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I get  HUNDREDS OF REQUESTS FROM MY THOUSANDS OF INTERNATIONAL FOLLOWERS  for self defense and street fighting skills, drills, ...

Sunday, January 17, 2016


I get HUNDREDS OF REQUESTS FROM MY THOUSANDS OF INTERNATIONAL FOLLOWERS for self defense and street fighting skills, drills, and how to apply my techniques in real fights.

The first thing I tell them...and you..is to buy my self defense courses from my website . You will get top flight self defense techniques, teaching, and you will help me to help you by helping me make the profit to write free blogs and continue to give you all cool free self defense NJIA UHURU tips.

My international friends followers and customers told me that the realities of self defense is different in their countries than the specifics I see in my country, the U.S.A. That caught my interest. Knowing that proper preparation for any self defense situation or sport contest relies upon copious amounts of accurate information, I spent a few hours examining the details and specifics of of self defense encounters in other countries.

Very quickly, I noticed patterns of violence and self defense circumstances emerging. I began researching and investigating further, and speedily confirmed where particular regional and cultural similarities encourage common fighting patterns in one area that are less common or absent in others.  [ For instance:Europeans tend to kick and head butt more often and more skillfully in fights when compared to citizens of the United States, likely due to the popularity of European football in Europe but lack of same in the United States; whereas the sport of boxing American Football and MMA...and therefore punching and grappling specifically in tackles and takedowns...is both more popular and tends to be better executed in streetfights in the USA ]. These realities directly impact the specifics of self defense skill sets and curriculum in each region.

In order to help everyone, and spread the ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR NJIA UHURU gospel, I decided to start this WEEKLY INTERNATIONAL STREET FIGHT TIPS series. In this series, I will take real instances of violence from the news of the countries specified in that week's blog and show you how to deal with the self defense and street fighting situations that really happen on a daily basis in those countries. This series will further separate me from Cardio Capoeira players [ Cardio Capoeira is the nonmartial art from Brazil focused on exercise and dance-like movements because it abandoned its Afrikan roots of self defense and fighting for honor dignity and liberty. Cardio Capoeira is what 99% of the world actually practice, they do not practice authentic Kipura ]

 If you want me to address your country with special techniques, please ask me on this blog or any of my social media. And please follow me on Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+,Stumble Upon, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Dailymotion, etc. The links for my social media are at the bottom of this blog you're reading.

Okay. The countries we are covering today are


So let's get straight to the fights and real self defense situations.


In Brazil, Black women are battered with extreme racism, extreme sexism, extreme violence, and extreme loss of opportunity every day. They are treated with total disrespect. Using their great strength courage and intelligence 10,000 Black women created an organization and marched on Brasilia. the capitol of Brazil, in order to force the government to rectify the injustices that Black women face every day.  Black women have the lowest wages and are the second most common victims of murder in Brasil. The situation is getting worse, not better.

One famous example of how Black women are brutalized by the society of Brasil is the case of Veronica Bolina,

The military police of Brazil brutalized Veronica Bolina...a transgender woman...and stood around her laughing as they battered her face with such power that her friends could not recognize her. The military police shackled her hands and feet and tore her shirt off so everyone can see her breasts.   This injustice added more power anger and energy to the Movement of Black Women gathering to defeat the many injustices that racism of Brazil causes.

I have a technique that could help Veronica Bolina. The police officers that brutalized her first grabbed her around her head and slammed her to the ground. Then he started to punch her face before other officers came to help him punch her face.

My technique of defense in this video would help her:

No Brasil, as mulheres negras são espancadas com extrema racismo, sexismo extrema, extrema violência e extrema perda de oportunidade a cada dia. Eles são tratados com desrespeito total. Usando sua grande coragem força e inteligência 10.000 mulheres negras criada uma organização e marcharam em Brasília. a capital do Brasil, a fim de forçar o governo a corrigir as injustiças que mulheres negras enfrentam todos os dias. As mulheres negras têm os salários mais baixos e são as segundas maiores vítimas de homicídio no Brasil. A situação está ficando pior, não melhor.

