute lack of functional self defense or even the addressing of self defense in most Capoeira classes. They literally write me daily to congratulate me on my efforts and encourage me to continue. I am both energized and humbled by their support. But another thing that you completely miss and utterly lack the facility to grasp is this: I would be doing what I'm doing if I was literally the only person doing it. I neither need nor seek support from anyone else. I neither need nor seek permission from anyone to practice my personal expression of Capoeira. Recall, I started doing this WITHOUT ANYONE ELSE, purely because of my own interest. Other people...martial artists, functional fighters...sparred with me, took note of what I was doing, liked it, and asked me to detail to them what I specifically did. That is literally how I started filming my capoeira videos. People who do self defense and people who can fight ASKED ME TO. How many people of different disciplines have you sparred with? Where's the video proof of you sparring with them, Nashif? Do you even have a video of you practicing your noncontact non-self defense cardio capoeira in a roda? I mean that without any disrespect or condescension or sarcasm. I mean that without being, as you described yourself, "mean and spiteful". If you deem that the alleged grandson of a legend should be "mean and spiteful" in his behavior? Then that is another area where we permanently differ; I think that the blood lineage of legends are that much more beholden to not only perpetuate but elevate the legend of their forebearers. But again, that is merely my opinion. Continue to be as "mean and spiteful" as you wish to be, sir. I think that pridefully acknowledging that you are "mean and spiteful" says far more about you than anything I would be inclined to say. But once again...that is merely my opinion.

    5. Insofar as you being my daddy? No, you're not. My father not only knows what I am doing and approves...he can fight, too. You seem not to qualify on either count. Another thing? A Black man from South Side you claim to be...most definitely would know that saying "Nigger" to another Black man [ as you did when you wrote: "Nigger is you crazy?" ] is most emphatically a racist slur spit specifically to disrespect the race of Black people by non-Blacks. If you said "nigGA" instead of "niggER" then that would be correct street slang...but still imo beneath the standard of behavior of someone allegedly bloodkin to Capoeira royalty. And yes, I still mean every syllable of my statement to you. I would be more than happy to meet you at a neutral location and have a friendly, intense, no time limit sparring match with you. On video. The better to experience the "sonning" that you claim that you will be able to give me...since you claim that you have proven that you are my daddy. I still await, Nashif, any video of you doing anything self defense oriented with your Capoeira. Which...strangely keep not producing. And which...strangely the sole contention that I repeatedly make to you. "SHOW ME YOUR SELF DEFENSE ORIENTED, FUNCTIONAL FIGHTING, FULL SPECTRUM CAPOEIRA". That's all. Apparently you cannot show the things that I request because you lack the skill, knowledge and desire to do such a thing. Which is perfectly fine. Which means that you and I have nothing further to discuss. Ever. Good luck with your cardio capoeira journey. Me? I'll stick to the genuine self defense stuff, thanks.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira On this same blog of mine, CAPOEIRA THAT WORKS, I continue with this response to you, sir:Nashif, you stated that, and I quote:

    "Ross, do you think you can convince me, a 44 year old Black man, that some fantasy "Bad Guy" (It amazes me that you use that term) is going to jump out of the shadows and beat me up because I don't do arm bars with my negativa? It hasn't happened yet, so excuse me for calling bullshit on you claims.

    See, while you are obsessing over this imaginary Bad Guy, and training your students to prepare for him, I am taking the youth of my community around the world. Expanding minds is what Mestres, teachers, and head coaches should do. Instead you create insecurities based on fantasies, then address those insecurities with bullshit techniques. There is nothing beautiful, thoughtful, or functional about what you do. Accept it and learn, or continue to burn."--Nashif McPherson

    I don't know how anyone from South Side Chi-Town...a place where my mother stayed, and a place where I have distant relatives and in-laws who are/were Folks and Peoples...who could possibly write what you wrote without his brain, fingers, keyboard and computer exploding in sheer apoplectic rage at such untruth. But I shall endeavor to educate you with police statistics from this year, from your own city. South Side Chi town is a place that is known for senseless murder and violent crimes, and where it's not uncommon for youngsters merely 25 years old to have lost 20 or more friends to murders PRIOR to their 25th bday


    How is it that I know these things about your city, where you live, and you don't?

    506 people were REPORTED murdered in Chi-Town, in 2013. If you're a legit hood head like me...I live in East Side Long Beach Killa already know that these homicide numbers are slanted and padded numbers, usually totaling less than half of the ACTUAL crime stats in the areas where Black and Latin and poor White and Asian people live.

    Local sistahs and bruthas in South Side Chi say you can cop a gat...that's "buy a gun" GAS STATIONS.

    There is no Level 1 Trauma Center there, either. So people suffering from knife and gunshot wounds are more likely to die from injuries that could have been successfully treated, too.

    Now. Let's review actual, real world facts and data that absolutely confirm my position and absolutely repudiate yours. And just for the jollies? Let's use the stats IN YOUR CITY, Nashif. Let's see if the "bad guy" that you claim is a "fantasy" of mine is real or is he just a old skool Freddie Kruger-like insubstantial dream.

    The most recent available stats for rapes in your city totals rapes at nearly 1500. Assaults? 12,408. Thefts? 72,373. Robberies? Nearly 14k. Auto thefts? Nearly 20k. the city that you live in, in and around your managed to miss more than 100k crimes of a moderate to serious nature. And those are just the REPORTED crimes. You missed those crimes and completely failed to grasp the nature of the place you live in SO THOROUGHLY that you even DOUBTED BAD GUYS EXIST. You literally referred to the bad guys as a "fantasy" of mine. How can a 'fanstasy" produce 100k crimes in the real world, leaving in its wake hundreds of thousands of victims? Sir, you have just publicly given us an extremely poor display of malicia and street smarts. My malicia and street smarts, however, have been factually proven to be light years ahead of yours...EVEN IN REGARDS TO THE CITY THAT YOU LIVE IN. deem it wise and fitting to ridicule and defame me. How very...interesting. And far more revealing of you and your ilk than anything else I could possibly say.

