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Friday, May 6, 2016


This happens to many children in Germany and the world. Fights are part of growing up into adulthood...whether we like this fact or not. What does your Cardio Capoeira Mestre teach you to protect yourself or your child when this happens? 

The real world answer: nothing. Zero. The truth is? Your Mestre doesn't know, doesn't want to know what to do to help you defend yoruself, and doesn't want you to learn that your Mestre is useless in the entire area of self defense. Which is very hard to understand. "Capoeira" in Brazil is LEGENDARY for making invincible fighters. Quobah the Asante. Zumbi dos Palmares. Teresa de Benguela. Maria doze Homems. Angie the brat. Madam Sataa. Besouro. Mestre Cobrinha Verde. All of the warriors of the Maltas. All of the warriors of the quilombos. And many, many more. The entire history of "capoeira" [ properly called KIPURA. Click HERE if you wish to read the authentic history of the art of my ancestors and my family, that our enemies try to and want to hide from us even in this modern era ] is the history of a thousand and more years of Afrikan warriors [ in Afrika and worldwide ] who were amongst the greatest fighters of all time.

If your Cardio Capoeira teachers is actually teaching the authentic art of my ancestors and my family...then why aren't you learning self defense? Why isn't the elf defense lessons central to every class, and why aren't the lessons of the Orisha, of Ifa, of Maat part and parcel to every self defense technique, philosophy, tactic and stratagem? Why doesn't your teacher show you how to defend yourself against all styles? Answer: The hard truth is that 99.999% of people claiming to practice know and teach Kipura/"capoeira" of any form that is valid for self defense have never. Ever. Learned the art. Worldwide...most are trying to use the name "capoeira" to make money from teaching exercises, and these people never knew anything of the real art from Afrika that teaches everytghing: spiritual, philosophical, cultural, language, historical truths, Udanganyifu that is miscalled in Brazil "malicia", tactics, dignity, happiness, friendship, laughter, but most importantly, and always first and foremost: the art of my family and my ancestors has as its most important facet the teaching and learning of self defense techniques.

Unlike 99% of Brazilian lineages, my family's modern hybrid NJIA UHURU does keep the spirit and technique and many of the essentials of my Afrikan lineage. We have modernized updated improved upon the art, exactly as all good warriors are likely to do with any living, breathing, growing, improving art that they practice. When we are to defend ourselves, the time to make friends is over. Unfortunately, 99.99% of "capoerisitas" on Earth have no option but to fail in defending themselves in real altercations, because they have never learned the real art, as I learned via my family's art of NJIA UHURU. 

Instead of  being limited to the uselessness of cardio Capoeira--capoeira for socializing and for exercise, which is what most people know and practice...I would draw upon The Warrior Orishas for guidance and inspiration, and in particular would draw upon the Orisha OXOSI. The Flawless and Perfect Hunter. Defender of the weak, Upholder of Law and Justice. The Truth Speaker. Son of Agayu and Oshun.


 teach our children to defend themselves using any of these basic variations of beginner techniques 


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