Um famoso exemplo de como as mulheres negras são brutalizados pela sociedade de Brasil é o caso de Veronica Bolina,

A polícia militar do Brasil brutalizados Veronica Bolina ... uma mulher transgênero ... e ficou em torno dela rindo enquanto eles golpeado o rosto com tal poder que seus amigos não poderia reconhecê-la. A polícia militar algemado com as mãos e os pés e arrancou sua camisa para que todos possam ver seus seios. Essa injustiça adicionou mais raiva poder e energia para o Movimento de Mulheres Negras se reunindo para derrotar as muitas injustiças que o racismo do Brasil provoca.

Eu tenho uma técnica que poderia ajudar a Veronica Bolina. Os policiais que brutalizados seu primeiro agarrou-a em torno de sua cabeça e bateu-a no chão. Então ele começou a socar seu rosto antes de outros oficiais veio ajudá-lo socar seu rosto.

Minha técnica de defesa neste vídeo iria ajudá-la:


In yet ANOTHER famous display of racism and brutality that is spreading more and more to Afrikan-American women, a police officer attacked this Afrikan-American woman without cause or provocation. The police officer slings her to the ground, kneels over her and starts punching her on the face. The sad thing is that most White Americans would not believe Afrikan-Americans about the racism we regularly suffer, if we did not have video proof of it. 



CANADA...yes, quiet, peaceful civilized CANADA...has lots of violence, too. Apparently Canada isn't as quiet and peaceful and civilized as we are told it is. There are lots of racists in Canada. Like these guys below:

CANADA: Street fight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKCJ8AlA4rU

3 Racist Skinheads attack one Black man 

First be elusive and move [ which the Black guy did ] but he didn't use kicks or a takedown. I say that when facing multiple opponents, you should use kicks and takedowns: 

Second, take the fight to your opponents. Be aggressive and mobile. Hit them hard...and move. The Black Canadian knocked one racist Skinhead down. The Black Canadian should have instantly blitzed another racist Skinhead and done something like this:


Notice my acrobatics allow me to crush one guy...make sure he is too hurt to quickly get up...while I can still engage in combat anyone else, or run away. Nobody else in the world teaches this skill, except me.

I AM sure, however, that the knife fighting skills and general environmental awareness that I show in this video would have helped the Jewish victim of religious and ethnic violent prejudice.

Su 13 Novembre 2015 un ebreo ortodosso ultra stato accoltellato tre volte al volto, tre pugnalate alla schiena, e un pugnalata coltello al braccio, nella città di Milano. La sorpresa è che il suo aggressore era una donna italiana in arabo. Non sono sicuro se la polizia di Milano la sua cattura prima di scrivere questo blog

Sono sicuro, tuttavia, che le abilità di combattimento coltello e la consapevolezza ambientale generale che vi mostro in questo video avrebbe aiutato la vittima ebrea di religiosa ed etnica pregiudizio violenta:



This crazy man does amazingly stupid things. Watch the video.

Menonton video dari orang gila menyerang orang tak berdosa, dan menonton teknik pengajaran video saya untuk mengalahkan orang gila.


Menonton teknik pengajaran video saya untuk mengalahkan orang gila.



From 1995-2015, Germany has improved race relations. But there is still a lot of racism in Germany. Neo-Nazi attacks are increasing in number and brutality. They are infiltrating immigrant camps to attack innocent immigrants. Nazis also attack Blacks and Asians. During one attack a Nazi grabbed an innocent man and threw him to the ground. Then the Nazi began to punch and to kick the innocent man, as more Nazis came to kick the man while he was down. Watch my video below to see how to deal with the head lock and punch attack the Nazis use.

Von 1995-2015 hat Deutschland Rassenbeziehungen verbessert. Aber es gibt noch eine Menge Rassismus in Deutschland. Neonazi-Angriffe nehmen an Zahl und Brutalität. Neonazis greifen unschuldige Einwanderer oft. Nazis auch angreifen Schwarzen und Asiaten. Ein Nazi packte einen Mann um seinen Kopf und warf den unschuldigen Mann zu Boden. Dann begann der Nazi, um das Gesicht des unschuldigen Mann zu stanzen. Meine Videos wird lehren, wie man jeden, der versucht zu tun, was die Nazi tat besiegen.