    So. Once again, using cold, hard, real world FACTS AND DATA as my ironclad proof of position...there is NO REAL WORLD DOUBT that my reference to the "Bad Guy" is a true and alarmingly consistent reality. Which noncontact cardio capoeira specialists like you not only don't prepare the South Side kids that you claim to teach to deal with, you don't teach anyone else...including to deal with this reality, either. Which are teaching your students to be victims for the victimizing bad guy. Maybe the victims that you teach know more songs on the berimbau than mine do. Maybe. Maybe the students that you teach have a more aesthetically pleasing [ to the eyes of some very few people ] jogo do roda than my students. Again...a very faint, very unlikely MAYBE. But my students are highly adept at whoopin all kinds of gluteus in all shapes, sizes, colors, flavors, religions, nationalities and numbers. Yours are not. And never will be. My students are NOT victims-in-waiting because they uphold the #1 tradition of Capoeira...superb self defense skill...because the #1 reason for real Capoeira's creation development and expansion IS TO FIGHT ANY AND ALL OPPRESSORS, STARTING WITH THE SLAVERS. Nowadays? That means unabashed beatdowns for bad guys and the inner confidence and intestinal fortitude to face the challenges and travails of life with the mettle of the proven warrior.

    I teach my students to be able to evade elude de-escalate potential fights and conflicts, and when need be? Dominate the bad guy using the skills that I teach them. In this way do they stay safe and consciously embrace peace. Because..."Only a Warrior CHOOSES peace and pacificsm. Others are CONDEMNED to it."--Unknown.

    Noncontact, nonself defense cardio capoeiristas are almost 100% mandatorily CONDEMNED to pacifism. The bad guy is not. The bad guys...proven to exist by objective concrete criminal data at alarming levels in YOUR city, Nashif...will condemn the noncontact, non self defense trained cardio capoeirista to a swift and sure beatdown. That's what you're teaching your students to be. The next beatdown victims...or victims of even worse things.

    5. Note how I have not blocked your comments, nor the comments of anyone...critic, supporter, those in-between, and those who don't care. I believe that the literal "showing and proving" of what anyone is about is where "it's at", as it were. Now. I show what I do. If you are so compelled to chase me all over the internet, at least show the intestinal fortitude to display yourself on video. As of this moment? Neither I nor most of the people reading this blog have any proof whatsoever that you even practice Capoeira. Let's see you on video plying your capoeira vs some one else. Not just in the jogo de roda, but also sparring.

    Good luck with the rest of your endeavors. AXE CAPOEIRA.

    Head Coach Ras of THE ATACX GYM CAPOEIRA

    Activists say gun control isn't the only answer to...
  • AtacxGym Capoeira A quote from Nashif aka LowCountry Capoeira: " I haven't asked you to post anything. I don't need you to post you or your students doing any more than you've shown, without anyone asking you, to know that you are a fraud. Nor have I engaged in a discussion with you about the fighting effectiveness of capoeira. Your reading comprehension and ability to focus are as poor as your ability to follow simple directions and use the god damn quote button.

    Simply put this is not a discussion of my capoeira, capoeira's history, or capoeira philosophy. I am deconstructing your bullshit. Exposing you and checking you. And of course you care, as evidenced by your tone changing from psuedo intellectual and condesending to defensive and sarcastic. Not only is your capoeira nonexistent, your "fighting" techniques garbage, and your ideas poorly developed, but you are emotionally underdeveloped and easy to see through. I hate that you are teaching in my community, and it speaks to the REAL work that needs to be done if anyone takes you seriously there.

    Quote from Ataxgym: "You cannot repudiate or check me because I don't need you or anyone else to validate me, which is not only in keeping with Capoeira tradition, it's also one of the gigantic benefits of not belonging to this or that Capoeira group and/or organization. I get to practice Capoeira any which way I please without having to deal with the stupidities of organizational politics. " Translation: I didn't have the discipline to spend the time learning capoeira from a Mestre. That is why instead of dealing with real capoeiristas I refer to online history and videos to teach me. Every capoeira I meet has told me what I do is bullshit, so if I stay in my little corner and do my "Brazilian Karate" with people that will listen to me. I get to do what ever I want" --Nashif/LowCountry Capoeira If any of this above were true, then it should be no problem for you to show that you outperform me in all things capoeira. After all, you claim that you do, anyway. You claimed that you would easily destroy me, were we to spar. Well...let's see it. Because. History proves that self defense and warfare are the first concerns of the genuine Engolo warrior. Yet again, you fearfully flee from any direct comparison...your Cardio Capoeira which our ancestors never did because your Cardio Capoeira produces zero self defense skill and spirituality, whereas my Street Warrior Capoeira is much closer to our ancestors because I can fight better than you, so can my students, and we do so while staying within the cultural matrix of our ancestors, and adapting our skills to the present day. But we can post all day. Our entire lives. But nothing is proven. You said you're deconstructing me? Well. Deconstruct my knife disarm video of me sparring against a live, unscripted showing us all how to do it the real genuine Nashif Cardio Capoeira way. No? Because you lack the skills? That's all that needs to be said, sir. Every time you post. I will counter with: Show and prove. Which you can't do. Say whatever you wish, I find your growing hostility to be alternately sad and amusing. Nothing you post can replace real skill, which I have in abundance. And btw...,many. Many Mestres LOVE. What I do. And recognize it for what it is. Genuine real deal Montu/Engolo/Libanda/etc. You, sir...simply lack the substance and proof of skill, knowledge, ability, wherewithal, and anything at all relevant to self defense and proper knowledge. That is why you consistently sink to the depths of profanity and non sequitur. This thread is about a knife attack and defensde. I am literally the only person to show myself actually doing what the other posters have only posted about. If you are my superior in skill, knowledge, etc, and you practice real capoeira and I don't then...why not show us your knife disarms? We all know that history proves that capoeiristas were amazingly adept at knife atacks and disarms. you claim to be the grandson of Mestre Pastinha. Well. Let's see some of your skills. No? Then sir, your assessments opinions and skill sets are fraudulent. Happy Holidays.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira I only just saw this comment of yours, sir: Lonnell Ahiyya AtacxGym Capoeira, your analogy is *completely* wrong. so the idea concerns expected values. you can integrate any appropriate PDF for any given amount of time to determine an expectation value. you then use this value to make a determination as to whether a given investment is worthwhile. this is (or at least should be) the fundamental basis of *any* investment decision. to follow your analogy, you would actually calculate the expected value of needing health insurance over some appropriate time interval. so when you are young (say the interval from 20-30 years of age), it *might* not be economically advantageous to take out health insurance. however, as you age, the PDF of sickness changes (which can in fact be modelled by the Weibull distribution). so then integrating again, over say 30-60, it's almost a surety that having health insurance makes economic sense. you see the difference? the form of CDF i used assumes that the probability of violent crime encounter is constant over lifetime, which i was remiss in not explicitly stating.

    regardless, my *only* point was simply that training for the *sole* purpose of possibly being attacked, on average, is not a sound investment. however (and i *actually* said this *explicitly*) there are *many* other (possible) benefits to be had.

    can you provide references for your claims? i'm particularly interested in the assertions of "more productive" and "perform better academically". ---LONNELL AHIYYA Sir, your analysis top to bottom is incorrect. First? I never said that we train for the 'sole" purpose of possibly being attacked. You simply inferred as much...even though I specifically stated the opposite. However, your conclusion that were we to do such a thing, such would not be a sound investment, is actually energetically rebuffed by the annual local state and national Crime Statistics. There are far too many people annually being victimized by crimes of all sorts. Your line of logic...with its implication that physical altercations are so rare that training for their possibility is not a sound investment, could when taken to its extreme obviate the need for police departments. Because, after all, the chances of the average citizen dealing with physical assault and criminality is so low that we could spend the resources we spend funding police departments in more productive and statistically significant areas. The argument that you present gets worse and worse from there. Many of us practicing the self defense arts are also skilled in first aid and CPR. Car accidents of varying severities, collisions of all stripes, falls, accidental choking, etc are matters that we can make and I and a few of my students have experienced making potentially or certainly life saving differences. Regarding the superior across the obard performance of those who are physically fit and mentally without stress or dealing with significantly less stress while engaged in academic and/or intellectual pursuits? The evidence for such stretches back decades. even centuries. These links are what I found with a simple, cursory Google search, but they show immediately the increase in productivity and superior performance from childhood to adulthood when physical fitness is factored in. Since martial artists regularly meditate and engage in yoga like practices, the benefits of yoga are also factored in. Here is what WEBMD had to say about it: Therefore there is comprehensive data and rock solid logic forming the foundation for my reasoning, sir.

    Physical activity, which strengthens the heart and...
  • Jaiel Omari Okay guys time out. AtacxGym Capoeira Mestre Chicago ofLowCountry Capoeira Angola is the real deal. I went to high school with this brother and he was putting 6'6 240lbs dudes on their asses back then using jujitsu and that was in the 80's before it blew up over here in the states, so in other words the Mestre has always been on his square as far as being able to take someone out and with Capoeira and time he has only gotten better. In other words Mestre Chicago doesn't do cardiovascular Capoeira.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Jaiel Omari that's fantastic. I have had multiple black belts including black belts in Judo since forever and Mestre Chicago is only a year or so older than I am. I have been dusting off guys 240 pounds and more since I was a 5'5" 135 pound teen. Legendary martial artists like Chicken Gabriel can confirm this. He was there at his dojo for one such instance. Just did it again last week at The Long Beach Kickboxing association. And again. I have not only improved with age but I show it. Therefore I don't have to rely on anecdotal stories to provide proof of my ability. I still show that roll and get down. I have also been doing Engolo since childhood
  • AtacxGym Capoeira I'm not denying what you're saying , brother Jaiel Omari. I'm just saying that if Chicago is what you say he is, he doesn't need intervention from anyone. He can show it. And btw I was throwin with the BKF too and received my black belt from them as well. Inclusive of WAR and other arts, which formed the core of the BKF disciplines
  • Jaiel Omari AtacxGym Capoeira the bottom line is keep doing you and Mestre Chicago will keep doing what he is doing and if you two should meet inside the Roda then have your conversation with Capoeira that's the way Capoeiristas roll.
  • Jaiel Omari If you want to see what he is about he has played in 1000's of rodas you can see him on the net.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Thank you Jaiel Omari. I have seen him on the net. I am not impressed by anyone's roda game, though. People with stellar roda games tend to be the non-self defense practicing Cardio Capoeiristas. I have no problem with meeting Chicago in a roda, though, because my skills transcend the roda and self defense, as proper training should. However, if you cast your eyes at the history of this thread? You will see that it was Chicago who started this entire mess with me, and still to this very day refuses to provide evidence that he has excellent self defense "capoeira' skill right now today. Whereas I have many videos showing that I am who I say I am and can do a lot more than what I've already shown. I have asked him to follow the OP of your thread and asked for a video of him showing his knife defense skills. And just like every other time I ask him to show anything, he simply evades the question, starts in with insults and adds invective. I simply repeat the substantive matters at hand. You're skilled? Let's see it. His behavior, roda video, etc is the exact opposite of what a genuinely skilled self defense practitioner is wont to show with even his/her least movements. You say he has skills? Okay. Well. I have to see it to believe it. I will keep doing me, I hope you keep doing you, and Chicago keeps doing him. Happy Holidays to one and all.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Nashif, I agree that you shouldn't make claims of being a great fighter . You have every right to opine that my philosophy is faulted and the history I quote is cliched and superficial, my techniques terrible. However, the facts are these: wherever you and I disagree regarding history at any point? I can cite chapter and verse of the relevant outstanding scholars of relevant to the topic, and you cannot. Wherever you and I disagree regarding history, I am provably right. Every single time. You, sir, are not. I am pursuing my Ph.d. in African Studies and I am more than able to go toe to toe with you and anyone else on Earth regarding these matters. Whatever your opinions are about my skills? Well, not only are you entitled to them...regardless of how flawed false and far flung from any reality that your opinions are...but I have no problem with your right to voice them. But understand. The only reason youcan cast your aspersions upon my actions is because I have the gumption to show myself on video doing what I do. You so utterly lack conviction in yourself and skill in the area under discussion that you avoid filming yourself because you justly fear outing yourself as abysmally less skilled than I am. So understand. Every time that you denigrate my technique or skill? Not only will I challenge you to immediately substantiate your opinion by showing yourself on video actually doing what I have done, I will point out that some of the greatest martial artists to walk this Earth--like Dan Inosanto--and numerous actual Mestres from Brazil and all over the world LOVE my work and have written to tell me so. Dan Inosanto, and outstanding coaches like Diogenes Asahid a have taken pix with me right after they commended my skill. So has Mestre Amen Santos. My uncle Bobby is a rightfully revered local martial arts legend and he lauds my skill character and intellect. Regarding the matters of institutionalized racism and white supremacy? We agree. Regarding the need for proper education being the key and primary response to such threats facing us? We agree. Regarding other matters? We don't agree. Again and again, the bottom line comes to the fact that I show and prove that I can and regularly do exactly what I say I do and I am much better than you at it. Bottom line. You, sir, simply cast aspersions and negativity and profanity and invective and then cling to the shadows of fearful anonymity when you are faced with the common sense challenge to show and prove what you can do that justifies your assessment of my skills as subpar. If you're better? Show it. If you talk a bunch of trash but are actually LESS SKILLED than the person you are dissing? You sir are the fraud and the poser. Not I. Your example of criticizing politicians without being a politician is inaccurate, sir. In order to cast VALID criticisms of politicians, one must have a sufficiently sophisticated grasp of politics, the relevant political history, and up to date knowledge of the political moves machinations and ramifications thereof that the target of one's criticism is engaged in. You, sir, LACK ALL of the relevant skill experience knowledge and information to cast an informed opinion in this matter; therefore your opinions about me perforce bear the stamp of irreconcilable ignorance and venom wherever and whenever you express them. If I were a Obama, for would be amongst the many who blame Obama for various laws not passing and other ills which are directly attributable to the hostility of and the inactivity of The Congress. Well. The Congress is the only national body that can initiate laws or stall same in their chambers, so their actions are literally beyond Obama's purview. He can veto. He can't pass laws. And given an obstructionist Congress? We have gridlock in the nation's capital. Through no fault of Obama's. Such critics are poorly informed, and frequently seek to replace knowledge with passion. Negative passion. That is exactly what you are doing now, sir. Some of the greatest martial artists to walk this earth and dozens of Brazilian and international Mestres have commended my skills. I have the proof on my Google+ Your comments to the contrary simply underscore that you literally don't know what you're talking about, however passionate you are in your opinion [ which you have the right to hold and which I don't mind you having ].
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Further, since it is clear to me that we have perpetual differences, I recommend tthat we cease this back and forth and return to our previous activities. Neither of us will get the other to budge unless and until we have a face to face meeting, and spar. Something I would like very much to happen. AMANI
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Surrender?....smh. Goodnight, Nashif
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields Excuse me brother.... AtacxGym Capoeira...can I ask you a question? 
    I have looked at a lot of your videos (I'm subscribed to your YouTube).... 
    I'm just wondering...why call what you do "Capoeira"?
    Why not just name your system after yourself? That has always been a question in my mind? 
    Just curious...not being judgmental?
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields Oh also brother.... AtacxGym Capoeira...What are your thoughts on... the "game of capoeira"? I think that it is beautiful to watch? And a great way to train your body and mind? What are your thoughts on that (the game or playing capoeira)?...
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields I also have a question for the CM Chicago (LowCountry Capoeira Angola)....
    Brother do you ever come back to Chicago?
    And if you you ever do any workshops?
  • Kamau Rashid Je mkufunzi Abibitumi Kasa, unasoma mazungumzo hii?
  • Salim Kenyatta Peace good brother. Thanks for the information.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Hello brother Charles Fletcher DeShields. The reason that I call what I do "Capoeira" is because I am attempting to reach the many of us who have been victimized by the Brazilian nationalist writers and miseducated into thinking that the Afrakan disciplines which comprise what is miscalled "Capoeira" is a Brazilian invention that is now actually Cardio Capoeira. A workout. Exercises done to Afrakan instruments. The game and aesthetic aspects are also part and parcel of what I do, and I am quite good at it. So are my students. On my Goolge+ and my FB, you will see pix of myself and Mestre Amen Santos at workshops etc wherein I performed in outstanding fashion in the roda. The game, however, is and has been [ thanks to the colonial oppression of Brazilians followed immediately by police oppression ] devoid of the spiritual aspects, the light to moderate contact weapons and inclusive rules that originally marked the game and made it such an extraordinary multilevel endeavor. I play according to the original Afrakan inclusive rules adaptive behavior model. Whatever moderate benefits gained under the much more restrictive, much less Afrakan roda experience is multiplied ten thousandfold in the more inclusive, greater in breadth and depth original "rules" of the game.
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields Yo AtacxGym Capoeira...thanks for replying....I can empathize with what you are saying for sure.....
    But here is my logic.... If I say or claim a title to anything... karate... kungfu... even a religion Christian...Muslim.... people judge me according to that title.... They will ask me according to that system.... who gave me authority to teach that system or to carry that name... So with you the first question I would ask is "who is your master"... "who gave you the authority to teach capoeira" what is your lineage... And that would apply to any school... 
    Not to mention by just a casual observation of your system... you use a lot of other martial arts.. anything from karate kicks... grappling... Jiu Jitsu... Krav Maga... all these things however you did not claim the title of those systems?
    ... Why not take it back to the original name of the art form and call it that? 
    No matter how you might feel about capoeir... it is a system it has its rules and regulations... and its norms... that have been established for the past five hundred years or so...
    Just my 2 cents... I think you would run into a whole lot less resistance from actual practitioners of capoeira.... If you didn't call it capoeira....
    Unless you really think you are doing "capoira"....then you will be forced to be held up to the scrutiny of what is established and acceptable in that particular form... Which to me is totally unnecessary and what you are trying to do...I think?
  • Diallo Kenyatta I'm no martial arts master, or expert, just a minor and irregular practitioner; but I've had guns drawn on me a few times, by cops, robbers, and hostile dudes in the Hood tryna secure a tough guy reputation. Hell, I've even been in the cross fire of rival gangs or drive-bys, that were all the rage in the early 90s in my and most other people's low-income, government subsidized housing projects.

    I've found that, unless it's an assassination attempt, or you are in the cross fire, you stand a better chance by keeping your cool and thinking your way out of the situation instead of fighting the gunman. 

    When I've been robbed, the robber didn't even get close enough for me to touch them, they instructed me to place my money and the items they wanted on the ground and then to run in the opposite direction, I complied and lived. The few times Pigs have drawn on me, I've also found that compliance was the best course of action in those circumstances, but I don't argue that compliance is always the way to go; but for most of us law abiding, non-gang affiliated, tax paying citizens, it's usually the best way to go, in my experience; even for us Radial, or Martially Trained citizens. Usually.

    I know calm, and rational compliance dosen't make for exciting YouTube vids and it doesn't do much for the male ego either, but generally, when a stranger has a gun in your face and is not immediately shooting it at you, there are often alternatives to combat, I've found.

    Again, this is my own personal experience with facing down guns, way more times than I would have chosen to.

    Also, I've seen and read many news accounts of people talking down armed attackers then I've read or seen disarming them with some "sweet karate moves," and please feel free to substitute "karate" with your art form of choice.

    Besides all that, if you do carry a knife or gun, please be trained and proficient, and if you do chose to disarm a gunman, please be considerate of your surroundings and the other potentially affected people within them. I'd be hell pissed if my family was ducking bullets because someone didn't wanna give up their iPhone and choose to follow a step-by-step disarmament method they saw on YouTube. SMH. 

    The exchange has been as entertaining as it has been enlighten tho. Thanks.
  • Diallo Kenyatta What's better than Martial Artist debating? When they come together in the spriti of sharing and mutual appreciation. IJS (Naw. I just wanted an excuse to watch and post this clip. LoL!)

    Its always sunny in philadelphia
  • Jaiel Omari The bottom line is there are only so many ways to kick, punch, throw, lock, take down and move the human body. Capoeira techniques have and can be used in self defense. For me it stops being Capoiera when the philosophy and traditions are not there, it just becomes movements, kicks, punches, take downs, etc.
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields Also AtacxGym Capoeira... With all due respect I hope you realize that my opinions are super humble because I am nowhere at the level of being able to correct or chastise anyone... But I will say that my personal experience with people like.... Mestre Cobra Mansa... Mestre Caboquinho.... Mestre Valmir... CM Chicago LowCountry Capoeira Angola(who happened to be one of the first brothers i saw doing Capoeira 10yr ago in Baltimore) and the good brother Jaiel.... All highlight the African origins of Capoeira.... I have sat in workshops with Mestre Cobra Mansa... showing us films and explaining the African origins of Capoeira Angola and the Berimbau...
    So I don't know what I'm it relates to what we understand as "Capoeira".....I'm kinda confused....
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Jaiel OmariCharlers Fletcher DeShields LowCountry Capoeira: Thank you for your question, brother Charles. Now. Here we get into a massive area of consistent misinformation that many people...including CM Chicago...consistently miscomprehend and/or do not know of. The following response is rather lengthy, but is only a portion of what I would say and prove had I more time to devote to this question, now. However, other concerns call to me, so my response must be truncated for now. I will return either later tonight or within the next few days to finish what I started here. Charles Fletcher DeShields wrote: "thanks for replying....I can empathize with what you are saying for sure.....
    But here is my logic.... If I say or claim a title to anything... karate... kungfu... even a religion Christian...Muslim.... people judge me according to that title.... They will ask me according to that system.... who gave me authority to teach that system or to carry that name... So with you the first question I would ask is "who is your master"... "who gave you the authority to teach capoeira" what is your lineage... And that would apply to any school... 
    Not to mention by just a casual observation of your system... you use a lot of other martial arts.. anything from karate kicks... grappling... Jiu Jitsu... Krav Maga... all these things however you did not claim the title of those systems?
    ... Why not take it back to the original name of the art form and call it that? 
    No matter how you might feel about capoeir... it is a system it has its rules and regulations... and its norms... that have been established for the past five hundred years or so...
    Just my 2 cents... I think you would run into a whole lot less resistance from actual practitioners of capoeira.... you didn't call it capoeira....
    Unless you really think you are doing "capoira"....then he will be forced to be held up to the scrutiny of what is established and acceptable in that particular form... Which to me is totally unnecessary and what you are trying to...I think?"
    My reply is:
    I have family from Africa [ from a good portion of the continent, including Angola ] who have practiced Engolo and transmitted this practice to my family here in the Western Hemisphere, including my family in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and America. Since Africans are the originators and font of this expression, they and I do not need to be authenticated by any Brazilian authority. Most especially any Brazilian authority from the post-Bimba-Pastinha Era, and during the Cardio Capoeira Era. My Uncle Bobby is the lead instructor for all martial artists in my family in America. 
    Here is a very interesting point I want to bring up. Even if I didn't have any direct blood links that tie me to these specific arts and expressions, I believe that my blood link to Africa would validate my desire to delve into these arts and craft my own personalized expression of it. I have a Korean friend and another Russian friend. My Korean friend is delving into Hapkido and Taekwondo, and fashioning his own expression of it. My Russian friend is delving into Russian sombo and the combat practices of the Cossacks [ to whom he is related ] and is devising his own expression of it. I believe that both of them are not only perfectly right to do what they are doing, long as they specify that what they are doing is their own expression of Hapkido, Taekwondo, Sombo and the Cossack combat arts, they are perfectly legit in naming their expression Hapkido, Taekwondo, Sombo, and the Cossack arts. Why is that? Because every instructor of each one of these arts [ regardless of their membership or nonmembership in particular organizations ] has their own expression of these arts, and the "uniform" expressions of these arts actually came about via political means.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira That is, there were various competing expressions of each and every one of these fighting systems until one expression became more dominant than the others due to political wrangling, not via the more legit expression of various techniques.
    The very definition of what "Capoeira" is has been promulgated by the dominant Brazilian expression and matrix. Their idea is terribly flawed and incomplete. The Afrakan war arts that would later be expressed under the banner of "capoeira" should be looked at from the historical perspective of Africa first, and thence how it plays out on the international stage. From there, one's vantage is vastly expanded, and much more properly set into context. For the purposes of keeping this discussion brief, I shall skip much of the relevant history in order to focus on the fact that the war arts of the so-called Moros all the way to the war arts of Zumbi and Quobah are part of the same continuum and expression. This expression of "Capoeira" as practiced by these outstanding warriors is very reminiscent of mine 
    Remember, prior to the rise and fall of the Maltas? Engolo/Libanda/Montu/etc was a war art. Unfettered by the need to adapt alter change and lose much of its strength to the demands of Brazilian slavery. The war arts of the Moro, the Imbangala, the Ashanti, the Mandinka, the Mbundu, the Ndongo, the Kongo, the Nigerian war arts, the Somali Dervish, etc. have all heavily impacted what is miscalled "capoeira" by the Brazilian slavers and the adherents of the post-Bimba and Pastinha Academy Era. Tragically, as a result of relentless colonialism in Afrika and the Americas, these war arts have been largely threshed from the memories of most Brazilian and far too many Afrakan Montu warriors. However, history proves beyond any molecule of denial that these Montu war arts in their aggregate expression...including the combative arts adapted to the stresses of slavery in the Western Hemisphere...are much more similar to mine, as my expression is merely my family's modernized expression of the war arts that came before us.

    The first in a two-volume series on capoeira, Volume One traces the origins of the popular martial art and...
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Remember, the aesthetics of the modern Cardio Capoeira roda did not exist when Afrakan warriors arrived in brazil circa 1550. It was this war art that spawned literally every single legendary "capoeira" warrior in Brazilian history. Literally. The feckless, useless for self defense expression of what later would become Cardio Capoeira most certainly was not the dominant expression when it began to come into existence in the 1900's in Bahia, as the primary expression [ the war art, the art for personal honor, the art used for bodyguarding and assassination, in addition to its close ties to Afrakan salvation systems like that of the Yoruba who bequeathed the orishas to "Capoeira", as well as the salvation systems of the Fon and with Vodun [ villified and distorted far beyond its original expression by Europeans who call it "voodoo" ], Santeria, Umbanda etc. ] still remained the primary expression that so terrified Brazilian authorities until the fall of the Maltas. This expression still lingered in hybrid form in Brazil, flaring up to terrify authorities during El Baruhlo in the Curva Grande in 1917, as told to us by Mestre Noronha.
    Even a cursory overview of the Afrakan story of resistance and struggle in the Americas will reveal a stark similarity to the primary skill sets techniques weapons and methods of resistance shown by Afrakans in Brazil. The differences are not as stark as the similarities. When all of this is taken into proper they would be for karate, taekwondo, gungfu, basically any non-Afrakan fighting system...the questions evaporate. For example, when the Chinese were forced to work as slave labor on American railroads and employed their gungfu in self defense, did they create American Gungfu? No. Did Gungfu stop being Chinese? No. Did the adjustments that they made to combat the faan gwai loh here in America constitute a new branch of Gung Fu? No. Did even Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do...wholly fashioned in America, heavily impacted by Western philosophy, Western fighting systems...cease being Chinese Gung Fu. Bruce Lee is on record many times specifically repudiating the notion that his JKD is anything other than his personal expression of Chinese gungfu. Therefore. My expression is not only legit, it's more legit than any possible Cardio Capoeira expression can be because our ancestors never. Ever. Practiced cardio capoeira as a means of self defense, or used it as a primary cultural and spiritual vehicle.
    Furthermore, their idea...the Brazilian overall idea and expression...didn't even maintain the cohesion that was set for them by Mestres Bimba and Pastinha, and both Mestres complained about this fact during their life times. I will provide documentation for this particular statement...the dissatisfaction voiced by Mestre Bimba in particular, as relayed to us by his senior students... later today. I have to leave soon to handle some things. 
    The idea that a descendant of the originators [ me ] must be held to a [ substandard ] scrutiny of the non-combative, non-self defense requirements set by the Brazilian standard is counterintuitive, and is counter to the standard set by history; a standard, I continue to emphasize, of comprehensively capable Afrakan war fare self defense culture and spirituality. The decisive impact of the Imbangala, for instance, is not present in Cardio Capoeira. Recall, brother Charles Fletcher DeShields, that the Brazilian expression has...due to the absolute necessity imposed upon it via Brazilian slavery and white supremacy...been greatly modified, weakened, and changed first in an attempt to exterminate "capoeira" and "capoeiristas" altogether, and then secondly in an attempt to remove the potential threat to the Brazilian power structure that Afrakans practicing "capoeira" posed shortly after the military threat of the various kilombos were contained. All for the purpose of keeping the Afro-Braziilans prostrate, while coopting "Capoeira" for the Brazilian national government's purpose of building a uniquely Brazilian national identity. When you mention that I use karate kicks, grappling, Jiujitsu, Krav Maga, I must question such things right away. I believe that historical fact resoundingly affirms the fact that if we honestly look at the systems that you mentioned, and then look at the Afrakan fighting systems that comprise what is miscalled "capoeira" from its inception [ as an expression of war, personal honor, and a salvation system ] we will speedily see that there are no techniques in these systems that you mentioned which are not already within "Capoeira". Even more tellingly? "Capoeira" existed BEFORE Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga. Therefore, wherever they overlap...and that overlap is comprehensive...we are not looking at a situation wherein I or anyone else is adding Jiu Jitsu or Krav Maga to Capoeira. The CONVERSE is happening. Regarding the notion of karate kicks? I think that a comprehensive analysis of the Montu will easily show that these kicks first existed in the Montu prior to the existence of karate, and "Capoeira" is merely continuing the Montu Arts tradition. I might also note that these same "karate" kicks exist in silat and many other arts, yet nobody conflates "karate" with all of these other systems.

    "Numerous titles focusing on particular beliefs in Africa exist, including Marcel Griaule’s Conversations with...
  • AtacxGym Capoeira In other words? Everything that I have done is comprehensively supported by the authentic, factual provable history of Montu and so-called "capoeira". Any assertion by anyone to the contrary is not only provably false, it's incontrovertible evidence that they, too, have been overly inculcated with the anti-"capoeira" indoctrination of our ancestral enemies. 
    Even the "innovations"...if you want to call it that...of my family and myself are squarely within the category of "capoeira" history. Mestre Pastinha once said that Capoeira is "everything that the mouth eats" and stressed that individuality of expression is a vital part of "Capoeira" tradition stretching all the way back to Africa. So, too, does Mestre Nestor Capoeira point out that there is too much similarity of expression between modern capoeiristas. The outstanding works of T.J. Desch-Obi, Matthias Rohrig, and Gerard Taylor--just to name a few--also resoundingly confirm the legitimacy of my expression by closely chronicling segments of the actual history of Montu and "capoeira". Meste Nestor Capoeira, Mestre Bimba and a plethora of others have lamented that individuality of play has virtually vanished, due to the deleterious impact of what became Cardio Capoeira and its hegemony over the previous more combative more authentic more spiritual Afrakan expression. Many old Mestres have privately congratulated me for bringing back to the forefront the combat applications and emphasizing more significantly the spiritual components linked directly to the self defense cultural historical intellectual social and play components of "capoeira", as they feared that these components had been forever lost or soon would be. 
    I intend to continue along this path, brothers and sisters, regardless of how much it is welcomed or repudiated by others.
    Happy New Year. AMANI
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Now that I have factually established the authenticity of my familial expression, the question still remains to be answered by individuals like CM Chicago and any and all detractors of mine: where is there self defense expression? And why do they denigrate my expression when literally every scintilla of the proper, historically accurate, comprehensive saga of Montu and "Capoeira" verify everything that I and my family have done...from our bloodlines to our technical expressions? There can be no factual dispute regarding the rigor of all that I do in any legitimate way. The best that these critics can say...and have every right to say, that they dislike what I do, and it's not what they do. That's fine with me. However. Their expression very signally lacks the self defense first emphasis of our ancestors, and that alone dramatically questions the authenticity of their expression. A form of karate that only emphasized kata is NOT the self defense creation of the Okinawans and the Japanese. Instead, it's a watered down aesthetics focused entity that has no right to claim the warrior legacy and tradition of the Samurai, or any other self defense skilled exponent of any Okinawan-Japanese art...much less karate. CM Chicago and others of his ilk seem to emphasize the teaching and expression of Brazilian Taebo and Cardio Capoeira accompanied to African music. In what point in genuine Afrakan history has such an expression ever been embraced as authentic Afrakan war arts, or self defense? The answer is NEVER. And therein lies the problem. If CM Chicago and others of his ilk legitimately practice self defense with their Capoeira...a doubtful assertion...then fine. If their expression is radically different than mine? Also. Fine. However, to attempt to take me to task when the overwhelmingly vast majority of Montu and "capoeira" history resoundingly confirms my expression to not only be legit but far far more in keeping with the authentic factual provable contextual historical Afrakan and Montu tradition than their Cardio Capoeira can ever arrogance and ignorance to the extreme.
  • Ivan Watkins It is simply foolish to belittle any martial art and claim that it is a fraud or that it is or isn't this or that... its also foolish to claim that self -defense is somehow more or less legitimate as martial art - martial means war or fighting arts To define Capoeira as "Cardio-Capoeira" or taebo is obscene absurd and just plain stupid. the line of argument is ridiculous and to go at each other over it is also ridiculous. people can say or claim whatever they wish and people can practice and promote whatever they wish, but to attack the credibility or intelligence of another person, group or entire system is just plain stupid and does little to promote credibility of another point of view, another origin story for Capoeiragem and does nothing to offer legitimacy to Montu or anything else. We should be willing and able to share information and values - if that is the point - willingly and respectfully to those who care to learn. I am curious about Montu and about any African Martial Art I am also as an Anthropolgist respectful of anything people claim is passed down to them in a family - books rarely carry as much genuine and true information due to the arrogance of Ethnographers... Find a more mature and responsible and respectful way to share information and engage in discourse without abusive arguments or leave me out of such threads - not interested in offensive and disrespectful persons - speaking stupidly of my friends or colleagues or my lineage of martial arts, just to make a point. ONE
  • Diallo Kenyatta More insight on the gun vs. knife debate:

    Mac and Charlie settle the "Knife vs Gun" argument in...
  • Ivan Watkins Tournaments Texts and Opinions nor do styles determine "Fighters" and true martial artists generally aren't engaged in such competitions... grandstanding bullsht does NOTHING for our people neither does profane talk/music and hard to follow sequences of blatant braggadocio - Grow up and be respectful of ALL of our Contributions to our Heritage Culture and Identity. One Love Bredrens!
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Point out any factual historical inaccuracy that I have uttered, Nashif. We know what your opinion...completely unsupported by any historical facts I don't dispute your right to have your opinion. I do not care if you do or don't like ...See More

    Chicago (Low Country Capoeira Angola Soeciety)...
  • Ivan Watkins Stupid is as Stupid Continues to do...
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Ivan Watkins Sir, I don't recall championing tournaments texts and opinions and conflating these with "fighters". I do believe that my post above yours embraces the importance of individual expression and self defense skills in combination with the leg...See More
  • Trirata Earmsmuth Can't we all just get along?!?!?
  • Ivan Watkins Nuff respect - point is share without bs - Warriors don't need to prove nor disprove anything to anyone ever! One
  • Jaiel Omari Trirata Earmsmuth my Muay Thai is better then yours lol lol lol haha
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Nooooo Jaiel Omari MY Muay Thai is betther than YOUR Muay Thai
  • Trirata Earmsmuth I don't know Muay That. I know Muay Thai!
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields AtacxGym Capoeira....I think I figured it out? 
    What you are doing is that your looking at the game of capoeira....and comparing it to a life or death or a war type scenario... Well in my opinion that is not really fair or sincere... You would not show
    ...See More
  • Trirata Earmsmuth Jaiel Omari, nice editing. Either way, hope you are well. It's been a long time , brother. We should meet up soon.
  • Jaiel Omari Will do trying to make the donuts like you man.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira No, Brother Charles Fletcher DeShields, that is not what I'm saying. I am not comparing the game of capoeira to a life or death war type scenario. You're making a schism, a parceling, that I am not. I am saying that Cardio Capoeira is not and never has...See More

    Capoeira is simultaneously a dance, a fight, and a game. Created by the Africans brought to Brazil as...
  • Siejide Somugaga Are you all having a contest to see who can write the longest post? That's the only way anyone will win here...
  • AtacxGym Capoeira hahahahaha. jokes now,Siejide Somugaga? hahahaha. Okay yeah my posts have been long. But they're chock full of vital vital historical information. If you take the time to read them...even in will speedily discover that it will be worth your time. If you give it a objective reading and prefer authentic historical fact over hysterical shrill illogical negativity.'
  • Jaiel Omari Brother as a person who has been to Brasil many times and played in many a street roda the brothers and sisters playing in the street aren't doing it for tourism, they are doing it to make money to survive and because they love capoeira and love showing it.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Jaiel Omari I am not denying that brothers and sisters playing in the street are doing it for tourism. I never mentioned that. What I specifically stated relates directly to the rise of capoeira ORGANIZATIONS that were funded by the Salvadoran Departme...See More
  • Jaiel Omari The stuff they show the gringos isn't what they use in serious rodas or in real life situations
  • Ivan Watkins I played a couple street Roda's one - they were just playing for fun - the other guys for in Pelo were playing for $ - mostly from tourists it seemed. What is this dude talking about Cardio Capoeira? Eu sou Angoleiro - what we do has been passed down from no one knows how long stop and cease the stupidity for real!
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Jaiel Omari Problem is? Nowadays and for decades now the stuff they show the gringos IS considered to be "capoeira". There is no well known or commonly seen expression other than that. And there is no need to hide this alleged knowledge that they expre...See More
  • Ivan Watkins Dude you're an idiot - Bigotry and Color bias and Supitidy does not qualify one to make criticisms of our culture again... grow up or shut up!
  • Jaiel Omari 99.9% of these organizations have nothing to do with the government now or in the pass. These capoeiristas are mainly about trying to promote their beliefs of what capoeira means to them.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Ivan Watkins Cardio Capoeira is the non-self defense oriented, excercise focused expression of the dominant form of "capoeira" that is displayed world wide. There is no statement that I made that is anything other than factual. I have never in my life ...See More
  • Siejide Somugaga Just adding a little honey to all the testosterone. I can see all them chocolate muscles flexing through my phone! Carry on...Smooches my brothers and happy new year
  • Jaiel Omari In my opinion any good master won't show all the secrets to strangers. A lot of masters in different styles won't show you the good stuff unless you are their students or family. If you truly know anything about capoeira you know capoeira is about hiding movements and misdirecting the person you are in the Roda with if that's what the game calls for.
  • Ivan Watkins I'm sorry Bredren it seems you have ALL missed some great opportunities that maybe I have just been Blessed to experience and share - Capoeira de Angola in the lineages of many Mestres... Cardio-Capoeira does NOT exist except in the imaginings of a lim...See More
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Jaiel Omari " 99.9% of these organizations have nothing to do with the government now or in the pass. These capoeiristas are mainly about trying to promote their beliefs of what capoeira means to them. "--Jaiel Omari Sir, I do not doubt that these...See More

    Capoeira evolved as a Brazilian martial art developed initially by that country’s African slaves. Marked by deft,...
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields So AtacxGym Capoeira....I get what you are what you are saying is that you teach the real authentic African Capoeira....and that everyone else is just doing a type of Europeanized Capoeira?
    So how and where did you learn your...or the real 
    ...See More
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Ivan Watkins I have no problem with spirituality. I embrace such in my teachings. However, I also acknowledge the fact that one cannot receive the benefits of spirituality if one is dead jailed misled etc. That is why the self defense aspects are the c...See More

    This topic is circulating through my mind since a couple of weeks. Maybe it is due to me leaving my first...
  • Jacob Brooks EL Damn you still typing? LOL
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Charles Fletcher DesShields...there is no single expression of the authentic historically proven Montu that became 'capeoira". There are as many different authentic expressions as there are practitioners. However, there are hallmark requirements for au...See More
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Jacob Brooks...if you were talking to me, bruh? Uhhh...yes, I'm still typing.
  • Jacob Brooks EL Might as well start a forum, "Bruh!" LOL
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields Right AtacxGym what is the source of your knowledge? How did you learn your expression of capoeira? Did you learn from a teacher or school/group? Are you from Africa? Did you learn this in Africa?
  • Ivan Watkins Jaiel Omari please don't tag me again in this circle. One Love HAPPY NEW YEAR & Everyone Ie! Viva todos Mestres! keep learning & growing... "Only a fool leans upon their own misunderstanding" - Bob Marley
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Charles Fletcher DeShields...I learned the base for my expression directly from my Uncle and various other extended family members from both my mother's and father's side of the family. Unfortunately, almost all of them are passed on, now. Started trai...See More
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields So AtacxGym Capoeira your you want to share his name and the style he tough you?
  • Dannie Danson Kamau, tumesoma 😎
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Ivan Watkins if you actually read what I wrote...along with the scholarly proof that proves that my opinions dovetail exactly with the facts of history...then you will see that I didn't say all "capoeira" is "cardio capoeira". I specifically showed the...See More

    Matt Thornton explains what he means by "aliveness"
  • Charles Fletcher DeShields AtacxGym Capoeira....if the word "capoeira" is a mis translation by the colonizers....and inaccurate....and is equivalent to saying "chink fighting"....why use it and why is it in your name?
  • AtacxGym Capoeira I use the word "capoeira", brother Charles Fletcher DeShields, because it attracts precisely the group of people who need to be properly educated about the actual, factual history of Montu and Afrika. Which is all of us, all of humanity, to various for...See More
  • AtacxGym Capoeira Sir, simply specify what i have said that is in any way historically inaccurate. If you cannot produce data to rebut my facts, then you are simply excercising your right to express your uninformed opinion. Volume of factual data does not equate to lack...See More
  • Jacob Brooks EL Damn you still typing?! LOL
  • AtacxGym Capoeira It is my understanding from the blog of Mestre Moraes that he left his prior organization. Perhaps I am mistaken. If so, a factual corection would be appreciated.  It is ultimately of minor concern. If, out of everything that i have said, your only point of contention is that i may have incorrectly called Mestre Moraes the former leader of GCAP? Then your complaint is minor to the point of insignificance. Whether or not Mestre Moraes is your godfather is immaterial. Whether Mestre Moraes or Ogun himself was present during your promotion to Contra Mestre is immaterial. What can you show yourself doing vs actual resistance? What can YOU do that distinguishes you from the masses of beautiful nonself defense cardio capoeiristas? I I note that you do everything that you can to deflect attention away from the fact...the reality...that you don't show yourself actually applying or doing anything. If you do not have self defense skill, sir, then you are the ultimate charlatan. As you present yourself as a CM of a system that is legendary for its self defense skills. You have no body of work that objectively demonstrates your skill.Can you use your 'capoeira' to pull off a knife disarm vs resistance? Yes or no? Your personal skills. What you can do. I remain, as I stated earlier, the only "capoeirista" in the history of the world even on this first day of 2015 to actually show a live knife disarm vs actual unpremeditated spontaneous sparring resistance. And I do so using recognizable "capoeira" technique. Where is yours? Sir, you say that my technique is terrible. Virtually every coment you make about me is dripping with your personal bile and dislike of me. Fine. Then it should be no problem at you to actually show in a substantive way your unquestioned superiority of skill and expression vs actual resistance. In other words? You should be able to SHOW that you have ADVANCED self defense skill. No need for anecdotes from others. No need for vouching from others. Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn't need anyone to tell others that he can box. His body of work vs the top flight boxers he has faced is all the showing that he needs to do.My work s all comers is all the 'showing" I need to do. I note, sir that you conspicuously lack same. Yet you speak as if you have some kind of objectively provable skill level and performance record when you don't, and I do. Nashif. Show yourself doing what you do vs actual resistance. Show and cite the academic knowledge and the scholarly data that in any way impugns rebuts or calls into question the facts...the facts...that I have shown regarding "capoeira" history. The truth, sir, is that neither you nor any other human being can do so. I simply cite the factual. Historical. Authentic. Truthful. History that you are unaware of.
  • AtacxGym Capoeira

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